big iron texas

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it's the year 2048, the whole world is a wasteland. the setting is in texas where groups of people in the west texas area are now exploring towards the east. tribals like the sentinel tribe already have a big chunk of the east. many wealthy men have established a border and before you cross, you have to pay a tax. in texas, people have gone back to the wild west era of society. the class status goes as followed: gunslinger, cowboy, deputy, sheriff, and ranger. our main story follows a group of men and women traveling from the west to the east, looking for land and treasures. our group is made up of 11 people. the east is untamed lands, full of murderers, gangs, and robbers. a new flu is spreading, killing people in just months, will one of the group members get it? will the group become outlaws and run from the law? will the group escape the law? find out, in the fantastic story of big iron texas.


It's the year 2048, the whole world is a wasteland. The setting is in Texas where groups of people in the West Texas area are now exploring towards the East. Tribals like the Sentinel Tribe already have a big chunk of the East. Many wealthy men have established a border and before you cross, you have to pay a tax. In Texas, people have gone back to the Wild West Era of society. The class status goes as followed: Gunslinger, Cowboy, Deputy, Sheriff, and Ranger. Our main story follows a group of men and women traveling from the West to the East, looking for land and treasures. Our group is made up of 11 people. The East is untamed lands, full of murderers, gangs, and robbers. A new flu is spreading, killing people in just months, will one of the group members get it? Will the group become outlaws and run from the law? Will the group escape the law? Find out, starting now.


Chapter I: Big Iron

Rev walked into the hot sun and sighed.

“Well, we should get going.” Jed walked up.

“Yeah. I’ll get Mandi and Cary. Can you get the others?” Rev asked.

“Oh yeah sure.” Rev smiled. Rev had never left town before, he was young, the early 20s. He had thick brown hair, sun-kissed skin, and he earned the role of Cowboy.

Jed was a black man and he had a smile that was bigger than Texas and was a Gunslinger. Mandi was a beautiful lady, she had long blonde hair with two curls on each side of her head, she had blue eyes that looked like a clear sunny day, she also had pale skin and had the role of a gunslinger as well. Cary had long brown hair that she kept straight. She had green eyes and she was taller then Jed, she is the role of a Cowboy.

Everybody got into their designated wagons and started riding the trail away from town. Rev and Jed were sitting next to each other and were listing to the radio. After the announcer “Rob Boese” finished the news Rob introduced his first song “ Big Iron”. Jed and Rev started to humm and tap to the music.

They started drinking and telling childhood stories as they started to ride off into the distance. Mandi and Cary were singing their favorite song “ Crazy He Calls Me” By Billie Holiday. They had traveled to the first checkpoint, out of many. It was getting dark, and three security guards were on their shift. Everybody was sleeping soundly, but as Rev was about to finally fall asleep, a gunshot went off, then multiple went off. Rev jumped up and grabbed his six-shooter.

He hurriedly put on his gun belt and ran out to see a gang of thieves. Without thinking, he pulled out his gun and aimed and started shooting. Somehow, so easily, he hit all six of them. Four in the chest and the other two in the head. Blood spilled everywhere, one of the thieves were able to crawl to Rev, the thief opened his mouth, blood was draining out of his mouth, as he coughed, all he said was “Bl-bla-blaze-”. The thief raised his arm and it collapsed immediately. Then the life was drained from the thief’s body as he gasped for his last breath but did not receive it. “BANG!” Rev shot the thief in the head. More blood flew into the air and Rev’s leather vest was now painted with crimson blood.

“That was close. Really close.” Rev said. The security guards thanked Rev and everybody went to sleep. Except for Rev and Mandi. There was a rusty metal bench they were sitting on.

“I can’t believe this already happened,” Mandi said.

“I know, I don’t even know how I hit all of them. And that thing the thief said. “Blaze”, I don’t know what that means. What do you think it means?”

“I don’t know. Maybe a name, or a Tribe.”

“Hmm. Maybe. *Yawns* I’m tired, I need some sleep.”

“Yeah, same. See ya, Rev.”


They both hugged and went to sleep. The next morning everyone got up, packed up, and drank coffee.

Everyone sat down on hard metal stools, the coffee was straight black, just how everyone liked it, Rev, on the other hand, not so much. Rev was a city-boy that loved some sugar in his coffee.

