The Time Traveller's Husband

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Sometimes the best *is* the enemy of the good.

Submitted: February 11, 2019

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Submitted: February 11, 2019



The time traveller confronts her boyfriend.

“If we get hitched, then in three years time you'll be away on business when by strange happenstance you'll meet an old flame. You're lonely, and after a long night in the bar you're both well-lubricated. Let's just say our relationship does not survive.”

“OK, I get it,” her suitor says, “Forewarned is forearmed. I'll make my excuses and leave the bar early.”

The time traveller flickers.

“Twelve years into our marriage you'll decide, in full midlife-crisis, to take up free-fall parachuting - over my stringent objections. The inevitable happens and I'm left all alone with three strapping children to bring up.”

She glares at him, “Times are hard.”

“I hereby declare that I will avoid like the plague all sky sports.”

She flickers again.

“As you advance your career you're given great powers and responsibilities. You'll show a perverse talent for unwise decisions. You are fired and jailed, and we are ruined.”

“I promise that I'll change career. No more wheeling and dealing. I'll become an engineer.”

She flickers again, is absent much longer this time. Comes back mute.

“So now will you consent to marry me?” he asks, exhausted.

Reader, I rejected him. Way too amenable.

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