The Gate

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Amarynn is a Traveler. She was stolen from her home - brought to a violent, unforgiving world and reinvented as an immortal warrior whose only purpose is to serve in the Legion at the pleasure of the king. For the last 20 years she has been trapped in her young body, unable to do the one thing she desires - end this life of violence and servitude. She has no memory of her former life and no hope to become anything other that what she is now - a Blade Master and the legendary Hydra of the Legion of Karth. She and her seven deadly blades have helped lay waste to kingdoms and strike fear in the heart of any foreign ruler who thought to fight against the immortal Traveler warriors. Now she is a deserter, living on the kingdom fringes and trying to find escape.

Amarynn realizes her only hope for ending the life she has come to hate is Karth's ancient mage and Gate wielder, Regealth - the very man who ripped her from her world and made her who she is now. However, there is a dark presence in the north who wishes to build an army strong enough to withstand the Legion of Karth and its Travelers. Self-proclaimed King Lors and his earth-mage Venalise have stolen King Lasten's ancient mage and his stone, called The Gate. In an act of desperation, Amarynn has given away secrets that will change the fate of their world. Now, she must return to the service of King Lasten and his Legion to help recover Regealth and the Gate with the hope that he can give her what she so desperately seeks. In the end, she will have a heart-wrenching choice to make in order to prove she is truly as strong as the legends claim.

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Chapter 1

Submitted: February 12, 2019

Crack! The wooden staff landed across the warrior's back with sickening force, knocking the wind out of her and she fell, sprawled ... Read Chapter

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