“Will someone kindly passes me a sugar cube to me,” Rev asked not directed at someone, just announcing it. A security guard from last night passed two small sugar cubes to Rev, but nearly instantly the guard got a confused look on his face. The guard handed Rev a piece of technology.

Rev took a look at it, he didn’t know what it was, but then he saw a piece of white tape with the letters “CDWRD: BLAZE”

“What the hell?” Rev said.

“What is it?” Jed asked

“‘Blaze’, it's a code word.”

“I think there were more to these thieves than we thought.”

“Yeah, I think so Jed-”

“Wait Rev lemme’ see that.” Rev handed Jed the piece of tech. Jed smiled wide and said:

“This is a Talkie-Com.” Everyone was confused. But then Jed turned on the ON button and static rose from the Talkie. Jed pulled a rod with a circle on the tip of it, then he pushed another button, and he talked into it.

“Hello?” Jed waited for a reply. Everyone patiently waiting, sipped on their coffee.

“Yeah who is this? Who killed Ronaldo?” A deep voice called out from the Talkie.

“We did. Your friends attacked me and my camp.”

“YOUR CAMP?!!” Rev said.

“Sorry, I meant my friends camp.”

“Ah, they were definitely NOT my friends. I have been tracking them for a few weeks. And a few campers killed em’?! Wow. Listen, black-”

“How did you know I'm black?”

“Easy. Your voice. Now, as I was saying’, I need to meet you a mile East, I’m Ranger Mule. See ya’.”

“Yeah I’ll-” The Talkie went static again. Jed turned the Talkie off.

“The Ranger is a fake.”

“What?” Rev said.

“Yep, Rangers don’t track. Sheriffs and Deputies do.”

“So are we meeting him?” Madi asked she walked up with her coffee.

“Yeah. We have to. If we don’t he’ll come “TRACK” us.”

“Ok then it will ONLY and I mean ONLY be Jed and I. Just to keep the numbers low.”

“Sounds good.” Everyone said

Rev and Jed walked up to a bar. It looked abandoned.

“Hello?” A familiar deep voice sounded from the bar. Rev and Jed walked into the bar. The so-called “Ranger” had his gun pointed to Jed’s head nearly immediately. The Bandit had a 357. Magnum Revolver.

“Ha! I knew you would come! And now, you WILL DIE.”

“Really? I don’t think so.” A Ranger walked into the bar. He wore a brown trench coat, a black heavy gas mask, along with a black army helmet attached to the mask. Under the trench coat, he wore a heavy grey kevlar vest. He also wore black leather boots, and you could see that the soles were worn. He was carrying a Sequoia Revolver. It was a straight black gun with a gold outline. The Ranger quickly shot the Bandit straight in the head.

“Well, thanks.” It was all Rev could say.

“No problem partner. Now I saw your little camp people, and I’d love to help Y'all. But, I ah..-”

“Need our help?” Jed said straight.

“Yeah. I’ll need some others to come with us.”

“We got people.”

“Great, ah can I get your names and the others?”

“We want your name first.”

“Deal. My name is Josh Walkins. Call me Josh or Walkins.”

“All right, My name is Rev, and this is Jed.” Jed waved.

Josh waved back. It became a little awkward.

“Let's just go,” Josh said. Everyone walked out and went to the camp.

“Hey everybody we can’t go anywhere for about another 2 hours or so. The Ranger here needs our help, so everyone help each other re-pack up. Also, I need Mandi and Cary to come to us immediately. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.” Rev announced this to the whole camp. Most people sighed heavily or groaned. Then they began re-packing up. Madi and Cary walked up to the guys.

“Howdy, I’m Ranger Josh Walkins.” The Ranger shook both of the ladies hands.`

“I’m assuming that this is not the fake ranger,” Cary said

“Ha, yeah it's not. He actually saved Jed’s life.”

“You’re welcome by the way.”

“Thanks, partner. I owe ya my life.”

“Nope. Just doing this “Errand” for me will do it.”

“All right then.” So Rev, Jed, Walkins, Mandi, and Cary started walking.

“So where are we going?” Rev asked.

“We have to go a mile West and then go East to get up on a hill. Then we Scout an area, and go from there.”

“Wow, you go it all thought out,” Cary said.

