Dark Side Awakening

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Too much of a good thing can lead to too much lost; or so some might believe.

Submitted: February 08, 2019

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Submitted: February 08, 2019



Robin Spencer was a 22 years old Code Writer with an over enthusiastic party side.

Yes, yes, I know that a lot of people would rather party than work, but Robin forced himself to work so he would have money to party.

In fact, Mom and Pop Spencer evicted Robin from their house about a year after he began working. They did this because of his lack of responsibility and his increasing self-centered attitude.

They came to the conclusion, and as they put it, "A little tough-love might straighten him away."

What it did do was make Robin see that he needed more money than he was making in order to maintain the lifestyle that he had accustomed himself to. But what could he do?

Robin was not willing to go back to college, the place that had helped create his present party way of life and confirmed what he suspected during High School; that he hated studying.

And working an additional job was out too, because that would leave Robin with no time to party. What would be the point to that?


But there was a solution that Robin had not thought of and it came to him in a text from a PPF, a Primary Party Friend.

The friend had an idea for a new connectivity application that would make both of them stinking rich, but they would have to buckle down and lay off party-time long enough to get it up and running. Once it was running and showing potential, then they could sell it off to some Fortune 500 company and walk away with millions.

"Just think," said the ending of the text, "we would never have to work again.

At that moment something clicked in Robin's head and he was All-In.

Weeks turned to months and months turned into two years of taking out whatever loans that they could and maxing out credit cards as soon as they got them.

They talked friends and family into it for another 2.5 million in home refinancing funds and retirement fund withdraws.

And even though the dice had not been tossed more than once, people were seeing nothing but sevens and elevens for the future. Even Fund Managers were belly against the Crap-table over this new start-up.

So the early investors were in at 2.5 million, and Fund managers were in for another 3 million plus a limited line of credit to handle short term operating expenses for "Space & Time".

But that was before Dittle-Rod Cloud Services filed their Patent Infringement Law Suit against Space & Time and asking the courts to award them 17 Million Dollars in damages.

Things were not going well, to say the least, and Robin had been suffering from bouts of depression after the drinking stopped.

So in a fit of desperation, and during waves of ridicule, Robin decided to end it all.

In his depressed state and with thoughts of hopelessness for the future, he thought, "I'll get drunk as hell and then jump from the roof of my office building; then maybe I won't feel a thing."

So Robin left his office and went to a nearby watering hole to start the process.

As Robin sat at the far end of the long winding bar, he told the bartender that he wanted six double-shots of 151 Bacardi Rum and a bottle of Michelob beer; the process had started. 

After a few hits on the rum Robin noticed a man in a hooded jacket taking a stool two seats away. Normally Robin wouldn't have noticed the man, or cared who he was, but the man looked so eerily familiar that Robin felt compelled to talk to him.

But the man blew him off with a fake phone call and moved further down the bar.

Robin went back to his drinking.


{An unknown amount of time passes.}


"How are you feeling, Mr. Spencer?" was the question coming from an unseen voice.

Robin opened his eyes and tried to focus on his surroundings; still too blurry.

The unknown voice stated, "OK, well let's try your speech. Can you talk to me?"

"Who are you?" Robin asked as he strained to see the person that was talking to him.

"My name isn't pronounceable in English, but for the time being I suppose that you could call me Baxter, I rather fancy that title." said the voice that was coming from a blurred silhouette. Then the blurred silhouette seemed to float out of sight.

Robin shook his head and then rubbed his eyes in order to regain further clarity.

It worked, to some extent, because Robin got a glimpse of a room full of all sorts of medical looking equipment and devices.

"Where am I?" Robin asked in a questioning tone.

Baxter replied while her back was facing Robin, "You are in a Retention Module located on the dark side of your moon. You have been in hibernation for the better part of 30 years."

Robin's face grew distressed and he quickly asked, "In a state of Hibernation, like I was asleep but still aging, or asleep, like all my cells were frozen and I was not aging?"

Baxter replied, "A sleep-based Hibernation, it was brought about and controlled by our machines. But have no fear, your body has been exercised regularly and all organs and muscles are at peak physical condition."

"Are you are saying that I am 55 years old now?" Robin asked.

"Fifty-three years, four months, and nine days," Baxter stated as her form came into view.

What Robin saw was not what he expected a space alien to look like. She looked to be every bit the forty year old human woman. And not only that, she was strangely alluring.

Robin attempted to set up but couldn't without Baxter's help.   And after setting for a moment Robin began watching what Baxter was doing, studying her movements, and listening intently to her explanations; one of which was not well received.

“I could use a drink,” Robin stated.

“Here, this should quench your thirst,” Baxter stated as she handed him what felt and looked like a paper cup, filled with an odd tasting liquid.

Robin drank the liquid and then made a displeasing look come over his face, and then stated, “I was hoping for something with alcohol in it.”

“I have bad news,” Baxter replied, “Due to the hibernation effects on your body there are minute changes you will have to make in your lifestyle. Any more than minimal amounts of alcohol, and some drugs, will cause your body to have a severe reaction.”

Robin looked shocked and asked, “What kind of reaction?”

Baxter chuckled and then replied, “You’ll get sick to your stomach and then you’ll toss it all back up.”

Robin frond and asked, “How much is too much?”

Baxter smiled and said, “To put in terms that you would understand, a couple of glasses of wine with dinner should not trigger the reaction, but I wouldn’t drink much more than that if I were you.”


