The Caulm: The year Damon left us

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"very easy for you"

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Into the mix

Submitted: February 11, 2019

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Submitted: February 11, 2019



“Ah yes your father would be so proud,” He didn’t hate his father but I knew he hated what he did for the Caulm. That is why he made this place and started his own coven evem if it was being surveyed by the Caulm closely, hence my being here.
“He would be if he wasn’t busy putting his head up the Caulm’s ass,” he looked away and Crystal was quick to push him in the shoulder.
“Don’t speak of master Newton that way. He gave you life and taught you how to be as great as you are,” she looked at me as I smiled. She punched my shoulder as well, “Stop encouraging this behavior, you won’t be able to stick around if you keep that up.”
“Am I to be scared of you, Crystal?” I held my shoulder and laughed.
She was quick to put her hand my face. We both stayed still as she held my hand to my face, “Well Damon I can make things very interesting with my ability.”
There was an immediate blackness in my vision, even as I blinked it stayed. I couldn’t feel my hand or face, slowly I stopped being able to feel anything. As quick as it started it stopped and Alex was laughing at me, “Damon try not to get on her bad side within the first day. Crystal has some pretty strong memory magic.”
“What was that? I never had a memory of.. well that,” I watched her curiously.
She smirked and came around the counter kissing Derek on the cheek, “I can mimic anyone’s memory and use it to anyone. I’ve crossed paths with many people in my life.”
She twirled her hair looking away and Derek hugged her close to his side, “She is an asset and the reason why she is my right hand woman. I am the one to protect her and she does the same for me.”
“So she uses it for pleasant memories too? Which Organization did you pick her up from?” I patted Derek on the shoulder.
They looked at each other like loved ones do. Then he laughed, “She is from Holland originally but her parents brought her to America when they found out she was gifted. She used to help people with their own good memories. She’s been a sweet girl since day one.”
Alex coughed, “She can also be scary, imagine letting her see all your memories? She could steal some really sensitive information.”
Derek shrugged, “Never bothered me. She can see all she wants; I have no secrets to hide. Every part of my life if there if she ever so chooses.”
“And that’s why I decided to let him into my life, he was a beautiful soul from the first time I saw him. Never had to question his narrative or check in too deep to make sure he isn’t cheating. After a year he has shown me that he can change from his old self,” Crystal looked at me, “You on the other hand have a very specific set of mind about you.”
I thought of the times Derek was there saving my life when we were younger and I was trying to figure myself out. I was born into a very powerful pair of parents. A hybrid of a shifter mother and a weaver father. I let the happiness I felt from meeting him before offering my hand to her now. “Feel free to see your Derek through my eyes. He was always there to help as well. Seems that you too can do great things for others. I only wish to help.”
She took my hand and closed her eyes smiling as I went over my first changes with the help of my close friend Derek. Though I knew how to suppress more intrusion I did let her see how I adored him more then a friend after he helped me so much. It didn’t have to be a secret if she already could have known. Nothing graphic of course, I rather like that part of my life to myself.
She blushed again before fluttering her eyes open at me, “Now I am curious… Damon please feel free to stay as long as you need.”
Alex pulled on my sleeve now, “Maybe we should go talk somewhere without so many ears, and this is a new coven. You can’t trust everyone right away.”
I looked around and saw some of the rogues that had been from the countering forces to the Caulm, “Derek you wouldn’t mind finding a more private room for us? Love the bar Crystal, just need a few fewer ears around to divulge you in my inquiries with my need of your help.”
Crystal smiled then put her hand up, “Everyone who doesn’t want to die to get up and out.”
Derek just grinned, “Raphael! Leo! Don’t forget to work on your sense of awareness, someone like Damon could have just decided to kill you. If they caught you off guard then that means I have to look for new east guard dogs.”
They both left through a door opposite to where the bar was with the rest of the gang. Only Derek, Crystal, Alex and one other stayed back beside me.
Derek had walked in with him taking his flank. Obviously, he was part of their upper tier of their Coven, “Who’s this?”
They slowly stood then fixed themselves. They wore a vest that was tight and proper, the white dress shirt underneath, matching pants to the black vest and had their hair slicked back. They had hung up their coat right after entering the room, I would have also expected a top hat or pocket watch if I didn’t already see them only take out a pair of glasses. “I am Derek’s, right-hand man.”
As if on queue Alex rolled his eyes and mumbled, “Here we go with this again.”
Derek cleared his throat as they proceeded to reach out there hand to me, “This is Matteo, he came to us from Italy. That’s why he is well put together all the time.”
“I am also exceptionally good at my job. No mess left after I’m done,” he looked at me critically for a moment after watching Alex but smiled as I shook his hand.
“I admire a good man who knows how to be clean, almost as much as one who can make the mess. Don’t you find it more fun to make the mess?” I looked at Derek.
He smiled but looked away hiding his face in Crystal’s hair making her laugh. Matteo laughed, “Don’t get me wrong I love cleaning up after Derek but it would be an honor to work with you Damon.”
I came closer to the man, he was under but still around six feet tall. Dark brown almost black hair, well trimmed and defined his features quite well. The jawline was sharp but also small. Skinny but lean, easily a good option to have on a team. “Where did Derek find you? What reason would you be of use to me?”
I circled him and he placed one hand in his pocket before chuckling to himself, “Derek has this bad habit of smoking at night after a… situation. I came along the scene quite easily a few months ago. I found him because he was powerful but needed help. All men need help.”
I stopped beside him as he looked at me and kept my eyes to his with a gaze that seemed all too familiar. Crystal broke the moment, “Amen to that, if Matteo wasn’t there Derek would need more help then just cleaning up.”
I found myself smiling already but that was quite true. Derek was lucky to have this man take care of things for him; they must have just come back from a little job themselves.
Matteo disappeared and appeared behind me making my suspicions very clear, “So a shadow Jumper, how lucky do you have to be to come upon one of those in this lifetime?”
I turned around now faced towards the bar while Matteo had his back to the others. He mouthed ‘very easy for you’ before winking and turning around. I had to hold back a growl as he turned around.
Alex finally sat straight up and looked at me, “So what are you here for Damon?” 
I focused on something other than Matteo now as I locked eyes with Derek, “Well…”


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