“Thanks, I had to darlin’. I saw a Bandit gang and have been scouting them.”

“Scouting? You mean Tracking, right?”

“No no no no no. Those are two different things. Scouting is where you consecutively watch one area or one group that doesn’t move. Tracking is watching a group or one person and following them around.”

“Ah, that's the difference.” As they were walking, the dusty sand started getting in their boots and dust bowls were racing around the dead wasteland. The wasteland was a rust-like color and it had a tint of orange. Nobody talked for a while, and Rev and Mandi were right next to each other, smiling.

“All right we need to start going North now,” Walkins said pointing North. And everyone started walking again. Rev walked over to Walkins, Rev nudged him and said:

“We need to talk right now.”

“Sure what is it?”

“Well, it's about when we first met.” The two of them started dragging behind.

“Ok, what is it that you want to know?”

“Why did you just walk in and shoot that Bandit?” Walkins paused.

“Well. It's hard to explain. I was scouting’ this here area that we are about to approach, and I saw this feller with a gang of his boys, I followed them, I saw them kill a nearby ranger, boy did that ranger put up a fight, but no match for those boys. They swarmed him, took all his clothing and gear off and chopped him to pieces. I couldn’t watch, damn animals. So as I followed they saw your group. The guy with the ranger gear ordered them to attack Y'all. Clearly, that didn’t work and so here we are now.”

“My lord, I thought I’ve seen everything,” Rev said.

“Heh, you haven’t seen nothin’ yet,” Walkins replied.

“Guess not,” Rev replied back.

“All right we’re here,” Walkins said.

“Everyone go lay down so we don’t get spotted.” So everyone lay down and started to crawl.

“Now remember if you need to say somethin’ whisper it. Now Rev, take these binoculars and scan the place, and write down on your pad what you see.”

“Got it.” Rev zoomed in on the campsite, it was filled with tents and small huts. There were at least 20 people. All Bandits, but there was something strange about these bandits. Rev couldn’t figure it out. Maybe it was their outfits or their guns, but before he could figure it out, everything went dark.



“Oh my heavens thank God I found you! I can’t believe you saved me! You nearly died!”

“What?” Rev thought, but he went with it.

“I know, it was hard killing all of those bandits by myself, but I did it, for you, my love.”

“Oh Rev, kiss me!” And they kissed, Rev loved this feeling, but then, in an instant, it stopped, and Rev woke up.


“Walkins?! Walkins?!” Cary cried out. She didn’t know why she was yelling for him, but she had a feeling of trust for him, and it was strong. She felt weird. She felt like she needed him. All of her life she didn’t need anybody, she took care of herself, but now? She needed Walkins.


“Walkins!!” She saw Walkins, she ran as fast as she could, then she leaped on him and kissed him. When they were done all Walkins could say was:

“Call me Josh from now on.”

“Ok, Josh.” Then a gunshot went off and Cary woke up.


“Jed? Kid where are you?” A familiar voice called out to Jed.

“Reggy? Where are you?” Jed called to Reggy. Jed walked forward and saw Reggy. Reggy was a ghoul as well, but he had blue eyes, Reggy looked like Jed. Jed saw Reggy and hugged him.

“Reggy! I can’t believe that you're alive! Listen Reg I’m sorry about everything I di-”

“No kid, it's not your fault I died. And it was definitely NOT THEIR FAULT. Listen, those people that have you, strapped to that chair, play your cards right, and you will gain their trust,  and then you hit them at the right moment and you save all your friends, oh yeah, and that camp you got going on? You’ll get a lot of supplies from that place.”

“How do you know all of this?”

“Jed, keep your friends safe, remember, play your cards right. Lo-” A light instantaneously shined.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Jed screamed as Reggy’s hand faded away. And Jed woke up with cool water on his face.

“Wha- what the-”

“Answer me!” A large muscular man screamed at Jed. The man was bald, large and muscular, he had a large and thick brown beard, he seemed to be in his early 30s.

“What do you want from me!” Jed screamed back at the large man.

