Cosmic Knight Episode 6

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Sam and Alpha went downward through the gate. "This is totally majestic. We are going through a tree." said Sam. Alpha laughed a little and said he was just acting like his father. Sam and Alpha were on their way that Alpha told Sam about the school in which they were going to spend their year. He told him that the school have a number of students from different clans of Knights and also told that he would be surprised by the classmates he would have. Alpha asked him whether he was happy or not by this. Sam replied that he had a mix feeling about it.

Soon Sam and Alpha reached to their destiny. Alpha guided Sam to the entrance of the school's campus. They walked through a huge main gate of the school. There were garden all around and the school building was marvellous, there was a big clock at the top of the building. Sam and Alpha walk across the cemented path. And they were welcomed by the principal Mr Howard. "Welcome Sir Alpha and Sam Smith." he said. "Glad to see you again Howard. It was a long ago we met last." said Alpha. " Oh Alpha it was very long. Come on Sam let me show you your room. The school will began tomorrow morning. You are early birds." said Howard. "Sam I think you should rest now. Dagger, he is our guide he will take you to your room." he said.
Dagger a small flying animal came from the sky. Sam went with him to his room.

Alpha and Howard were left behind "Alpha do you think he is right for this?" asked Howard to which Alpha said "Yes he is."

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