Realtor One!

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His real estate business was 'busy', but he was enjoying his sort of, semi-retirement.

Submitted: February 07, 2019

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Submitted: February 07, 2019



Don sat at his giant desk and looked at the awards adorning his walls.  It had been years since he decided to drastically downsize his realty business, and he felt content to keep things small.  His wife of many years was his partner.  He valued her input and insight and found her to be a definite asset in life and business.  He pondered what today’s challenges would be, as he watched his little string of silver click clack balls bouncing to and fro.His heavy eyes were getting the best of him, but just before he dozed completely off, he heard his wife coming through the door of their business.  She breezed into his office and daintily sat on the very edge of one of the large, soft chairs he brought with him from his last gig.

We have four showings today and a meeting with our mortgage brokers.” she said.  Don looked disappointed with the fullness of their schedule; and the diminished chances of his getting in a round of golf before dark.  “Wonderful” was his only reply.  He was an ‘old hand’ at this real estate stuff and hoped, that, with some planning, they could get everything done, and he’d still have time to hit a bucket of balls.  He felt lucky that his wife stuck with him; even through the eventful times at his last job.  The transition to Middle America had been tough, but she was loyal to a fault and ‘had his back’ through it all.

As they traveled to the first showing, Don admired the scenery they were passing by.  The small, rural, Midwestern town they had settled in was a great, great change from the city life they left behind.  'The air is fresh and the climate tolerable' he thought as he returned the waves of several town folk.  Life was good here, and Don figured on staying in this magnificent ‘burg’ for a very long time.

Their driver wasted no time on the way to the first property.  He was doing nearly 25 mph over the limit when they passed the locally well-known ‘speed trap’.  The sheriff’s deputies manned it 24/7, and it was a true money maker for the county.  The officer just shook his head and turned his attention to the ‘out-of-towner’ who was keeping pace behind them.  Several wrongs don’t make a right you know…

Their SUV came to a sudden halt in front of a modest two story, brick home in a semi-gated community.  The driver, who was clad in a black suit, opened the door so the two real estate ‘moguls’ could slide out of the vehicle.  As they crossed the yard, a crowd of people, also wearing dark suits, gathered around them.

The smell of fresh-baked cookies hit their noses, as another of their entourage opened the front door for them.  The house was just short of opulent inside, showing it’s never a good idea to judge a ‘book’ by its unassuming cover.  Some of his team just milled about, while others did a walkthrough of each floor to make sure everything was ‘just right’.  The two realtors stood in the breeze way, just off the kitchen, and came together for an awkward hug.  They could hear the potential buyers arriving and being met by their team.  Both secretly enjoyed the ‘cushion’ that was a constant between them and the general public, though they outwardly ‘feigned’ their contempt for the whole process.

Suddenly a loud clang came from the kitchen and shattered the peaceful moment; making everyone jump.  They turned to see a large man, clad in shirt and tie, with a flowered, ‘mom’ looking apron tied securely around his front.  He was on his hands and knees picking up chocolate chip cookies and putting them back onto a cookie sheet.  One ‘helper’ that was now standing between his two bosses and the kitchen, was whispering into his mouthpiece, “Realtor One secure!” 

The prospective customers brushed their clothing off, when the Secret Service detail let them get off of the ground.  The guns that were waived in their faces would be a memory that would be hard to put aside, but to have the former president sell them a house, made it all worth it.  They both had a tentative, nervous smile on their faces as another agent rushed past them with more cookie dough…

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