“You know what I want, I want Reggy! We know that you are-”

“HE’S DEAD! REGGY IS DEAD OK?! Do you get it? YOU killed him! It's all your fault that he’s dead, and you killed my-”

“SHUT UP!” The Large Man slapped Jed across the face, it was a hard and forceful slap. It made a painful sound. Jed was screaming, and tears were just about to come up, but then there he was. It was R-.**


“I don’t know what you want, all we were doing was scouting this camp so we didn’t come over here and ‘disturb’ you,” Rev said. His voice was stern and confident, nobody could tell if he was lying. This interrogation had been going on for a couple hours now, and Rev was bleeding severely and becoming nauseous. He had bruises everywhere on his body and cuts all over his face and arms.

“So that your story huh?” A female asked. She wasn't a bandit like the others, she was a doctor, too smart to be with these bandits. She was tall, but not taller then Rev, she had golden, silky blonde hair, and brown eyes. She wore a long white lab coat with a brown sweater underneath it. She walked up to Rev and her mouth was close to his ear, she whispered something.

“OK, I’ll take you out now, but you must stay with me. I’ll patch you up and get you to your friends.”

“Thank you,” Rev whispered back. He was untied and released, the doctor was now patching him up.

“So darlin’, what your name?”

“Ha, you already said it, it's Darla.”

“Pretty name for a pretty girl.” Rev confidentiality smiled. Darla giggled and said,

“I ain’t lookin’ for love right now sweety, maybe later.” Now she was smiling confidently and Rev instantly straight-faced and blushed.

“Well, I think I got all of your wounds. Let's go see that pal of yours.” The two walked out of the doctor’s “Office” and went to Josh’s room. They patched him up and went to Jed’s room. Then they went to Mandi’s room, and it was just her in the room.

“Rev! Thank God it’s you! Please, hurry up and untie me.”

“Sure thing my lady.” Rev started to cut her loose, he kissed Mandi on the forehead.

“You’re gonna be ok. I promise.” Rev told her.


**tears where just about to come up, but then there he was. It was Ranger Walkins.

“Hey big guy, we’re going to leave now. See ya’!” Josh quickly untied Jed and they went to get Mandi, but when they got to Cary’s room, it was empty. And very, very bloody. A siren went off and everyone quickly ran, they saw the exit and ran out, running and running for miles, until they finally stopped, huffing and puffing and catching their breath.

“What.The.Heck was all of that?” Darla asked.

“I don’t know but we need to find Cary. We can’t leave her.”

“We can’t right now, what about everyone at camp? We need to start getting somewhere. We can’t deal with this right now we have to leave.”

“Rev I’m sorry, but I can’t do that, I have to go if we aren’t looking for her. She needs us, or maybe just me since I seem to be the only one to care.”

“Oh no don’t you start with that? WE care about her, but there are other people that need ALL of US. So we are going, with or without you.”

“Fine, just tell me which direction the camp is going so that I know where to go when I DO find Cary.”

“We should be going Eastward. Now if your going, go now.” And that was that Josh left to find Cary.

“So you’re just going to let him leave?” Darla asked.

“I have to, he is worried that something bad has happened to Cary, I don’t know what's gotten into him, but he cares a lot about her all of a sudden. We need to get to camp and start heading on out East.” So everybody went back, Rev introduced everyone to Darla and everyone started going East. It was tiring, since it was night time and people were getting tired, everyone was moving slower, everyone took quick 3-5 minute breaks to drink coffee and eat some rations.

“Keep going son, we’re almost to the next checkpoint.” A father said to his son who was carrying a heavy backpack with weapons and some armor attached to the backpack.

“Dad, how far is it?” The boy asked.

“I don’t know, stay in this exact line and I’ll head up to find out.” The father walked a little faster until he got to Rev.

“Ah excuse me, my boy was wondering how far it was until we got to the next checkpoint. How far is it?”

“Not too far, maybe another 30-45 minutes maybe even 25 if we go a little faster.”

“Thank you, sir.” The father walked back to his son.

“How much longer?” The son asked.

“Rev said about 25-30 minutes.” The Father said back. Some people started walking faster in the front.

20 Minutes Later…

“We’re here!” Rev called out. Everyone dropped their things and started setting up tents and bedding. Campfires started up, and smoke was roaring up from the fires. People were cooking up some food and boiling some water. The son walked up to his father and asked him for some food. The father gave his son the food that was cooked the best and the father ate the food that was cooked poorly, you see, in camps like these some people cook, some people clean clothes, others clean guns and refill ammo belts. The father cleaned the clothes and re-stitched some bad stitching in some vests. As the two ate, they had a conversation about the day. As for Rev and Mandi, they explored the area and scavenged for anything useful. They found a new broken long carriage.

