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In my last minutes I choose .. to remember Céline. She’s doing that stupid dance, her smile just for me, body swaying, arm upraised. Later on the couch, our relationship just one hour old, we're gazing at each other, our arms linked. Eternity suspended in a moment.

A moment is all I have. I wish I were dead.

Table of Contents

The Security State

Submitted: February 13, 2019

The party was in an apartment on Rue du Fer-à-Moulin. It was early evening and the students were sprawled around the TV, watching the pa... Read Chapter

The Secret Cell

Submitted: February 14, 2019

We meet for coffee at an intimate café across from Notre Dame. I choose a deeply shadowed alcove right at the back. “They always l... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 15, 2019

They come for me at four am. I'm buried beneath the duvet, snuggled up against Céline’s back, when the lights go on. There had been no... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 16, 2019

Interrogations are not what they used to be. Waterboarding, electroshock, sleep-deprivation and beatings - so passé. They already know e... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 17, 2019

It's pointless bandying words, but what diversions compete for my attention? “You can win for a while, but you're doomed in the end... Read Chapter

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