The Smile of the courageous

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The day that she wrote this, Is the day that will forever be The brightest and the best , As you could clearly see

Never in a million years was she to have thought That her once upon a time, Was always what she sought

It took a whole lot of guts and courage you know, For what she was contemplating, is dangerous in fact and rightly so

But she never stopped thinking, wondering if The feelings she felt then and now, would he feel them too

So courageous was she 5 years later, When damn the consequence She reached out and found, That he was waiting for her all along

Because he knew in his heart There's not another soul That will forever complete him Will forever fill that role

So the smile you spot on her face today, Is the smile of love, Beautiful as anything that ever is and ever was So I hope beyond all hope that Almighty above, Has a plan for these two, for without it........ Well let's hope we never get to know

Submitted: February 07, 2019

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