We Are Not Gods

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - The Major

Submitted: April 15, 2019

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Submitted: April 15, 2019



The Captain stands talking to one of his bodyguards near the framework for a new school. The bodyguard is talking into a radio and relaying between the Captain and Command. The Captain nods and turns toward Jeeval, waves him over and starts walking.


“What is it?” Jeeval asks as he catches up to the Captain.


“Nothing, my friend. Just a little skirmish in the east. Not too far from here in fact, so we are taking you back.”


“Who attacked whom?”


“Some rebels attacked a patrol of my men.” The Captain answers. “They have been arrested and are on their way to prison.”


“How many dead?” Jeeval asks.


“Several on both sides, but that is to be expected in war.”


“So they’re off to a military prison?” Jeeval asks. “Where?”


“Not to far from where I have you.” The Captain replies, opening the door for Jeeval. “Get in please, we must hurry.”


Jeeval climbs into the car and slides into the middle seat between his two guards. The Captain says something to one of the gate guards and then gets into the seat in front of him. 


“Drive.” The Captain says briskly, and Jeeval catches a quick hard look from him in the mirror as he does. “Do you know Major Dyfal, Jeeval?”


Jeeval does his best to hide his shock at hearing his old military liaison’s name and fails. “Yes, I know him well.” He answers knowing he’s already given it away.


“Thank you for not insulting me with a lie, my friend. It is so much easier when we speak truthfully.” The Captain turns in his seat to face Jeeval. “What kind of a man is he?”


“He is a very proud man,” Jeeval says. “He loves his country and his duty. He is a fighter, Captain. He is not the type to surrender.”


“I was afraid that you’d say that.” The Captain says, turning to look out his window. In the distance Jeeval sees three helicopters. One troop and two attack. “Those are for us Jeeval,” The Captain continues. “It seems that I, and by proximity you, have been made a target or the Majors forces.”


“Then he is counter attacking?” Jeeval asks gravely.


“Yes,” The Captain says irritability. “Quite ferociously, as I am told. I will need your help with this, Jeeval. For all our sakes I hope you will with agree to try.”


“Try what?” Jeeval asks, knowing the answer before asking.


“To get him to stop and surrender.” The Captain says mater-of-factly. “If we continue like this the Major and all his men will be killed. And a senseless death will he had by all. There is no reason for this. None at all.”


“Except for them it is not senseless,” Jeeval remarks, trying to maintain an impartial tone. “They, as you, believe they are doing the right thing. They only want to defend themselves.”


“To say they are defending themselves would be to imply that we attacked them.” The Captain comments distractedly as he watches their helicopter descend as the gunships circle above. “We did not attack him, my friend. He attacked us.”


“I’m only trying to guess as to his thinking, Captain. No accusation was meant.”


“I know, I know. I am merely tired of the killing, my friend. Very tired.”



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