Depth of the deepest throughs

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
All that Shell wanted was to run away from her bullies...

Submitted: February 14, 2019

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Submitted: February 14, 2019



The story is not suitable for under the age of 16, a disturbing and shocking scenes, a scenes of bullying, it is a horror story that becomes a psychological thriller and vice versa.




Monday started and the clock on the wall showed a midnight. Most of the people are in their beds ... while the individuals sneak out of their beds and go out in the deep dark night. Shell, girl with ice-blue eyes and dark hair, quietly went out from the house of her caregivers and the sat on a chair that stood outside. She looked down the street-everything seemed so empty and quiet. She enjoyed that night's silence, although she knew that the night would not last forever.

Her parents were long dead - her father killed her elderly sister by suffocation, and her mother with a knife during a mental breakdown. They found him dead after he drove off the place of crime in his car, and since then Shell, who was five years old back then,was transferred to the guardians. Guardians didn't care about her-they received the money for her care and they were forced her to work at home when she finished school obligations. Although she was the most quiet child they had ever met, they hated her. They were afraid of her genes of the killer, although she never hurt anyone. She often planned to escape, which she never had the strength to do.

Morning; She went walking to school. "The Great Five": Angel, Sonya, Rousel, Marcela and Renata were waiting for her in the school. They were the most famous girls of the second year, and they went to the same class as Shell, but they couldn't stand her. In fact, Shell had no friends-she would speak here and there with someone, but she didn't trust anyone. The "Great Five" turned more people against her. Angel: "Girls, look! Vampiress in sight!" Renata: "The vampiress, whom you killed last night?" (laughing)" Rousel:" Quiet, girls-maybe she'll come and kill us too! Haha! " Shell lowered head down and quickly walked past them, avoiding looking at them. Marsela: "Look, she's dressed in black again! Witch!" Sonya: "Vampire, you never smile. You want to make sure that no one will see your vampire teeth!" Al (a young guy from their class): "What else can you expect from a person whose parents were psychopaths?" Shell (turned angrily): "Who are you to talk about my parents, you didn't even know them! They were not psychopaths! You are psychopaths !!! (at that moment, one of the teachers passed by)" Teacher: "Shell , how are you talking to your friends? Immediately apologize! " Shell: "But they are ..." Teacher: "Immediately!" Shell (lowered her head): "I'm sorry." (ran to the school bathroom)

She was numb for a few minutes, eventually getting up and going to the class.

The five convinced one of the unpopular girls in the class, Dea, to pretend that she is Shell's friend to discover informations about her.

Time for a snack, Shell sits in a school hallway, on the floor. Dea (approaches her): "You don't have enough money for a snack?" Shell: "I ate at home. Stepmother prepared me breakfast." Dea: "Well, this ... How are guardians acting to you?" Shell: "You expect me to tell you about my life? Since you told them about my parents, they don't leave me alone! I will not talk to you about myself ,I do not believe you! I do not trust anyone, you are all the same! People are bad. I hate people. You hurt without mercy, you are convinced that you do good things. You people are monsters! " Dea (moving a few steps away): "You're a psychopath in the announcement, no wonder all laugh to you!"

Something broke in Shell's head, something dark was about to go to the surface ...

During a great break, the students exchanged information about the party that was supposed to be held at Marcela's house. Shell heard their conversation because they were gathered not far from the place where she was quietly sitting.Dea: "Why didn't you call me?" Sonya: "Your condition is to find out something about that freak, the topics for bullying are running out." Dominic (another of the boys in the class): "The theme about the parents is still working." Renata: "That's not enough; what we know about her but that she came from a crazy family, wears black, she is a weirdo and is pale like a vampire? " Dea: "She said that we people are monsters." Angel: "Oh, that sounds pretty furious to me! (approaching Shell) Freak, if people are monsters, what the hell are you?You think that you are something special? Well, Dea can come to the party. You can't. Don't even try to hit the party like Cinderella, is that clear for you, stupid? " Shell (indifferently looks): "Do I act as if I want to go?" Angel: "Oh, you surely have a party in a cult, right?" Shell: "No, I'm not in the cult." Angel: "Your activities are surely creepy ... I wouldn't be surprised that one day in the newspaper we see titles like," The 16-year-old killed several people, "a psychopath girl placed on a clinic after the crime" ... "Shell (creates a scary expression of his face and frightens other students):" All right, keep jumping on my nerves, let's see how much my psychopathic brain can handle. Once tried, the taste of blood can't be washed out of the lips, and the bloody hands are looking for more blood. Buhahaha. (leaves)" Rousel:" You didn't convince anyone with your bad acting! " Shell (quietly): "We'll see who's acting."