After hearing that Robin stated, "You have stolen years of my life and now you wake me up to tell me about it. What kind of alien life form does such a terrible thing to anyone?"

Baxter came back with a surprising answer, "To answer your last question first, we are humanoid with a slightly different DNA, and this difference is due to the planet we were living on.

As far as explaining the reason for you being here, let me check my records.

Hmm, according to this information you were going to end your life on the date you were taken. But we could not allow you to take your life if we could save it and save our species in the process. Could we?"

"Oh nonsense," Robin stated, "I have never finish much of anything that I start. So why would you think that I would actually kill myself?"

Baxter replied, "Because our agents waited until you jumped from the roof of the building before they intervened. Would you like to see the recording?"

With that said, a hologram appeared in the room and there was a three dimensional view of Robin taking a drunken swan-dive from the east end of the office building's roof. That was followed by a tractor beam from a mysterious craft that caught Robin in mid-air and sucked his body up and into the craft. Then the craft disappeared from view.

Robin watched, intently, and then he sat quietly for a few moments.

When Robin did speak, he said, "I guess that I should know what you plan on doing with me now. After all, there must be a reason you woke me up."

Baxter formed what might be called a smile, then she stated, "We have awakened you because you have a decision to make."

"What kind of decision?" Robin asked.

Baxter replied, "You may complete your death wish or you may return to earth as the person the world thinks you are, a fifty-three year old Robin Spencer. Who, by the way, is the Principal Board member and the majority stockholder of Space & Time Cloud Services."

Robin cut Baxter off and stated, "Space & Time was about to go under in a cloud of lawsuits. How did that happen?"

Baxter brought that smile back again and she stated, "It was just a matter of a hostile takeover of Dittle-Rod Cloud Services.

Once your replacement, Robin #2, owned Dittle-Rod, then the lawsuits went away and the two companies merged."

"And where did the money come from to buy Dittle-Rod?" Robin asked.

Baxter laughed and replied, "The other Robin had some of our investors waiting in the wings.  

"What else has happened while I was away, I mean, what else did the other me do," Robin asked with a smirk on his face.

Then Baxter replied with, "You now have seven children, your first wife, and mother of the first four children, died in a skiing accident.

Your latest wife has filed for a divorce that was by the design of Robin #2. He knew his own death was coming soon and didn’t want to leave you with a wife that you didn’t know.

Oh, and you have two residences, one in Hawaii and another in Italy. Your have been living in Italy but you have had a habit of changing whenever the mood strikes you."

Robin sat there for a few minutes and then he asked, "Why do I have so many children? It seems that Robin #2 was a busy guy."

"The purpose of interfering with your death was to continue our race. You are only one out of many.

Our planet was circling around a star that was about to collapse, but not everyone on our planet believed that doom and gloom scenario.

Eventually, a few hundred believers made plans to return to earth after a 7,000 years hiatus. But we realized that we might not be welcomed back with opened arms, and we knew that our superior technological knowledge would be demanded of us. So we made alternative plans.

We built a base camp on the edge of the dark side of the moon and from here we began our operations."

Robin laughed and stated, "Well what happens if I tell the authorities all about you and what you are doing?

Let's face it; I only have your word for what you are doing here. As far as I know this could be an alien invasion."

Baxter smiled at him with that alluring smile and stated, "Your replacement, Robin #2, has already seen to it that no-one will believe you. You see, over the last six years and on two separate occasions he checked himself into a sanatorium.

The first time he stated that he had been kidnapped and had been held against his will. But his wife and two of his children told authorities that he was on vacation with them during the time of the supposed kidnapping.

The second time he told psychiatrists that space aliens were trying to take over the world and that they were contacting him via mental telepathy.

So you see, together with your previous record of being a recovering alcoholic, I doubt that you could convince anyone of anything like that.

And think about it, if we were here to take over the world, then why would we wake you up at all?"

"It sounds like you people have thought of everything," Robin admitted.

Baxter replied, "It is all about the survival of our offspring."

Then she continued by saying, "You are the last substituted human and when you have made your decision then I can program this physicality to self destruct.

At that point my designated tasks will be over and I can find a place on earth to call my own."

Robin looked at Baxter with a coy sort of smile and asked, "And when you find that place, then what are you going to do?"

Baxter smiled back and stated, "Hopefully, I will find a compatible mate and still have time to see my children grow up."


Robin thought for a good length of time, and then stated, "I have decided that I would like a second chance at life and thanks to you I can. So if it is alright with you I would very much like to return to earth and become the fifty-three years old Robin Spencer.

But it has dawned on me that I must have plenty of room at my residence in Italy. So I was wondering, would you like to share it with me until you decide what you'd like to do?


Baxter did not answer Robin, instead she made a statement out load, saying, "Computer, Alpha-Gamma-7745353, set destruction sequence for 12 earth hours and verify that no life form are present.
Then a voice was heard saying, "Code accepted, setting destruction sequence, 12 earth hours from your departure.

Shall I generate power to the Transportation Room?"


Baxter looked at Robin with a look he had not seen in way too long a time, then she said, "Computer, Generate power to the Transportation Room, two to beam to earth coordinates noted, general reference, Rome, Italy.”

And with that taken care of, Baxter looked at Robin with those alluring eyes and said, "OK, let’s give it a go!"



D. Thurmond / JEF


© Copyright 2019 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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