Submissive Ted Bundy

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Submitted: February 06, 2019

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Submitted: February 06, 2019



Ted Bundy said he believed women were subservient to men. He thought that the first murder would fulfill him but it didnt. he thought women were subservient to mans control. He also spoke about a girl he fell in love with, how he was constantly emotional and had jealousy; he talked about not living up to a woman's expectations.

When you listen to guys like this one thing seems to become clear..... we aren't the slaves, they are.
He didn't have anything else; he was looking for fulfillment. He was a slave to hes desires and fear of being dominated; he didn't find fulfillment in his work, or art or anything else. Ted Bundy was a slave to his emotions because women were hes gods.
He didn't even realize this delusion... good women and good men will always appreciate their own worth and the worth of others equally. People who are aware realize, that to be dominant is to be submissive.

I think what amazes me is that a young innocent and helpless woman, held so much power over ted bundy.
He had to go out of his way to become a serial killer and he got put away.... he spent hes time thinking plotting and acting. All this just because he couldn't live with him self the way he was....he couldn't live with his constant urges and he couldnt be happy without them.

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