In the afternoon, the stepmother began with the orders: "Clean the room, it's full of dust!" Shell: "But yesterday I wiped dust in all the rooms, why then ..." Stepmother: "Is that my thanks for supporting you? You eat our food and sleep in the bed we have provided you,but you don't want to work?! (Throws a cup on her and hits her in the shoulder) You have to take the vacuum cleaner and to clean it all, got it? Pick up that cup and you won't go to sleep until you don't clean up the dust! "

Stepmother went out of the room, leaving Shell alone with a broken cup in her hands. She wanted to cry, but the tears didn't run. The last time she cried was when, hidden behind the couch, looked her father killing her mother and sister. When they later told her that her father had a car accident and that he remained dead on the spot, there were no more tears. All emotions have disappeared.

After finishing her job, she finally could sleep. Right after, she was in front of Marcela's house in which the party was in progress. She saw Angel leave the party and walked along the street. She came closer to her, by that scaring Angel, and she began to ran. She arrived and pushed her to the ground, and then she began to ruthlessly suffocate her... until she was certain that she had killed her. She recalled some relief deep inside herself. She knew it was a dream, and the dreams couldn't hurt anyone, right?


Morning. Shell finished the breakfast consisting of a fried egg, half a plate of salad and two slices of bread. It was not much different yesterday, except that there was a piece of cheese on the plate. She went to school.

At school, students, as every day, entered the classroom, sat in their seats and reported absent. Angel was not present in class. She immediately suspected that what had happened was not just a dream, but then she thought that it was completely absurd and impossible.

In the corridor, bullying of Shell continued. Renata: "Hahaha, you got an average grade on history, and you always get the best one. Won't you cry?" She said: "No, it's nothing tragic to cry about it." Rousel: "Outside cold, inside river of tears." Shell: "I was clear; it doesn't affect me." Sonya (to the others): "Let's talk about how the party was great!" After a few minutes, the bell rang and the students set off to the classroom. On the way to the classroom, Marcela put her leg before Shell so she felt down, and that made her a bleeding wound.

At home, the stepmother shouted from the door: "How did you manage to break your head? You are too stupid! You are not capable of anything!" After a day spent in the garden, mostly planting flowers and pouring large plants, Shell literally collapsed in bed and sleep.

This time she found herself in Marcela's room and she had a knife in her hand. "This is a dream," she recalled,took a knife with both hands and began to stab a sleepy Marsela until her yellow blanket was painted with blood. Together with that blanket she took body far away from home. At the end of her crime, she felt another relief, and she waited for a morning sleepy and calm because of the fact that, even in her sleep, she could be free from bullying.


Even a bad breakfast couldn't destroy the feeling of serenity in Shell's soul, which lasted until she realized that Marcela wasn't in school, and that neither Angel didn't come.

At the time of the P.E. , Dominique and Renata put the juice on the place on which Shell was doing the exercises. They burst into laughter, and Shell felt hatred, though she didn't want to grow hatred in her soul again.

Today's home activity was preparing food for tomorrow's stepfather's birthday, with her stepmother's complaining that she is not capable to be a housewife one day.

At night, sleep took her into a dark room with only two candles lit. Renata and Dominick were tied to the chairs,their mouths covered with a tape. On the floor was the chain saw, which Shell turned on and moved left and right, and then came to Dominick.He and Renata began to cry, but that didn't pacify Shell, who slowly cut off the head first to Dominick, and then to Renata. Their heads laid on the floor, the walls were covered with blood. She was surprised by her psychopathic behavior in this dream.


"What's the probability that all four don't come to school today?" Shell said, but that's exactly what happened that day. It got too creepy, and she began to think she killed them and that's why they didn't come to school. As much as it sounded impossible, however, the paranoia in her grew.

During the break, while sitting alone in the school yard, further away from the rest of the students, Sonya, Rousel and Al found her and began with their everyday ritual.

Rousel: "Thought you'd escape from us?Pathetic." Shell:"Leave me alone! (nervously) "Sonya:" Is this baby crying? Oh, maybe we should bring her a mommy? "Shell (furious):" Do not mention my mother! " Al: "Why, we're having a good time!" Shell: "Get off me!" Rousel (laughs): "Most of the company is not there, so we don't want you to forget how it's like when they are not there." Sonya (look at Shell): "Look how she's looking at us, as if she were going to kill us." Shell (paranoid): "No, no, no!" (leaves)

On her way to the house, she seemed to hear the voices of those who she killed in a dream, thereby creating an even greater mental discomfort.

