Another piece of writing from 7 years ago on my journey to finding my inner strength.

She felt it Within her

Like a sudden Clap of Thunder that could shake the Earth

Its Will was Strong

She looked at the Valley that lay before her spread wide open and bare

She clutched her chest closing her eyes tight buckling over

The feeling Overwhelming

Her heart beat fast and hard almost matching that of a hummingbird's

She could almost See it through her Minds Eye

The Wind picked up dust and Danced around her anxious feet

She regained her standing forcing herself to embrace what was Within her Soul

It came Thundering forward into her Heart

The Spirit had Awakened

Her eyes once Shut Tight now Opened Wide looking towards the Horizon

Arms spread she Smiled to the Sound she had waited for All her Life to hear

The Elephant's trumpeted Call filled her with Strength and Love

She was Whole Once More

Submitted: February 10, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Lorelei Williams. All rights reserved.

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