The Red Snow

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For When It's Time to Leave

Book / Non-Fiction

The hardest moments are not death... It's when you leave your friends too soon. You know that they are still alive, but they seem dead. That is what makes these moments hard.

Mr. Grinner

Book / Horror

Cats... They are never scary... No one really understands how they work. They are irregular and independent. Mr. Grinner is not like that. He has a pattern and is dependent on people. They sin, they mess up. It's as simple as that. Mr. Grinner can make you forget reality as is. You will never see the light coming towards you once he's got you in his grasp.

From the creator of The Talking Kind, My Collection of Short Horror Stories, Fur, and Clock... Brings his most nightmarish story yet... Mr. Grinner.


Book / Horror

This has to be one of the strangest but more scary stories. So, you know those furries? Yeah... Animal personas. Now, imagine them being killers. Basically the whole story!

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