“We’re gonna’ need a blacksmith to fix this, and this plow.”

“Yeah, We’ll be able to when we finally settle down in the East.”

“Let's strap the horses to the carriage, see how far we can get.”

“We should fix it up a bit first, right?”

“Yeah, I’ll Walkie Jed to get us four wheels, and we’ll take out these other two so we don’t use six extra wheels.” Rev turned the walkie on and pressed the button.

“Jed, you copy?” No answer.

“Damnit. Must be asleep. I’ll try again.” He pressed the button again.

“Jed, or anyone, do you hear me?” There wasn’t an answer for a couple seconds.

“Uhh, hello? Is this Rev?”

“Yeah, it’s Rev, where is Jed?”

“Oh, he’s taking’ a leek. What can I do for ya’?”

“Can you tell Jed to get us four wheels over here?”

“Oh no! You broke down?”

“No, we found another carriage, can you tell him that?”

“Yeah, definitely. Y’all are at that museum right?”

“Yes, oh and so we got extra hands, can we get two more guys over here?”

“Sure thing boss. I’ll tell Jed and we’ll be there in a couple hours.”

“All right, thanks.”

“No problem. Talk to you then.”

“All right.” Rev turned off the walkie.

Rev and Mandi waited. A couple of hours passed, Rev and Mandi were outside of the museum by a fire, eating. They saw a couple guys with wheels hitched on the side of their horses, they took them off and hitched their horses on the ground. Rev stomped the fire out and walked inside, helping carry one of the wheels. The four fixed the carriage, strapped Rev and Mandi’s horses on the carriage, and rides back to camp.

“So Rev, you got a last name? You’ve never told me.” Mandi asked.

“Yeah, it's Rev. My first name is Augustus, I was born in August, and raised in the town of Big Springs. Very complicated.”

“Oh, then why did you say your name is Rev?”

“I liked it better, but now I’m not even liking it. It's gotten old. I think people know my name is Augustus because of Uncle Lenny. He’s always saying “Augustus come ‘ere right now!”, ya know, when he’s drunk.”

Mandi giggles, by the time she giggles, they are back at camp. People looked shocked as the carriage drove passed them. There were some “Oohs” and “Ahhs”. They get the horses off the carriage and hitch the horses. The camp is set up, people are working hard at their jobs. Rev steps up to the front of his tent.

“Hey, can I get everyone’s attention?! Put your tools a such down and come over here.” The people crowd around Rev.

“Thank you. Now I see everyone workin’ real hard and I am most certainly happy for all of us. But I must say that we are in need of some, we will call, “Camp Funds”, now I’ve been sleeping on this for a while, and anything that you want to sell, or give, can be donated to this here box.” Rev picks up a box and sets it down in front of him.

“The box has some rules written on it, one being, “Do not give away valuables like pictures of a loved one.” so please follow all rules for donating to the box, it will be set in front of my tent, you can donate money as well. Please donate, I know that this has been a hard time already, but we will survive. I believe we can, so, please, help the campout, do your part, and we will do our part. Our next checkpoint will be near a town, so there we will be kind to all the folks there. Thank you all again, have a nice day.” Rev walked away into his tent. He took off his gun belt and plopped on his bed. He slowly went to sleep.


“Jed, can you come here?” A man asked. It was George. George was older, mid-30s, grey short hair, a full beard to match, and he held his repeater with him at all times. His repeater had a scope, and the metal on the gun was painted black. He wore a hunting outfit that was worn, you could tell that his outfit was old. So Jed walked up to George.

“Hello Mr. Sanco, how’d you do?”

“I do fine well Mr. Downs, I have a task for you and me to attend to.”

“And that would be?”

“And that would be hunting.”


“Yes hunting, the fine sport that it is. Some deer, birds, maybe some other animals that are lurking.”

“Well then let's saddle up. I’ll grab my rifle and we can get going.” So then Jed did what he said. They rode on the trail away to camp, they entered the woods nearly immediately.

“Ah, so Jed how’d you do this fine afternoon.”

“Ah peace be with the day, I’m already done with it. Days seem like weeks, weeks months, and years, well, eternity.”

