A not too distant future in the United States. One man's journey to commit a life-changing act is beset by constant hurdles. He seeks to obtain higher office in order to make real change for everyone, if only by accident, its mainly for him.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

  “You don't have enough gas,” shouts the pit crew attendant. The driver shrugs it off and puts the car in first gear. The p... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Something must be said about divorces and divorce proceedings in this current year:   They suck.   At least, th... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

The refuse recycling facility has a company line given to all of its employees: “Don't leave smelling like you never left, bud.” The ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

“Morris, check in,” said the Sargeant. Officer Morris had not responded to any calls for the last 3 hours. His Sargeant, Studebaker, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

“Uh, mom? Dad? I'm home.”   Rob enters into his folks' home and is disoriented by the flashing lights. His parents liked... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

“Sh-should I give it a shot?” Roberto says this to onlookers.   “Yeah bro,” responds a stranger, “if I were you, I... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Really short chapter, the next one is up though.
Read Chapter

Chapter 8

A week passes and not much has changed in life for Roberto. He moved to a different motel room, and the concierge told him that some Serg... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

There were a number of employees that were also at work earlier than usual. Rob was only 3 minutes early. As he did his usual ocular & vo... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Another week passed and Roberto felt beat up. He had no time to hit the pub at all. He didn't even see his kids or wife or his wife's boy... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

“I have good mind to contact your corporate office, piece of cunt shit,” Rob is having the worst week in recent memory, and this is a... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Another week passes. The company effectively doubled the staff for the additional shift. Roberto had to spend the week training people an... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

“And stay out!” A miniscule thud is heard to those out having a Mary Jay break. Rob had been thrown out of the new bar. Blood and vom... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

“M73, you're next!”   Rob gets up off of the old lounge seating area and heads over to window 14. Over half of the windo... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

In addition to the bureaucratic laws running rampant, effecting the ordinary citizen's life, so too do they effect the afterlife. &... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

The old woman stares in the distance reflecting on her previous life. She's been at this for about 5 minutes. She's been quiet the whol... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Rob is feeling down. He had what he thought was a perfect exit strategy that is out of reach. He's strongly considering traveling out o... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

“...and that's why the beet industry is n-next... on my list. Their actions in the Burmese Republic have really hurt, er, they hurt the... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Rob gets back to his hotel-home and tosses his new keyring on the spare bed. Still not sure if the hotel staff remake that bed every day ... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Its a day off for Mr. Kowalski and he is in good spirits. He waves to the hotel workers as he heads to his car. He grabs a formal hat fro... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Not a summary, just informing that certain foreign language characters appear not to be recognized by the website.
Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Rob pulls up to a parking meter.  He pulls up his debt token app and lets the meter scan the QR2 code.  He can only sele... Read Chapter

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