This Isn't Real, chapter 1

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Submitted: February 12, 2019

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Submitted: February 12, 2019




“What are you making, Professor?” Blake’s innocent, green eyes were wide with curiosity. After all these years with the Professor, Blake found him unpredictable. Especially when he was in a creative mood. The Professor was always in a creative mood.


“It’s a transdimensionalacorbis hacker gun,” the Professor muttered. The Professor’s preoccupied tone indicated his inattentiveness to the conversation.


Blake, confused by the strange word, asked, “uh-- what?”


The Professor looked at Blake. Seeing his baffled expression, the Professor chuckled. The Professor liked inventing big words for the sake of confusing people.  “I’ll tell you when it’s done.”


Blake was seldom confused, because he was not an average person. At the tender age of six months, Blake was speaking in coherent sentences. Two months later, he was reading basic chapter books. By the age of one year old, he had completed preschool. At age six, Blake became the youngest-ever student to receive his High School Diploma. In another year, he managed to meet the requirements for a bachelor’s degree. By now, it became clear that his progress was exponential. At age nine, he had a Doctorate in Computer Science. He also had a minor in Mechanical engineering. His doctoral project had been the first-ever conscious android. This android was a slow, powerful being by the name of Benfy.


After obtaining his doctoral degree, Blake retired from scholarly life. He spoke to no reporters on his way home, trying to remain hidden. When Blake got home, he immediately set to replicating his successful creation. He was determined to find ways to improve on the design. He ended up with a second android, who went by the name Carlos. Carlos's body reminded Blake of a crab. He had six legs, and a pincer on the left side of his body. On his right, he had a fork arm, which Blake had welded on as something of a joke. Blake wanted this robot to do the cooking, so that he could have bacon any time he wanted. He had a curly, thick, full-bodied mustache and a tall, white chef’s hat. He took about seven months to build.


After building Carlos, Blake was ten years old. Like most ten-year-olds, Blake had an interest in video games. He could not, however, find satisfaction with the games that others created. About a week after building Carlos, Blake decided to build his own video game. Blake created algorithm after algorithm. The algorithms created a virtual world for him to escape into, a place where he could be free. Soon, the algorithms began to self-replicate. They created digital worlds as the game's file size swelled. By this time, Blake would sit at his computer for hours, watching the game grow. Before long, he had to buy more hard drives to hold the game. Finally, the game's size evened out at about 8 terabytes. Blake had only designed the first terabyte, and the algorithms had done the rest. Blake had created a world, in which he had ultimate power.


Jay, his third robot, was a tricky build. Blake engineered a light material that he used to make feathers. Jay was a robot modeled after a bird. He was blue, and shaped like a blue jay, hence the name.  He built Jay to annoy the Professor, who hated the 'constant infernal chatter' of birds. Every morning, he would rant about birds and about how the noises they made woke him up too early. Blake built Jay to trigger every annoyed reaction the Professor had. Unfortunately, Blake had built Jay a little too well. None of the inhabitants of the house had gotten any peace since Blake activated Jay for the first time. In fact, even the other robots couldn't stand him. Come to think of it, Jay annoyed even Blake. Soon, all members of the household were allowed to swat Jay whenever he acted obnoxious.


Blake surprised people whenever they found out that he was only twelve years old. He had never known a father, but had a reasonable substitute in the form of the Professor. The Professor had taken Blake in after finding him on the doorstep. Blake loved the Professor with all his heart. Despite this, the only thing Blake cared about at the moment was the Professor's new invention.


“But what does it do?” Blake asked with a polite smile.


“I don’t think,” said the Professor, his smirk widening at Blake’s desperation to know, “I’m going to tell you.” His smirk widened into a grin as he saw Blake’s eye twitch. It was all he could do to keep from bursting out laughing.


Blake, struggling to keep himself under control, steadied himself and asked, “Why not?”


The Professor’s grin grew wider. “It’s too much fun to watch you not know something!” With that, he couldn’t say anymore because he had burst out laughing. He spun around a couple of times in his swivel chair as he guffawed. The Professor moved his focus back to Blake, the shadow of a grin on his face. “Well, that, and I’m not sure that you’re quite old enough for me to tell you yet,” the Professor said. This would definitely shake Blake up, because he hated being told that he was too young for anything.


Blake’s eye twitched and he stood frozen with the shock of knowing that he didn’t know something. The Professor knew that the joke was getting old, and so, he said, “Alright, Blake, it’s time for you to get out of my office. I should get back to work.” Blake stomped away from the Professor, who remained seated in his chair. The fact that the Professor wouldn't tell Blake something frustrated him. Despite the Professor's refusal, Blake wasn't worried.  He knew that if he saw a problem, he should go out of his way to fix it.




The Professor worked day in and day out on his project, generating software for it. He stretched out and yawned, leaning back in his swivel chair. Because he had been up all night working on his project, he felt tired. He took off his glasses and leaned back further, shutting his eyes tight. After stretching, he went back into a normal sitting position and put his glasses back on. He glanced over at the 3D printer and saw that his print had made plenty of progress since he started it. He caught a glance of his reflection in his computer monitor. He studied it for a moment, noting his unkempt, gray hair and wrinkled clothes. He realized that his glasses were so crooked that one of his eyes was looking over the top of the rim. The other one square with the bottom of the lense.  He adjusted the glasses covering his tired eyes. Quick, clever hands rested on the armrests of his swivel chair. All these features combined gave him the look of a mad scientist.