“Well, then your humble steed?”

“Ah she is doing well, I feed her and brush her every day no isn’t that right Bit?” Jed pats his horse.

“Aye, it is a strong bond, a man and his horse.”

“Indeed sir.”

“Now please Mr.Downs tell me about your wife and child.” Jed paused.

“Oh, I’m sorry”

“No need to be sorry, they, died. You’ve already assumed that, and they died in the cold winter, the last people I was with, it was that gang of bandits that we found, last place Cary was seen. They killed Reggy. He was.”

“I knew him, Jed, he was a good fellow, you miss him dearly don’t you?”

“Indeed. I pray that one day I will see him. But I need to avenge him, George. They killed my brother. I will die as long as the person that killed Reggy dies as well.”

“Quite a plan. You’re going to need supplies.”

“Rev and I are close, he will understand.”

“Indeed you are. Now peace be with the subject, we need to hitch the horses by the tree here. We must go on foot.”

“Ok then.” The two hitched their horses and grabbed their guns.


Rev woke up. He walked outside to the smell of coffee and, chocolate? Rev walked over to one of the kitchen maids.

“That’s not.-”

“It is, one of our maids are getting a few pieces for you, they will put it in your tent. Now go on I have work to do.” Ms.Cruso said.

“Thank you m’lady.” So Rev went back to his tent to find the chocolate. It tasted so good. Sweet, rich, and it was the best thing he has tasted since bagels with cream cheese. After Rev ate his chocolate, he walked out into the camp only to find George helping Jed pack up some things.

“Jed. Where are you going?” Rev asked.

“I have to leave. The people that killed my brother are still out there. I have to find them. Please understand.”

“I do.” Rev paused. “Ok fine. Get outta here. Grab a piece of chocolate before you go.”

“Heh. Thanks, Rev, for understanding.”

“No problem. It's just, we are so close to crossing the border. If we skip that checkpoint near that town we would get through the border in just a few days.”

“I know Rev. But, just let me go now. Please.”

“All right. Goodbye Jed.”

“See you on the other side.”

They parted ways.


Chapter II: Ladies & Gentlemen, This is a Robbery

A few weeks later, the group reaches the train station to cross the border.

“Hello folks, I’m the conductor. We ask that you are nice to anyone on the train. Please start no ruckus. You can keep any valuables and money. And might I say welcome, to East Texas. Now. Pay the tax, and if you can not pay the tax, leave now.” No one moved. They put their things down and sorted everything. Leaving lots of food, water, some dishes, and some clothes behind. Everyone boarded the train, paying their tax as they walked in. As everyone boarded, they sat down in the most comfortable chairs they had ever sat in. A father and son sat with each other. The son fell quickly asleep. The father went over to Rev.

“Well we can start a new life now can’t we.”

“Indeed Mr. uhh”

“Cooper. Johnathan Cooper.” The two shook hands.

“Ah, Mr. Cooper. Well then yes, a new life.”

“What do you think we will do?”

“Well, these are untamed lands. Full of thieves and bandits. I say we join em’. Now it doesn’t have to be now. But if we are going to make money, we will have to rob. We are running low on money and we will barely have any after we find a place to settle down.”

“Are you crazy?! We start robbin’ and we will have the whole goddamn army on us!”

“Bandanas. We hide our identity.”

“Mr.Rev, I’m just, why?!”

“We need money, we do it once, then no more.”

“I hope you’re right about this. I got a son.”

“And he will be safe. I promise.”

“Well. When do you reckon we start?”

“With the land we buy, we will be close to three towns. We rob their banks, maybe a train and we will be rich. We start when I say. And you know what? You are gonna be in our first robbery, along with Mandi and maybe Mark.”

“Marks a fool Rev. You trust him in a robbery? He barely could hold his keep.”

“Yeah, but he can crack a safe real easy. Remember in the museum and there was that safe with that golden rifle? He cracked it open in just a minute. If we want to rob, we need someone that can crack a safe.”

“That’s true. Ok then. I should check on Joshua. I’ll uh, talk to you later.” They shook hands and Johnathan went to his son and he fell asleep with him.


A few days later, the group has settled in a hilltop near three towns, and today is the robbery that will change history. “The Lakeview Massacre”.


“Johnathan. It’s time.”

“Ok. Let’s do it. Mandi, you ready?”