After lunch, which consisted of two plates of cabbage soup, two slices of bread, a jam spread on a slice of bread and an apple, Shell was sent to her room so as not to disturb the guests who had begun to come in. She lied on her uncomfortable bed, watching around the room.Wardrobe, table, curtain, bed. That's all she had. For all this year, she didn't get anything from her stepmother and stepfather. She doesn't care about material things, but to a little humanity, love and nice words . While her mother and sister were alive, no matter what, they never let her feel bad. Even her father was good until he was fired because of someone else's mistake. She didn't blame him, she knew that he never would hurt his family if everything was fine.

She fell asleep, tired of the thoughts in her head. It was still a day in her dream-she walked through the forest not far from the city, slowly breaking through the branches. After a while, she found Rousel alone in the middle of the forest. Knowing what happened in previous dreams, she tried to get back not to kill Rousel, but ... the road was blocked. A knife was in her hands again. The instinct ran wild. The instict for killing.

Slowly approaching her new victim, Shell stab a knife into her neck. The blood began to spurt out of the artery, and Rousel was quickly dead. The clothes she was wearing was full of blood, and the soul was full of fear. However, the dream took her to another place…

Evening felt. In this dream, she saw Al sitting in front of the computer, not noticing anything around him. Seeing a full glass of water on the table, Shell unconsciously took and watered cable of the computer, causing an electric shock and Al's death. She wanted to wake up before she kills Sonya ...

She couldn't wake up-dream took her further. Dea came to Sonya like some kind of crawler, thinking she would be better accepted in their company. A fatal error for her, because Shell couldn't control herself... She killed them both with suffocation...


Friday. Shell was waking up scared, her heart pounding abnormally, her hands trembling all the time. She took the school bag and, without breakfast, went outside. Something pulled her toward the basement, some strong feeling had taken her ... She persuaded herself that she had nothing to be afraid of. When the door was opened ... Damn it! She couldn't believe that all the corpses were here! She screamed and quickly closed the cellar door and then ran to school.

At school the same picture as yesterday, with only three students less. She left her class and quickly went to a school psychologist. Shell (knocking on the door and getting in): "I have to confess something: I'm guilty. I did it!" Psychologist (surprised): "What have you done?" Shell: "I killed them. All eight. The people in my class. I'm guilty." Psychologist (shocked): "Impossible!" Shell: "I'm sorry."

After this sentence, she went to the entrance, shouting, "They are in the basement! They are all there!" and went out into the yard and then into the street. Not seeing the car, she gone straight to it and remained dead on the spot.

The psychologist immediately went to the class to check what was with the students who were absent. It turned out that they were all well,apart from the fact that they got infected with the flu at the party, and some later got sick of others. The police investigation showed that there were no corpses in the basement, but that it was only Shell's hallucination. On the other hand, her caregivers were punished for poor care.

Shell, after eleven years, again met her family - on the other side ... Free from evil people ... The end 02/16/2016 4 AM, Suzana Ristic Suza



Although the term "psychopaths" is mentioned here, Shell doesn't have the characteristic of psychopaths, but on the contrary, those who abuse her have more characteristics (lack of empathy, popularity in society, dominance) than her. She definitely had a mental disorder (hallucinations are a symptom of schizophrenia, but it doesn't have to mean that Shell has a schizophrenia), but all of her "psychopathic thoughts" are part of hatred towards people who didn't treat her as a living being, and not the characteristics of a psychopath. When someone bully you for so long , it's normal to hate him after a while. I put even her father as a non-negative person, his psyche was "pushed" by the loss of a job, which automatically left a family without income. I'm not saying it's okay to kill somebody , just that it also happens to people who wouldn't hurt anyone, that each person can potentially get into a mental state to kill someone. On the other hand, caregivers are negative characters who treat her as a servant.

This story was supposed to be a horror, but in fact I described something real-lack of empathy, abuse and the mind of a person who couldn't stand it anymore. I found inspiration, as well as many stories, inside me, but to the side that is under the strictest control, and which I persistently push "down", replacing with what society considers to be moral and ethical, but I allow it to become part of some stories. Maybe depression took most of my feelings, but that doesn't mean that I have the right to hurt others, nor anyone has the right to conscientiously hurt others in any way. Bullying, whether verbally or physically, leaves traumas in the psyche.

Although during the writing of the story I was inspired by the memory of a bullying in a school that stayed in my brain and screamed at me every time I remember it, I wouldn't hurt even that persons. I figured that if they would once again laugh at me like that , that would be a reflection of their immaturity, I am proud of the fact that through my stories I managed to recover partly from at least those memories. Memories come back, I will not lie, time knows what will happen.

P.S. If this is a story from a years ago, Shell would have been taken to the clinic, she would recover from the trauma and live happily for the rest of her life, but still this is "Suzana's story" and there is usually no happy ending.

© Copyright 2020 Suzana Ristić Suza. All rights reserved.

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