Musing Seasons and Friends

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Comparing seasons to other seasons.

Submitted: February 11, 2019

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Submitted: February 11, 2019



One's life might be aligned to the seasons

And One's early life, likened to the spring.

The beginning of your friendships came by family

And the songs that they sang, you would sing.


Then along came the summer with surprises,

People with their different points of view.

The warmth, like the weather, bound them together

And what came about was something very new.


Fall brought the shedding of some friendships

And others went to the dormant side of caring.

Cooler days brought reflections and some changes

And some overdue words that needed airing.


Now winter's here and the cold has brought the frost

To a life of many trying-ss, with some that failed.

The family's gone away and the friends, I dare say,

Have left me on a dock, but the ship has sailed.


Well I've said it before, "Alone is not alone."

And that ship that sailed, it didn't leave an empty Bay.

I put my trust in God and to some that seems odd

But, C’est la vie, to every thought there is your own.



JE Falcon


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