My Nightmare

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A young girl is terrified and stuck in a room that's trying to kill her...

Submitted: February 11, 2019

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Submitted: February 11, 2019



It’s the deafening silence and the tasteless air that scares me the most. Not so much the darkness - I like the dark...  The eeriness of this room is evil but comforting. The voices scare me, but they are the closest thing to human interaction I have and have had for the last three days.  I hate where I am and its easily described in one word. Deathly. If it doesn't drive, you insane to the point of snapping your own neck then I'm sure you will end up dead. 

It's that gloomy lighting that scares me the most. I prefer the dark and so when the lights go on, you just know that something will happen. The lights turned to the colour of the sun...  I miss the sun. The warmth on my skin and over my eyes. Now I’m stuck in this room; foam walls, one dull but brightened light with a hanging hook beside it, and nothing of furniture but a childproofed bed and-

"Who's there?" I shout. 
"You have a visitor!" says a voice behind the door.

The door creaks open and I see a foot… I recognise those big feet.Then I see a hand.Long and muscular. 

“Damon!”I run and cry and swing open the door.It’s my husband.“I miss you!”I whimpered.

“I have something for you,” he said. Handing me a little box with a beautiful pendant necklace, a locket.“Remember my favourite saying?I love you!”The nurses dragged Damon away. 

Remember my favourite saying…

What could that mean?


Thinking. Thinking. Thinking.

Think… THINK!

“Think outside the box!” I screamed. The nurse knocked on my door as if to say shut up.I scream of excitement from the remembrance of D’s favourite quote.

Think outside the box…I take the box with the locket inside and open up the charm. Rolled up is a little note that says, ‘what is underneath the covers is reality.’ I removed the foam from the box that the pendant laid upon.There, shining back at me, a razor.

“He loves me!” I blurted out.

“Enough in there.”The nurse shouted. Last warning.

I jump and pace around my bed from happiness.I haven’t seen something so beautiful for days…I take it out and the voices in my head quieten.

“That’s right bitches!I’m back!”

“ENOUGH!”Shouted the nurse.“That’s it! You’re a dead girl now…”The nurse walks away, and I start to fret. 

“What does that even mean?” I whispered to myself.

The next thing I know, the nurse is back. She opens the door brings in a table covered by a cloth of colours.

“Pick one.NOW!”She screamed as she angrily lifted the cloth from the table.The colours lifted and I dropped.The shock of what I saw hit me dead in the face. 


Upon the table, were four options.Three of which were occupied but the fourth space was empty.

In the first space was a rope with an index card saying…

A rope of fun

A rope of play

A rope to tie and end your day


In the second space was a knife with another index card reading…

A knife for fun

A knife for play

A knife to cut and end your day


The third option was slightly scarier…It was a gun…And again, the card read…

A gun for fun

A gun for play

A gun to shoot and end your day


Glowing.Staring me right in the face.The fourth option.An empty space.

“What’s the fourth option?”

The nurse takes all three weapons and places them in the spot of the fourth option.
“All.”She said.

The nurse walks back to the door and leaves the table there.

“Be dead when I get back.Or die painfully.”

Pain?I love pain!I sit and wait.Minutes pass and all I can hear is the overpowering sound of my ringing ears, my beating heart, and the footsteps of the nurse on her way back.She walks into the room and sees me sitting there, alive.

“That’s it!”

She grabs the rope and hangs it from the hook on the ceiling with my hand tied above my head.She grabs the knife and slices my skin.Slowly.Painfully.It makes me snicker.As the night goes on, my skin gets more and more sliced.It’s getting warmer and warmer now.I smirk as I watch the deep red colour of life slowly dripping down my hanging body making a pool on the floor below me.The next think I know, right in front of my eyes, I see a hole of emptiness; and in that moment, my mind goes blank. 


© Copyright 2019 Melina Adams. All rights reserved.

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