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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Security State

Submitted: February 13, 2019

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Submitted: February 13, 2019



The party was in an apartment on Rue du Fer-à-Moulin. It was early evening and the students were sprawled around the TV, watching the parade from earlier that afternoon. After his success in the 2022 elections Macron had pushed hard for further European integration. In support of this his LRM party had been renamed Vorwärts! - those new leather uniforms were so shiny and smart! There were parades through Paris every weekend - building the European spirit!

I looked around, checked out the prospects slouched in front of me. The students were listless and bored, all excepting the girl in the leather chair, one leg draped over the armrest. She caught my eye and rolled hers - and that was how I met Céline.

I was studying computer science at Diderot, Paris 7 but that was pretty much male-only. If you wanted to meet girls, everyone knew it was the Sorbonne at the heart of the Latin Quarter. As all French students do, we started out by talking politics - but it turned out Céline was barely interested.

“Yeah, I’m a member of Vorwärts! but I couldn't care less. They're chiefly good for cheap holidays. And parties."

I made a face as if shocked. That of course encouraged her.

"Politicians? But of course they’re all loathsome! Macron and the German Macron and the Spanish Macron. I don’t even think about it. Life is for living. Forwards! right?”

A good joke. But retreat to a merely private life was not my thing. The elites were despicable of course, but we had to do something: for that we needed organisation and strategy. Brave words, you might say, but at least I was acting on them. I'd been a cadre of the security division of Lutte Ouvrière for the last three years.

After Macron’s surprise re-election in 22 there had been chaos. The campaign had been highly-polarised and the result was deemed unacceptable by both left and right. The famous gilets-jaunes had risen again, Le Pen supporters blockaded ports and organised strikes in the industrial north while the left-alliance threw cobbles and petrol bombs in the capital. Widespread looting had left the banlieues in flames.

This time Macron did not flinch. The army - spearheaded by the feared paratroopers - acted decisively to restore order. Camps were opened to re-educate the disaffected. A crash programme transformed France into a modern surveillance state.

Protest is difficult when the authorities know everything you plan in advance.

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