Three For Me - A Reverse Harem Romance Book Teaser

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BOOK TEASER for Three For Me - A Reverse Harem Romance

Book Description:
After going through a terrible breakup, Bailey is convinced that no man will ever want her. When she makes a wish to find love, however, everything changes. She meets three smoking-hot guys who want to show her just how desirable she is. She has to decide...will she run away from their affection or go for everything she wants?

Warning: In this sweet, steamy romance novel, her heroes are totally obsessed and eager to please. Sometimes wishes really do come true. This is a standalone story with an HEA or HFN guaranteed!

I let out an involuntary scream and ran. I only made it a few feet before the strange man caught up to me and clutched my arm, digging his fingers into it. He wore a black hoodie that was pulled low. His gloves were black, as were his boots. I saw his eyes. They were bright and menacing, but they weren't Todd's. In a way, that was worse. At least with Todd, I knew what to expect.

Todd and I had broken up four months ago, and he'd harassed me with text messages and calls for weeks afterward and had even shown up at my work asking for me—which was ridiculous because he'd been the one who'd left for someone else, not me. Eventually, he'd stopped cold, and I'd been glad. He'd been abusive during our relationship and had hit me several times. Even so, we'd dated for two years before finally breaking up.

Those two long years paled in comparison to the present danger. Driven by a burst of adrenaline, I wheeled around and smacked my attacker in the face with my purse, and he stumbled back, but he managed to hold on, pressing his fingers into me all the more. Pain lanced through my arm as I tried tearing myself away from him. He grabbed me with his other hand, doubling his grip, and pulled with his entire body. I lost balance and fell toward him. Our bodies collided and in the next moment I was dragged into the alley and slammed bodily against a brick wall.

He brought his face a foot from mine, breathing frantically. "Give me your money!" I let out another scream and flailed, and he planted a gloved hand over my mouth. I tried biting him, but the fabric was too thick. He'd obviously planned ahead. "Give me your money, and no one gets hurt!" he growled. I kicked him and tried creating distance. Anger flashed across his expression, and he wheeled his arm around and punched me hard on the side of the face. With his other hand, he tried yanking my purse away. I clung to it stubbornly and his eyes filled with rage. "Give it to me!"

He lifted his fist to strike me again, and I had the certainty that my life was about to end. In that instant, a miracle occurred. Voices filled the air, and three men appeared. It took them only a split-second to come charging at us. Fear flashed across the face of my attacker, and he let go of me and bolted in the opposite direction. My rescuers hurried after him, disappearing into the shadows.

They passed by me so swiftly that I barely had a chance to see who they were. I stood trembling as their voices echoed down the alley. At a given moment, everything went quiet, then a handful of seconds later, they reappeared running toward me. They were the most stunningly handsome men that I'd ever seen. Each of them was fit and seemed to be in their late twenties. Their faces were filled with protective instinct.

The one on the left had curly brown hair, olive skin, and blue-gray eyes. He had a prominent and straight nose that complimented his angular face. The one in the middle was tall and broad-shouldered. Even with his clothes on, I could see every muscle in his huge body bulging. His square face, which was filled out with a thick beard, was red. His reddish-brown hair was tousled from running. The one on the right had copper-colored skin, a fine face, and shoulder-length black hair. But it was his dark, almond-shaped eyes, so focused and watchful, that stood out the most.

The three of them surrounded me and the one in the middle spoke urgently. "Are you ok?"

I burst into tears, unable to help myself. Seeing my reaction, he and the others came forward and wrapped their arms around me. I reciprocated and melted into their embrace, not caring that I was hugging complete strangers. They'd just saved my life. Several seconds passed before I was composed enough to let go. "I'm...I'm fine. Thank you," I muttered.

"Do you have a name? Is there someone we can call?" he asked.

My voice was choked and raspy. "Bailey."

"My name's Stephen." He gestured left then right. "This is Riley and Felipe."

Riley put a hand on my shoulder and squeezed it with concern. "Just breathe. Everything's going to be alright."

Felipe searched me with his dark eyes. "You sure you're going to be ok?"

"Yeah...I will."

Stephen's brow furrowed the instant his eyes came to rest on the side of my face where I'd been hit. He put a hand on my shoulder. "Nothing like this will ever happen again. You're safe. We're here now."

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