“Of course. What about you Mark?”

“Yeah Mark, don’t be a fool.”

“Shut up Johnathan. I’m ready though.”

“Ok then. Johnathan, take lead.”

“You really want me to?”

“Yeah.” Johnathan got a little excited.

“Ok then, bandanas on, saddle up, and let's ride.” They got on their horses and rode to Lakeview. They took the backroads and sneaked over to the back of the bank.

“Rev,” Johnathan whispered.

“Yeah,” Rev whispered back.

“Dynamite, light when I say.” Rev shook his head and stuck a small piece of dynamite on the wall.

“Ok, remember, heads down, remember the code names, Rev, light.” Rev lit the fuse. The group ran around, heads down and ran into the bank, Johnathan lifted his guns up, they were black with fancy engravings that were golden.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a robbery.” The dynamite blew up. Smoke and wood chippings filled the room. The guard in the bank fired at them, Johnathan quickly took him down with a couple of shots that hit the torso. Mark and Rev shot other people with their Repeaters, and Mandi used her revolver. Everyone was dead. 12 people.

“Shaun! Go to the safe!” Mark ran to the safe. He quickly unlocked it in 30 seconds. It opened.

“There's a lot of money in here Jacob! Come ‘ere!” Johnathan ran over and called for the rest of the group. They grab as much money as they could fit in their pockets and bags. They put their bags on the horses and rode off, the sheriff shot at them and ran after them. Johnathan turned around, whipped out one of his revolvers, and shot the sheriff in the head. All the money they took was totaled to be $3,478.39. They were rich.

The townspeople were confused and angry. They mourned the 12 people who were murdered and the LUL came to the town to investigate and get the people that did this. They named it, “The Lakeview Massacre”. The LUL is the “Lawmen of Untamed Lands.”, they are below the government in authority and in 2050 they were an abandoned group until the government's expansion in 2051.

“We will find the scum that did this! No crime will go unpunished, and if we must, we will bring the army into this. These 12 people are dead now, and a bank lost about $3,500! ALL of your money that was in the bank, belongs to the scum that took it! If you see something suspicious, report them to us. We will be taking the sheriff’s place, now that he is also dead. Thank you, and we are praying for the families that are victims of this massacre.” Agent Wilson announced to the crowd. Johnathan and Rev were in this crowd as well.

“This is crazy. I think I need a drink.”

“Well the bar is going to be full, but might as well.” They both walked in. A drunk man approached the two.


“Listen, buddy, you’re drunk, shut up and leave. And why the hell would we rob anyone? We are new here, we want to put a good impression on us. Now leave us alone.”

“I’m GeTtInG tHe LuL oN y-y-you-” The drunken man collapsed. Everyone kept going on with what they were doing.

“God that guy scared me for a second,” Rev said.

“Hey, isn’t that someone we know?” Johnathan pointed to a familiar face. They both walked up to him.

“Jed?” Rev asked. Jed stood up.

“My god, it’s you Augustus Rev ain't it! My lord, it's been about a month!” The two hugged. Johnathan called for three beers, and the three reconnected.

“I killed the man that did it. That killed Reggy.”

“What are you doing now?”

“I’m a bounty hunter. How are you fellas doing?”

“Great actually. We have settled down in a forest area a little ways away from town. We get money by hunting and selling pelts.”

“So whom you huntin’?” Johnathan asked.

“The people that robbed and killed the people of this town.-” Jed coughs, it sounds really bad, he voice goes scratchy.

“Ugh, I’ve had this dumb cough for a while now.”

“Yeah, you don’t look good. You’re looking paler than usual.”

“Yeah, I feel weak. I better take my shot. Doc says I have to take these shots after I cough real bad. He said I got some virus that isn’t contagious. Calls it “C-Flu”, it slowly kills your body and it makes you have flu-like symptoms. So I’m dying.” That hit Rev hard. Rev's eyes went big.

“Hey, when I find these guys, I’ll give you half the share, for getting me where I am-” Jed coughed badly again, some blood spattered on Rev’s face. Rev wiped it off.

“Well rev, we should be going. Gotta get to camp before dark.”

“Yeah, I’ll come too,” Jed said.

“No offense Jed but, you’re sick, we can’t have that in our group right now. Maybe later.” Rev said. Rev and Jed hugged and Johnathan and Rev left.

