Unexpected Surprises

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

They say life happens when you least expect it
And I believe that to be true
For yesterday was a perfect example
One which made all our dreams come true

We took a taxi ride in a Baby Blue 1950 Chevy
A one hour drive to Matanzas; the City of Bridges
We arrived on the block where our Cuban family lives
And climbed the stairs to the very top; the 4th floor

Of their grey concrete apartment building
Each balcony painted in different festive colors
Their balcony overlooks the Crocodiles Baseball Stadium
The mahogany door opens & we knew we were home

Mommy was already in the kitchen, prepping dinner
She is petite & beautiful with a smile so bright
Two older brothers are introduced & many hugs shared
Then Daddy returned home from a day of farming

He's 76 & greets each one of us, in his own unique way
They don't speak English; however they understand us
With only one that speaks English fluently 
We connect on a totally different level

News quickly spreads that the guests have arrived 
Friends of the family that reside in the building
One by one come to meet the foreigners from afar
We're offered real coffee, served in the tiniest of cups

A bottle of Spiced Cuban Rum is divided equally
And we salute all together as one
Music is playing & the boys each take their turn
Dancing with Mommy, who is smiling from ear to ear

We're eager to see the neighborhood 
To explore real Cuban life
We all walk together to fetch the kids from school
We're quickly surrounded by kids eager to see

The foreigners who've come with fancy cameras
Everywhere we walk, they follow our lead
Begging & pleading to be included in our pictures
We return to the place we now call our second home

Dinner is ready to be enjoyed
All of us gather in a circle, all our hands joined
We give thanks to our Heavenly Father
For bringing us once again, all together 

Mommy has prepared Chicken, Yellow Rice, Yucca & Salad
Dinner is divine & hits the right spot
This is real life & what we came for
This day won't be forgotten, anytime soon

With our bellies full & the sun quickly setting
We enjoy one last coffee on the balcony
It's time to gather ourselves, as our taxi is waiting
A horse drawn buggy will carry us to the center of town

The moon & stars shine bright, as the sun has now set
We wander the cobble stone streets exploring Matanzas
Stopping to capture photographic memories of the night
And of our time together

Each corner there's something new to see
We say Hola & Buenos Noches to everyone we pass
The Michael Jackson tunes we're play'n are pump'n loud
We witness many Cuban's dancing along in the streets

To the foreign, but familiar beats
Music, is the universal language
The baby blue 50's Chevy sits 'round the corner
Waiting to return us back to Varadero

I feel tears coming to my eyes
As I don't ever want this night to end
I breathe deeply & take it all in
It's not goodbye; it's until next time

We thank God for this day & unexpected surprises


Submitted: February 06, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Elizabeth 'Wild' Roberts. All rights reserved.

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