Park girl hit

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Song 2/10 from the Nostalgia Album

Park girl hit


I know, sunset never hits the face

Of girls, who have a different pace

But I know, while you're sitting on the bench 

With flowers in your hair, speaking French


You are from another time, you are just like I

All the photos say, you are forever young

You want but are affraid to die


Park girl,

Park girl,


I know

Gentle breeze never lifts the men

Who've been all the same, and back again

But I know, 'cause I'm sitting on the bench having fun

Speaking French, singing Dalida


I was born in the wrong time

All my pictures say I'm forever sad

Never getting on with the mess in my head


Park girl,

Park girl,


I could be young forever if I choose too,

There can never be anything I couldn't do

I could be the biggest in the world to the end,

But no one ever's gonna hold my hand,


Park trees,

Park cross,

Happy kids,

And happiness lost...

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