Sunbathed streets

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Son 3/10 from the Nostalgia album

I live to be told

that I'll never grow old

And that's what I'm not afraid of


If I grow old

all that I'll have told

is that the only thing that makes me happy


Are the streets bathed with sun gold


On a gentle breeze

I think of all of the things

That all of us went through


And that was my youth

That was my youth


I hope I never get over

The fact that it's over


All that we went through


It's a scary feeling

it is really

To be afraid of life

Almost all the time


But when I watch the sunbathed strees

I only think of the things

The I went through,

and about my youth

about my youth


And I'm happy

And I'm happy


Sunbathed streets

All of the things


All of the trees

In theese sunbathed streets...



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