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just a little something for anyone who's going through a hard time. things are gonna get better for you,be you, and smile. :)

Submitted: February 11, 2019

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Submitted: February 07, 2019



There is going to be a time in our lives when everything tires us, every single thing feels like bullshit,a point where you feel like a tossed up plastic cup and nothing more than that,it is when we go through such a phase that we begin to question our very existence itself, things will look bleak and we might feel like there is nothing more to look forward to. It seems like there is no way out of the mess we get caught up in , and gradually we start messing ourselves up inside - out , even though we don't really want to. Every one of us will go through some such point and boy, it's gonna hurt like hell, but trust me guys, there will always be a light wauting for us at the end of the tunnel, happiness will eventually find its way to us in one form or the other , but we gotta be strong enough to let that happiness reach us, sometimes it's better late than never. It is the mess ups and the mistakes that make us who we are , all you gotta do is keep your chin up high ,and just smile, it simply doesn't cost anything to smile, just look in the mirror , smile and say " I am a badass bitch and I'm gonna make it through".

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