Summer Heat

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This is a story of new beginnings, messy past and having a chance at starting fresh with more maturity and experience under the belt. A seasoned Construction worker and the house owner find their feelings to be mutual.

Derry J. Stenwick a middle-aged construction worker was holding a glass of lemonade in his hand. It was late afternoon and he was finishing his work at Mrs. Upperton's summer house. Mrs. Upperton was sitting in the garden, the summer heat was tough to bear, wearing light clothing was a must. Derry couldn't help but notice the voluptuous body of the Hostess, he took a long sip of lemonade and exhaled audibly. He decided it was time to ask. The construction work was reaching to an end and he had to pull himself together and try, now or never, he thought. He moved in like a lion hunting a gazelle and said
"Mrs. Upperton, I have to inform you that our construction work is almost done. In light of our good co-operation I've been thinking to ask you..."
"Yes, Mr. Stenwick?"
"Would you be willing to have dinner with me?..."
She looked surprised, although he knew she was teasing him all this time, while the crew was working, she's been driving him mad on daily basis, the good kind of mad, as he perceived it.
"Um..." she mumbled, he then continued
"Just a friendly dinner er, to celebrate our good business relations."
"Of course... I'd be delighted." She winked, he was sweating more than he thought he could.
Derry smiled and said "Great. Would Saturday at 8 be fine?"
"I think so, sounds great to me."
He nodded and returned to his duties.

The dinner went fast, so fast they couldn't even recall what happened when they finally ended up in bed. It was raunchy, untamed and passionate lovemaking. Derry thought nothing like this would ever happen in his life again after that time in Beirut. Former military trying to live a normal life. Suddenly the door slammed right open, a guy holding a shotgun screamed
"Get your dirty paws off my wife! Amanda, how could you?!"
"Get out Allan!" she yelled, pulling herself off the bed, bear naked. "Get out! And leave me the hell alone! This is my place now!"
"I love you!"
"And you left me for that ginger skank anyway, grow up, just GROW THE FUCK UP Allan!"
He pointed the shotgun at Steinwick "Say your prayers you bastard!" He pulled the trigger.
The gun clicked but there was no shot, Derry jumped out of bed and smashed the guy in the face, then pulling the Remington shotgun out of his hands.
"It's called pump action for a reason bud. Amanda, call the cops, I'll watch him here."

20 minutes later the cops arrived 
"We'll take him in ma'am," said the police officer "He won't be bothering you anymore. Are you going to press charges?"
"I just want him out of my life. For good" said Mrs. Upperton, now smoking a cigarette, her hands shaking.
"Alright, we'll be on our way, g' night ma'am."
As the police were leaving, Derry was just standing there, hands in his pockets. Amanda approached him.
"I'm sorry Derry, I didn't expect this." Now her voice was shaking too, he laid his hand on her shoulder.
"Nobody could expect this, it's fine Amanda are you ok now?"
"I'm just glad this stuff is over."
"Me too. Hmmm..."
"I think tonight was too much for you, I guess I'll just go and leave you at peace."
"I'd rather you'd stay. I need someone around."
"Ok, let us go inside then, it's getting a bit chilly at this hour."
They went inside and spent the rest of the night playing cards and talking. After the initial hearing, Allan got a restraining order and had to refrain from bothering his, now ex-wife any further. Derry found a new meaning to his vet life, It seems even after all these years you can get your life back on track and so did Amanda. Finally, they had a new start.


Submitted: February 13, 2019

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