The Wolf and Cat

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This is a story about the final battle that's been centuries for it to be followed through. They hide all around us and they are not what they seem.

The wolf came out of the burrow on an early winter morning. It shifted its weight in the snow as the wind started to pick up over the banks of snow that are in the fields. It shook its fur as its tongue lolled out of its mouth, looking over the horizon with eyes that are cloaked in the eyes of human. It is the only wolf in the landscape in southwest Michigan that keeps silent about itself in the country fields that are dormant before the coming months when they are planted again. Michigan is the corn seed capital of the world. The wolf might of know this when it considered to clean its paws with the tip of it tongue in the middle of the snow with the wind slightly howling around the wolf. It kept its gaze in the horizon when it waited for the time to pass.

What is it waiting for? The wolf knows what it is waiting if it comes to pass when it looks into the blue skies with the haze of white that encircles it. It is waiting for something to happen when it started bumbling out, looking for its morning meal when the paws in the tracks are tracking its movements towards something that is good or something that is bad. It is waiting for this and whatever it is to come to light.


The cat sat at the sidewalk corner in front of a school bus stop with eyes that are pure as white snow. Three months have passed since the wolf came out of the burrow. The cat closed it eyes a little as it looked at the group of children that is across the cracked road, talking amongst themselves as the cat looked at the children and did nothing else.

The cat is swift and clean when it continued to sit on the sidewalk as the children are tagging photos of memes and quotes back and forth on social media. The cat raised its foot up and commenced to lick the loose fur on its leg, dropping it back down and looking at the group of children with no emotion on its lackluster face. The cat got up from its sitting position and pattered down the sidewalk, looking at the tree that is next to the sidewalk when it wiggled its behind to the tree, sitting down and looking at the children again before looking at the tree that is behind it. The cat is waiting when the school bus came into view with its lights coming on, slowing down on the hydraulic brakes as they commenced to squeak to a stop when the bus is placed into park, hissing out the air as the children started to pile into the bus with the red lights on.

The cat looked at the lights on the bus when it closed its eyes a little and opened them. It looked at the tree again when it sees some chipmunks on the barks of the oak tree, skipping around it and chattering its warnings against the cat. The cat didn’t mind its warning when a car crawled up to the back of the school bus, stopping just more than twenty feet as the person behind the school bus commenced to curse at the school bus for it being there in the first place.

The cat wished it could smile when it raised its butt and wagged its tail some more. It sat back down again with its eyes in pure white as it continued to look at the man that is behind the wheel of its own car, slamming his hands on the car and screaming out the “F” word on several occasions. The cat’s eyes began to burn in the early dawn hours of the day, becoming bright a little when the man looked at the ceasing of the lights on the school bus when the man revved the engine behind it.

The man looked at the cat when the man cocked his head at the peeling of the cat’s eyes when he started to become dazed on the cat’s eyes that are burning and burning still. The cat kept its foot on the brake when it happened, smashing glass and burning metal when the man behind the wheel of the first car left the area from where it was before. The second car that came out of nowhere has a driver behind the wheel that dropped its jaw. The front end of the second car bent inward as the first car is bent outward as the cat sat there with no surprise on its face. It continued to sit there like before with no fear upon its face. It raised his leg and licked the loose fur as the chipmunks ran inside the hole of where they live as the eyes of the cat burned down to a pure white. It looked at the scene of the accident a little more before it rose its butt up and traveled down the sidewalk with the leaves that are full on the trees. It wiggled down the street with not a care in the world as the smoke started to rise in the depths of the scene behind it.

The cat is waiting with what its wants and it will get it in a hurry. It does not have too much time left.

The cat went down the sidewalk for twenty minutes, hearing the sirens arrive at the scene of the accident when the cat continued to ponder down the sidewalk with its white eyes leering at the horizon that is in front of it. The cat came across a little old lady that is bumbling down the street on her walker, looking at the cat that came up to her when the old lady cried happily of seeing the cat that is beside her little feet.

“Where did you come from, dear?” The old lady asked the cat when the cat started to stride around her feet. The old lady knelt down and petted the fur of the cat when its white eyes looked up at the old lady. The cat did something in the heart of the old woman, knowing the depths that the old woman will die when she goes to sleep on this night as the cat meowed joyously.

