The Cold Truth

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It's a poem about a homeless person who is depressed and is tired of living. She reflects on the life she has and about what she has seen on the streets. She reflects about how she lost her love on the streets one day and how she thinks life isn't work living.

Submitted: February 11, 2019

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Submitted: February 11, 2019



The Cold Truth

Homelessness, loneliness

It’s all the same

I sleep on friends’ couches...

I sleep in the street…

I sleep where I can…but never my own

Homelessness...what is homelessness?

Does it mean holding up a sign on the street?

Does it mean not having a home?’s more

It means losing friends, family, and people who care

It means I might be alone for forever


Why am I still alive?

I keep fighting, working, and trying

But I never seem to get there

I have no family

But I do live, I don’t want to meet death

I can’t...I won’t

I gave up the dust and needles

I gave up the smokes, but not life…

Not Boe


I’m a rainbow, and I admit it.

They turn me away and threaten me with bullets

Yes it’s depressing, but it’s the truth...

I’m telling the cold, hard, dark truth…

The truth no one wants to say or hear…

But to fix what you want to fix, you must hear it


Kids want to be by themselves

But in the end, I see them all die…

If not physically, than mentally

No one helps

They open up crappy shelters

They give up crappy food they scowl at

I’m a lone wolf with depression

I’ve been at this life for 25 years


I walk the streets famished

Starvation slowly taking over

I say goodbye to Boe…

But I didn’t know it’d be the last

To go scavenging for food on the streets

I should of stayed and starved

With you...with Boe…

Now my love is gone, my 1 legged girl

She’s gone from the ally we call home…

Now I’m all alone…no family


I sit alone, all alone

Blanket around me, snow falling

My sickness is getting worse without her

There is no more Rein and Boe

I hear music in the air

I get up and walk 2 blocks to the church

I walk through the door and I pray

Pray...something I’ve never done before

I feel like I’m with God...God…

I want to forever be with God…

I hum the last part of Final

And then I know…

I know what to do


A rope in hand

A hook to hang

Is it a necklace made of hope…

Or is it a necklace made of rope?

Nothing above and nothing below…

A brick wall ahead…

And beyond...I don’t know

I close my eyes

Let Death take my hand

My name was Rein

And that’s my end


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