Waves Goodbye

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You turn around

You wave goodbye

You shake your hair

You shake it dry

It's the middle of the night

I'm filled with fright

I look around

I start to drown

You left me there

And that's not fair

You took your pick

And now I'm homesick

They wash me over

They make me clean

And all above

The stars they gleam

And out of the blue

I felt like you'd come through


That you'd come back

You'd got my back

There's no use trying

Feel my body start to slack

I'm still breathing

Better than ever


You think I'm joking

You think I'm clever


There's something more

Than what we're meant to believe

I'm not a crook

I'm not a thieve

Not here to steal your concious

To take it away

Only to hope

You'll live another day


There may not be life after death

And in life there will be stress

But after life

There will be no less

You can't escape

It's reality

You can't deny

You must agree

There is good

Behind the lines

There to swoop me up

To bring me to the times

You found me now

No I'm not dead

Just needed a place

To rest my head.



Submitted: February 08, 2019

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