The old woman smiled as she petted the cat some more.

“I have to get going, dear.” The lady smiled at the cat that kept looking at her.

“You stay safe.” The old lady started stomping her walker up the path as the cat moved aside, looking at the back of the old lady when it shook the tingles off of its head. The cat left the path of the sidewalk and rambled into the brush to forage for its breakfast. It did not miss a stride when it caught a rat and played with it for some time. It finished by breaking the neck of the rat and pulling out its guts when the rat’s hind legs hitched. The cat is gratuitous as it kept its condition to itself, trying to fight its lasting days when the cat needed to hurry and hurry fast. It did not have much time left.

In the night that followed the wolf. It came to the scene that is at the four-way intersection. It kept its weight well away from the near sight of people that are coming and going on it. The wolf kept its head up to the sounds that are peeling all around the wolf when it pondered down to sniff the ground in its stead. The truth has to be here. The wolf is so close to the truth when it sniffed the ground. It is here, the wolf is sure of it when it looked at the side of the road as a car started to stop at the intersection. The wolf had to leave the scene when it shadowed into the night, wanting to move into town for it is not safe for a wolf to be going into town like this. There is spell to be foretold when the wolf went into the clearing of the fields and sat in the middle, thinking as the spells for the past four hundred years are reduced to a pleasant dream that is the similarity of moving boulder uphill. The wolf thought hard, willing it to be endowed to the knowledge that it suffices. It thought hard until it started to feel the winds around it spool up into a vortex of wind that spiraled around the wolf into a wall that kept the changing apparent to father moon that is reflecting the light of the sun above in a full moon’s grace.

The wind kicked up the dirt as the wall in the winds became deeper and deeper like a cloth curtain. The wolf’s appearance change into the shape of a naked man as the winds died down. His scrotum shriveled up in the cool night when the naked man looked around, finding success in what he has done when he needed the first thing in the order of business. What he needed is some clothes and fast as the man looked at the horizon before it walked through the fields with his penis dangling. He walked towards town with the need for some clothes and fast as the feel of what is here is closer than he can ever dream. He has only a little bit of time left when the man came to a clothesline with some clothes that he can fit when he smiled at the clothes that are willowing in the breeze. He grabbed them and looked at the stitching on the clothes fabric when he remembered the first shirt that was produced in the beginning events of the Industrial Revolution. He tried it on and figured that the arms are shorter than they appear when he looked at it and figured that it is enough when he grabbed some pants and other mentionable items. He walked away from the clothesline with the smell of lilac and faded bleach as he sauntered down the road towards town. He is on the prowl, looking for the scent that is so strong now that he can feel it.

He is not conjecturing anymore. He is on the events that will conspire on this night when he waits and waits for this to be un-shadowed into the night. He thought about shoes, being a little hard on that problem when he continued to walk on the ground that is beneath his bare feet.


That cat has found a mark when it sat there outside the house that has been sitting there for the past three hours now. The cat’s eyes shone through the dark with no streetlights on the cat when it hears the sounds that are all around it. The cat looked around and then sat in front of the house, waiting for the lights to go out when the cat continued to look at the house, waiting and watching, watching and waiting. The night is clear with the moon in the sky. The cat’s eyes are wide and white when it waited for the mark to come to the window to look out of it when a lonely car traveled down the road, spooling out the radio speakers of some alternative rock tune that the cat had never heard before. The cat did not turn its head to the sound of the car driving down the road when the cat licked it lips and waited for the light to turn on. The cat had used its force upon the mark when it took no effect on the person behind the closed window. There is a crack that is upon th e window when the cat peeled at the rat that is bumbling across the yard when the cat eyed the rat, needing the nourishment that is drifting across its mind like a lightning bolt. The cat did not make a move when in secrecy it lived over three hundred years in isolation with no one to come and welcome it in open arms.

The reasons are just. The cat knew that this is the cause of being exiled against the world. The cat knew of this in being probably the last fragment of its existence when the cat waited for the mark, needing and wanting and wanting and needing. The cat didn’t realize of the clothed figure that is calmly coming up behind it when the shadow over the moon appeared from the ground on up. The cat turned its head rather quick when it sees the figure that is standing behind it.

“I’ve been waiting for the last war to begin with you, Nasha.” The man in clean clothes smiled at the cat, looking more like a sneer when the cat got up on all fours with its eyes purging more white than ever now.

