Miss Closure

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Another tale from the Miss and Sir series. Miss Closure and Sir Knight (probably gonna make one exclusive for the knight) are face with a conversation. I wrote this as an experiment for Another way of writing.

Submitted: February 11, 2019

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Submitted: February 11, 2019



Miss Closure


I owe you nothing

I owe you not everything

But I’ve cut your arm off

But I’ve slit your throat

And I can fix you

And I can fix us


Yet I am still here

Yet I wield this sword

Can’t I say something

Can’t I be the one forgotten

Looking in your eyes

Looking at your debt


Then serve me again

Then I may see

What you were once

What I once felt

How you hurt

How you helped


Your word is law

Your words are considered

My wounds are too grave

My blood is leaving

Miss Closure help me

Miss Closure I’m yours


With this sterile needle

With my ability to stitch

The knight will serve

The knight’s flesh will mend

So you may have purpose

So your wounds may close


This knight kneels to one

This knight kisses the bloody hand

When all the creatures are slay

When all are us to remain

Will I be loved

Will I be in your way


I thank your kindness

I thank your instinct to protect

I can’t answer yet

I can’t give up the needle so sterile

You wouldn’t be here unless dear

You wouldn’t be alive as well


But I will teach you the needle

But you will teach me the blade

You will be Sir Knight

You will know me as Miss Closure

And you have the power to leave

And you yet stay another day

© Copyright 2019 Raven Leal. All rights reserved.

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