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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter 5

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Submitted: February 12, 2019



Unclassified MOD Facility somewhere in Britain – Two Weeks Ago

The five SAS troopers sat around the large boardroom oval table. With their weapons removed the security was now down manned to just two of the MP’s now standing guide inside the room. Dr Gillian Stevens seemed a little more relaxed after the initial confrontational meeting.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” Dr Stevens gave an extra friendly emphasis on the word, ‘Ladies’ much to the annoyance of Caroline Munro.

“Let me introduce myself, my name is Dr Gillian Stevens and I work for GCHQ. Like you I have been assigned to the Counter-Terrorism Wing and have been tasked to improve our homeland security. I think at this point its best if we now show the short film I have made.”

Dr Stevens returned to her seat as the room dimmed and a large white screen made its way down from above just as the ceiling mounted projector started to play. As the film began to play; The image of Dr Stevens herself came onto the screen. “Welcome to this short presentation about the proposed surveillance mobile phone app called. ‘FaceClip’”.

In the film, Dr Stevens could now be seen walking around her laboratory as she continued her speech. “It has been recognized for some time now that the best way to fight against terrorism is infiltration. If the security forces around the world could penetrate the very organisations that threatens our liberty by gaining access to their plans before they were acted upon, we could effectively shut down every known terrorist group overnight.”

The onscreen Dr Stevens then moved over to a desk. “Everybody takes ‘selfies’ even terrorists. Here are some examples of a few taken by phones of known ‘sleeper terrorist agents’ we rigged up for this demonstration.”

The doctor sat behind a keyboard and soon the whole viewing screen was filled with three portrait pictures. Two were men, one was a woman. From the pose it was obvious they were taken in a relaxed environment. The pictures soon left the screen and were replaced again by the face of Dr Stevens who took up where she left off.

“Now I hear you all saying, what’s such a big deal about capturing someone photo, well when you combined that with the technology of 3D printing, this is the result.”

At that point the screen went blank and a door to the right automatically clicked open. Behind the door was three glass cabinets. Each one had the perfect replica of the terrorist heads. The real Dr Stevens got up from her chair and went over to the door, pushing it open further. Then she pulled all three glass cabinets out into the boardroom for all the troopers to see. All five of the SAS troopers came over to examine the heads.

John Crawford was the first to open the glass cabinet, he was expecting the effigy to be made of wax. However, the heads were not made of wax but cold and clammy human flesh. For a man used to seeing extreme violence, the sight of these severed heads turned his stomach.

Crawford pulled his hand away, turned and shouting at General Grant. “What kind of sicko are you? Is this what we do now? Go down to their level of butchery!”

Dr Stevens looked at General Grant. “Crawford!” he shouted. “Let the doctor explain before you jump now anyone’s throat.”

“We have managed to push 3D printing little beyond its original capabilities.” Dr Stevens began. “With our genetics programme we now able to clone adult human heads. With donated bone tissue we can clone the human skull and attach muscle tissue. We can even cultivate skin and hair colour from different ethnic groups.

The heads we create have no features, they are just blank canvas that’s where the 3D printing comes in. The phone app digitises the face and then sends the information to our 3D printer which converts into living tissue. Then maps it over the genetically grown head moulding the flesh and muscle to produce the face from the selfie.

Caroline went over to stare at the head of the woman, still staring at the head she asked Dr Stevens, “You want us to have our faces exchanged for terrorists, don’t you?”

Dr Stevens looked awkwardly at General Grant, the General then nodded to Stevens. “We want to swap your faces around. We will take a picture of your face for, shall we say, filling. Then while your faces are still warm, we will digitise the terrorist face that we have grown on our GM heads, over onto your, ‘Blank’ faces.”

“So, I take it then you have five of these scum bags lined up for us?” said John Crawford.

“Five known terrorists have been located in London that we have under surveillance right now. Your job is to go in eliminate your target and resume their identity.” Confirmed Grant.

“Got it all worked out haven’t you,” said Munro. “Except one thing, our voices. I bet we don’t sound like them!”

Crawford gave a smile as he looked towards the General and the doctor. “Well, do you have an answer for that one?”

“We just want you to gain entrance into their safe house and waste the mothers, not engage them in polite conversation!” said the General who was by now getting slightly agitated with John Crawford and his team.

Dr Stevens continued, “The voice recognition and duplication application are a little way off, but if we can provide a convincing distraction to allow a group to get pass their front door, that would be a vast achievement,”

General Grant signalled to the two MP’s standing by the door, on his command they let Crawford and the troopers pass out into the corridor. Dr Stevens then lead the team down the long passageway where they finally reached their destination, Dr Stevens test laboratory.

Inside were only five chairs and a bank of monitors. On Grants command, reluctantly the five troopers took a seat each, Crawford saw the arm restrains and knew it would be useless to make any kind of protest. It was Dr Stevens who took the decision to strap in the five troopers feeling that this would seem less intimidating for them than if done by the MP’s.

Once Dr Stevens assistant had finished placing the ECG and EEG sensors on the troopers, a technician in the room outside switched on the monitors to show the heart rate and brain wave patterns for all five of the troopers.

With the troopers strapped in Dr Stevens began to explain what was going to happen next. “Troopers, soon a mask from above will be lowered onto your face. Inside the mask are tiny cameras that will be continuously photographing your face for two minutes. During such time you will lose your eyesight, but please do not concern yourself, this is part of the process of removing your face which will be mapped onto a genetically cloned skull for safe-keeping. Almost immediately after that process the face of the chosen subject will be transferred onto your now blank face. Once the process is finished, we will keep the mask on for a few more minutes to allow the muscle tissues to settle. Right! Everyone ready? Good, then lets begin!"

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