“Are you going to stay in that spot forever or are you going to commence the final battle?” The man started to feel bored by this insinuation when the cat looked over its shoulder. The man felt the wind of something come up when the man knew it was too late as a post sign cut across the yard and hit him square in the back of the head.

The man fell with his hand on the back of his head when the cat tucked tail and ran for dear life.

“Trying to use the seed on the innocence it seems.” The man felt the blood pour down the back of his head. He looked at the blood after removing it from the back of his hand, seeing the blood as black as oil in the moonlight.

“No matter; you will come out of that shell in due time.” The man squeaked when he started to run in the direction of where the cat went to.

The man didn’t lose its stride when he went deeper into the properties with his hands working out over the grass. He lost most of his magic in the time that passed when he lived in secret with another identity. His mind is working the anvil chorus as he looked at the grass that is along and around the houses, seeing the whites of the cat that is not really a cat at all. It is just an evil witch that is the last witch of evil in all. It is on fours and waiting when it is hiding in the bushes. He sensed it when he turned his head towards the bush that is upon the side of the house.

“Good riddance to bad taste.” The man endowed on the bush when he came nearer and nearer with his hands coming closer and closer to the cat that is hiding when he felt his feet being lifted from the ground as his head smashed into the glass of the house that is in front of him and now in it when a woman screamed bloody murder in the shadows of the house. He crawled out of the hole and came back upon the ground, shaking the glass like wiping dust off of his shirt when he smiled like finding out the afterthought of a complex joke.

“Touché,” The man cocked his head when he followed the tracks that are in the grass. He walked through one block of houses that are in the middle of nowhere when he came to the woods that are against him. The feel of this wood is the power of magic that he will not utter think about when he dared not to touch the bark that is encircled a plane of existence that he knew that is not the human world at all. He sucked in air and commenced to dart into the woods, being mindful of the tricks that the evil witch is thrown into the gauntlet when his darting principle turned over into a cautious sort when he stopped in the tracks that he is following, looking into the trees that have little leaves upon them and got more and more bald as they delved deeper into the forest. He looked around and found himself in the natural coincidence that is not so natural at all. He stopped and looked at the stone that is next to his foot when he knelt down and touched it, feeling the heat that is coming from the stone when he came back up and looked at his hand that felt like insinuating fire.

He knew what he knew when it is too late as the ground beneath him sucked himself in, bringing him into the arena that has no sound, no place, no purpose, and no will to the non-magical entities that sleuth in it on accident. He came up from the stony floor that is hot when the evil witch stood there in pure darkness with its uniform being dark and nourishing to the darkness that swirled around it.

“You came from the shadows of your falsehood to ascend on me?” The evil witch Nasha conceded to taunt the other when the other stood on the ground that is not of any world that he encountered.

“You have fled from the war of our end.” The man stood on its ground and made a sign with his hands floating in the air.

“Now it is our right to battle for the last witch to ever exist in the human realm.”

“Oh, really; you are really a candid one, are you?” The witch in black silhouette admired the other when it too made a sign with its shadow hands floating in the air.

“Now let us finish this respite.”

“Let’s for I am getting bored with your trials,” The man commenced in the void of time and space when many worlds collide in the lasting battle between two lasting witches that are the last in unholy existence, pledged to fight in the crass that will go on as the buildings turn to ash and the ash soils into the dust.

When the witch man of good rested the other into death, it is the year of 4155 on the earth calendar. The human race is still alive but there is no religion, no borders, no monarchy, or any sign of civilization but the enclosed spaces that keep to themselves in the tides that serve amble freedom. The witch of good by the name of Cladduis came back to the realm for this edge of being the last witch in world that houses old artifacts and dusty chains that are to the point that they are about to break. He is not a wolf anymore but a shepherd of what he is of now. He induced his vengeance upon the evil and won but it took millennia’s in human time.

Where does he go from here, Cladduis; the last witch of none as he clamored into the west to look for greens that are empowered life in the coming distance of a world that is older now but newer in his taste of everything that has changed. Cladduis wondered when he not thought of a shape anymore but the image of man that is helping. Cladduis went to the west to search for friendship and fortune. He did not lose his stride.

Submitted: February 13, 2019

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