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At the restaurant, Steve and Sonia could be see sitting together when the waiter came. ''Good day sir,Good day ma." The waiter greeted. ''Good day too! Please what do you guys have?" Steve asked. ''We have everything sir!" The waiter said while Steve turned to Sonia! ''My lady, what do you care for?" He asked. ''Anything!" Sonia replied. ''Anything is not something!" Steve said. ''Okay! Give me wine and toasted chicken lap!" Sonia requested while Steve turned to the waiter! ''Give is a bottle of Champagne and two chicken laps!" ''Okay sir!" Said the waiter and left while Steve and Sonia were just discussing. Few minutes later the waiter came with their orders. Sonia was about to bit from her chicken lap when her eyes fought someone familiar to her. ''David!" She shouted while David turned to know who called him, only to see Sonia. ''Sonia Wilson!" David shouted to while they hugged each other, Steve became jealous. ''What are you doing here?" She asked. ''I came here with my friend!" David said. ''Wow! David you have growned so big!" She teased. ''Thanks Sonia! So what are you doing here?" David asked. ''I came with him! She said pointing at Steve who was already boiling with anger! ''Sonia meet my friend Paul! Paul meet Sonia Wilson we were schooling together before she left the country!" David introduced. ''Nice meeting you Paul!" She said while they exchange handshaking.. ''The pleasure is mine!" Paul said already falling for Sonia. Sonia walked close to Steve and place her hand on his shoulder! ''David meet Steve Denis, he is my ....." ''Boyfriend!" Steve interrupted her while Sonia smile. Steve was thinking Sonia will be annoyed but she didn't. ''Oh nice to meet you Steve Denis! I am David Iben!" David said. ''Same here!" Steve said and smile. Paul was very angry that Sonia have a boyfriend and the worst part is she didn't introduce him to the guy! ''David let's go!" Paul said angrily. ''Ha! So soon?" Sonia asked. ''Yes! I have a meeting to attend!" Paul replied. One could see the anger on his voice as he speaks. ''Okay! David this is my card, you can call me so we can talk!" Sonia said handing over her complimentary card to David! ''Okay thanks!" David said as he took the card from her and left with Paul who anger was high. Sonia turned to Steve. ''Steve, I am sorry if you don't like what..." ''Sonia calme down, I am angry okay! I was even thinking maybe you will be annoy because I said i am your boyfriend!" Steve interrupted her. ''Steve I am not angry!" She said while Steve smile and took her hands and kissed it. They talked, laughed and ate what they ordered, while Steve clears the bills, before taking Sonia home. He dropped her at the front of their gate, he peek her on her cheeks before she step down from the car while Steve drove away straight to his Father's house. Sonia walked into the sitting room, she saw her parents watching big brother show! ''Dad, mom! Good evening!" She greeted and hugged her parents; then she turned to go upstairs when her mother called her back. ''Hey baby girl! Don't you have anything to tell us?" Her mother asked! ''Oh mom! I have nothing to tell you and dad!" She said smiling. ''My princess, with the smile on your face, I know you have something to say!" Said her dad! ''Okay, what do you want me to say?" She asked smiling! ''How does the date with Steve goes?" Her father asked. ''Well, it was all nice and he is fun to be with!" She replied. ''So do you like him?" Her mother asked. ''Mom, I will answered that question later, I want to go and have my bath!" She said and ran upstairs while her mother keep calling her named. She entered her room, changed her clothes and went into the bathroom, after her bath, she putted on her pygamas. David called her that night, they talked for more than 45 minutes. Sonia told him where to meet her so they could talked very well. She later called Steve before she slept off....

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