Tensions when we go out

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When you can't go out without drama, you leave the one causing drama at home

Sitting in the car, tensions are rising You feel it in the air, temperaments are soaring

One word from the missus Makes everything fucked Not because of what she said But because of what you chucked

I would think you were a child If I didn't know you better Tantrums of all tantrums Can't you see you've upset her

Mumbling and grumbling is all you ever do She only asked for you to do one thing Why couldn't you have listened Instead you assumed the worst with strings

It would have been great To have a loving father join us But frankly it's not possible Never again will we sit together just us

It sucks and it's fucked to not be a family But sometimes the sacrifice we make Is better for all and everyone, no matter how much we love you, You staying home is for all our sakes

Submitted: February 09, 2019

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