My Sparkle Repairman

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Submitted: February 12, 2019

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Submitted: February 12, 2019



A WEEK away in a foreign country

Living life to the FULLEST

Making EVERY moment COUNT

Beach towels & bikinis are still DAMP & start'n to STINK

From my last dip in the Caribbean Sea

With not enough TIME to fully DRY before

I jumped on the plane to return home & back to work

My stuff has been sitting for SIX DAYS now

Even though my suitcase is open

Everything needs to be DEPERATELY WASHED

Saturday morning comes & all I want to do is SLEEP IN

But my LAUNDRY is the PRIORITY for today

I strip the bed, and gather all my dirty clothes

I've got FOUR full loads of laundry to do

I make my way down the hall to the laundry room

With a building comprised of 42 units

We only have TWO washers & TWO dryers & TODAY

Both the washers & dryers are BROKEN

B'cuz someone thought it was okay to try & break in

To STEAL the small amount of LOONIES & QUARTERS

Leaving laundry machine pieces strewn all over

DESPERATION causes people to do CRAZY things

They normally wouldn't do

But this DESPICABLE act affects us ALL

I CANNOT WAIT one more day to do my laundry

The Super is called & he tells me

The machines WON'T be fixed until Monday!

You must be mad, I say out loud ...

I ask him ... shall I call Sparkle myself?

B'cuz Saturday's & Sunday's are the BUSIEST days

So I place an Emergency Call to the After Hours Line

THANKFULLY, the Operator takes my information

She PROMISES that she'll have SOMEONE out ASAP

TWENTY THREE minutes later I hear someone tinkering

I grab my laundry basket

And make my way down the hallway AGAIN

A man is there with TOOLS in hand

His name is Alex & he's doing his best to fix the machines

He ALERTS me that he might not have all the parts

Needed to get the machines up & running; but


I stay to talk to him & assess the situation

Through our conversation it comes to light

That he CAN start the machines MANUALLY

So I can at least GET STARTED on my laundry chores

Without asking for any COINS or MONEY UP FRONT

He starts the machines for me which allows me

The opportunity to MOVE ON with my day

They say KARMA always circles back 'round

I NOW know this TO BE TRUE

B'cuz many times I've dropped quarters & loonies in

And NEVER been REPAID, until TODAY!

Not only did he go BEYOND the CALL OF DUTY

He provided a level of Customer Service

That is RARE in today's world

He started the washers for me FOUR times for FREE

In addition, he also got a dryer working for me


Employees like him are EXTREMELY RARE


B'cuz it's people like ME that don't EVER FORGET

And love to share a GOOD TALE!

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