The Professor chuckled to himself, knowing that somewhere, Blake was scheming to find the answer to his query. It would be fun to watch Blake try and figure out what was going on, but the Professor doubted that Blake would have any surprising methods of espionage. Because of the magnitude of his success, it was all the Professor could do to not tell Blake what he was making. Blake wouldn't have understood anyway. It was like a third grader explaining math to an ant.  Blake was the second most intelligent person alive. By comparison, however, his mind was dull compared with the Professor’s. Blake would only get in the way. The Professor wanted to shout it out to the world, but if Blake couldn’t understand, what chance did they have? All the tense anticipation would be worth it when he finally got to rub his success in to the people on the outside.


He surveyed his office, realizing how cluttered it was. It was a moderately sized room, and there was a window above his desk. His desk was covered with papers and notes, but they would be gone the next day, replaced with new papers and notes. The only things that remained there for long were his computer monitor and his keyboard. The moment that he finished a project, the notes would go into his desk drawer and he would start over again. He emptied his drawer whenever it got full, which was every several weeks or so. Right now, he was nearing the end of his project, so notes covered almost all of his desk. He even had several sheets of paper taped onto the side of the desk. Near him, on a coffee table, his printer was perched so that he didn’t have to handwrite all of his notes. He hadn’t gone paperless yet because he was worried that an electromagnetic pulse could destroy his computer. His 3D printer made a constant humming noise that the Professor found annoying. It was almost as bad as Jay. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stop the noise without halting his progress. Halting progress was the one thing the Professor would never do. The rest of his office was floor space, so that he could do as much spinning on his swivel chair as he wanted. The Professor loved to spin swivel chairs.




Blake had left the Professor in his office because the Professor wanted to work. As Blake walked, various stratagem to outwith the Professor began forming in his oversized mind. He retrieved the key that he had snatched from the Professor’s desk a year ago. No one in the house had caught him. The Professor, believing Blake to be trustworthy, thought that he had lost his key. Blake was guaranteed to find something useful in the Professor's desk. There were too many files there for them all to be useless. Blake knew that even better than the desk key would be the password to the Professor’s computer. The computer used enormous amounts of storage to document all the Professor's work. Either the desk or the computer would be a treasure trove of information. They could contain anything.


Blake prepared his plans to dispose of the Professor. Then he stopped and corrected himself, realizing that dispose wasn’t the right word. All the same, it was funny. Because of this humor, Blake chuckled a little bit, at the insane idea. He couldn’t dispose of the professor, and he didn’t want to. It was funny, though, to think of the idea. Blake wasn’t a sociopath, but he could enjoy some of his own brand of darker humor. The Professor very rarely left his desk anymore, and when he did, he always locked the door behind him. Unfortunately, the key to the Professor’s desk was different than the key to his office.


He didn’t like it when people kept secrets from him. He didn’t like it at all. It confused him that the Professor would do something like that. He had always been told everything by the Professor! Always! Suddenly, a terrible thought struck him. Maybe, he thought with a pause, he hadn’t ever been told everything. He had started to tear out his hair at this point, so he went into the bathroom to fix himself back up. He didn't care much about appearances, but he was close to the bathroom and it would be a quick fix. When he looked in the mirror, he noticed that his unkempt hair and slim hands made him look slightly mad.


He had a pale complexion, and a rather thin face. He had narrower eyes than most people, but they weren’t so narrow that he looked odd. His nose was slim, and he had high cheekbones. He had a thin figure, a little wiry, but not exactly strong. On the other hand, he could run very fast. He had never lost a race with kids his own age, but he would have if he had raced with the high schoolers he studied with. He felt disdain for not only kids his own age, but even the high school and college students that he studied with. They were lazy, uncivilized slobs, who always made fun of him without any provocation. It was among the teachers that he found his friends. They, unlike his classmates, were capable of intelligent conversation. Sometimes, a brilliant teacher could almost match his wit. While his humor went over the heads of most students, the clever teachers could see the humor in what he said.


Blake ran his fingers through his hair a couple of times to smooth it out. After some time, his mind switched from thoughts about peers to his plan for his theft. The Professor hadn’t been at all clear on what the device was or what it would do, but Blake did remember that the Professor had called it a transdimensionalacorbis hacker gun. Using this information, he deduced that the device was meant to hack something. Unfortunately, Blake had no idea what the rest of the word meant. He suspected that that was why the Professor had given it such a complicated name.


What on earth would the Professor, who was supposedly a good guy, want to hack? Was the professor secretly a criminal? Suddenly, looking into that desk seemed like a far less attractive option. After all, knowing dark secrets about someone could be more painful than not knowing at all. Blake prided himself on knowing wise things that many children his age didn’t. He was very patient when he had to be, and could wait for long periods of time before he needed gratification.


This was not true, however, when there was something that he didn’t know. When there was something he didn't know, he wouldn't stop until he knew it. To find out what the Professor was up to, he would have to be brave, but that wouldn't be a challenge for him. He wanted to know what the Professor was doing, and therefore he was going to give it his all to try and find out.


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