Overshadowed By The Trees

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Submitted: February 11, 2019

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Submitted: February 11, 2019



Overshadowed By The Trees 


I grew up overshadowed by the trees, 

Couldn't catch the eye of nobody , 

Now i've came out into the light.


For it's my time to shine

And i saw you standing over there 

by your red pick up truck i swear

I couldn't help but love the way you looked, 

standing there. 


But i couldn't let you cloud my eyes, 

So i ran away into the night, 

I kept on running from that site. 


I made my way over to the river, 

And i let out a big sigh 

I was scared to let you see my face, 

When i saw you there. 


As i sat looking out into the river, 

There was a whisper in the breeze around, 

I turned my head and saw you standing there 

That's when you smiled at me. 


He asked "Have i seen you here before?"

I said" This is the place i go,

When i'm feeling down or all alone"

He said " Don't live your life like a fool, 

Come out of the shadows 

and be you."


I watched as he walked away, 

Thinking of the words he said. 

I really have been a fool, 

Missing out on so much life, 

It's time to come out into the light, 

And be who i am tonight. 


Those words he said to me, 

Stuck with me throughout my life, 

I'm not the girl that i used to be 

I'm not overshadowed by the trees. 

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