Cosmic Knight Episode 5

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After leaving for The Cosmic Institute of Element X, Alpha and Sam reached to woods.
"Is the school in the forest?" Sam asked Alpha. "No it is not in the forest, not even in this land." Alpha replied. Sam was very confused by this statement. Alpha then explained him that The Cosmic Institute of Element X was on the land on which humans lived. It was in the deep underground of the earth. It was made underground so that the evil could not detected it. The use or research of Element X leads to the emissions very powerful cosmic rays which can be easily detected. He moreover told him that these rays were used for power supply.

Soon they reached to a  huge tree which was seems to be a million years old, it had many twisted branches. "Here we go. We have reached to The Cosmic Institute of Element X." said Alpha. Then one from a thousand of branches twisted and opened . Sam and Alpha entered in the tree. " Sam this tree is called The Wanderer. Let's enter in the school." said Alpha to Sam and both enter in the gate made by the tree.

Submitted: February 09, 2019

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