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Submitted: February 11, 2019

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Submitted: February 11, 2019



Today I finally took the time to find the place considered to be the “home of the first American cappuccino,” based in 1927. 

That’s when I realized how I’ve underestimated the importance of, once in a while, finding yourself in your natural habitat. Where your writing flows smoother, you catch up with the pace quicker and the thoughts inside your mind align into the most unpredictable, yet beautiful schemes. It’s almost like I found myself in a mini-museum of antiques and eloquent baroque - its main attraction, of course, being the world’s first espresso machine, seated comfortably in the corner, impossible to miss.

Even though the crowdedness of the place did intimidate me at first, I was quick to discover that the cafe created an essence where you could be in your own world. All while experiencing the ever-present rush of NYC simultaneously. So, to all the shy and the introverted friends of New York City - don’t be drawn away. You’re all welcome.

However, there’s a historical fact behind it that first caught my attention - that being it used to be the very favorite place of David Bowie. The location of his New York home isn’t too far away, either. If you trust eyewitnesses of the time - and in this case, I’d like to trust them - the Starman himself could often be spotted outside Reggio, enjoying the pleasant Big Apple weather with a cup of coffee and a good book. Besides that, it is known Cafe Reggio was a welcoming home to many other legendary names such as Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and even a Russian poet from the Silver Age - Joseph Brodsky. For some reason, the characteristic “Bowie’s once-favorite cafe” still stood out most. Not sure why him over anyone else from whole list. Somehow, I can clearly picture the aesthetics of him sitting down in one of the antique chairs, a shiny jewel on his leather jacket, sipping cappuccino and grasping bits and pieces of inspiration from the tasteful decor.

With all that being said, what are some of your favorite places, wherever you live, historical or not? What makes them special to you particularly?

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