A few days later, the criminals have still not been found, and the army has been placed in the city.


“Rev we have to leave now. The army is in the city! If we don’t leave soon we will be dead. Then robbing those people will be for nothing. We got money, now let's go somewhere untouched, buy some land, and live happily ever after. You don’t look so good anyway, we need to get you to a doctor.”

“Johnathan I’m fine don’t worry. We won’t be living happily ever after that’s for sure.-” Soldiers walk into the camp.

“This is Sergeant Wilkins of the Army of Texas first Untamed Platoon. We are here to question the leader of this group, if there are multiple leaders, step forward.” Rev, John, Mandi, and Mark stepped forward. The sergeant and someone else in uniform walked up to them.

“Do they match the description Private?”

“It appears they do sir. Brown tattered hat, long girly black hair, the other has the same gun engravings and metals as well.”

“Well then. You, the sick one, come forward.” Rev walked up. He coughed, a very small amount of blood came out of the cough, he hid it and wiped it off.


“About what?”

“Why you stole the money.”

“We did not sir.”

“Don’t lie to me boy. I’ll have you hanged.”

“For something I did not do? And you are calling me the criminal.” The Sergeant slapped Rev across the face hard. There was a loud “thwap” sound.

“TELL ME, BOY! DID YOU ROB THAT GODDAMN BANK?!” Rev was on the ground, the sergeant was spitting in Rev’s face as he was screaming at Rev.

“Stop!” Johnathan pulled out his guns. The army guards pulled out their rifles and aimed at Johnathan. Mandi,Mark,Ms.Cruso and George pulled out their weapons and aimed at the army guards, and the Private.

“I’d advise you to leave Sergeant. Or we’ll rob you too.”

“Mr. Augustus Rev, you just confessed to the “Lakeview Massacre”. Hope you’re happy. You got three days, and if you are still here, then you will die. I’d advise you go to Chandler, it's a big city. Maybe head into the mountains, it's getting close to winter.” Sergeant smiled.

“Go. Leave, now. You got one minute.” Johnathan said firmly. The army left.

“Three days Rev! Three days.” The Sergeant said.

“All right” Rev stood up. “Pack up. We gotta go. Not Chandler, mountains. We camp there and get set up so we will be able to survive the winter. We leave in four hours, if you’re not ready, you’ll be left behind. Now GET TO WORK.” Rev started coughing more, and spit blood out. Johnathan saw. He walked up to Rev.

“You ok? I saw that.”

“Yeah well, that wasn’t the first time that man has slapped someone that hard. Just some blood from it.”

“Well, you saw Jed. He coughed up blood and he was sick. You need a doctor, so when we settle down in the mountains near Chandler, me and you go there to get you a doctor. No argument or questions about it.”

“Fine. Now let’s go pack up.” The two packed up. Everyone hurried to packing up.

“Dad,” Josh said to Johnathan.

“Yes, Josh?”

“Why did you aim your guns at those men?”

“Well, son. They are very bad men. They wanted to kill me and your Uncle Rev. But don’t think that now. Go to your mother, I bet she has a new pencil that you can draw with.”

“Ok, Dad!” Josh ran over to Darla. Johnathan and Darla had been dating since they crossed the border. Johnathan bought a ring for her and has been thinking of marrying her. He got excited thinking about it. But he couldn’t do it now, now the group is running from the law. It would be as foolish as Mark.

Everyone was packed up and ready to leave in three hours. Them leaving so early will give them plenty of time to run and settle down. They nearly left immediately, they had bought better wagon horses and personal horses where to be ridden. The wagons were given a 30-minute head start, and if anything was left, they got it. After 30 minutes, Mark, Mandi, Johnathan, and Rev started to gallop and caught up to the wagons in 15 minutes, and they were in the mountains. They unpacked in about four hours and started settling down. They had hurried so much that the wagons got damaged a bit. George helped fix the wagons with Mark.

Rev and Johnathan on the other hand, they went to ride over to Chandler, Chandler was a city with law and order in it. It was a big city with the best doctors and bartenders in the untamed land in the East. Tribals where allowed in the city, unlike most. Tribals brought in exotic foods and cultures into Eastern society, which boosted the hype of wanting to move east. Main tribes like the Sentinel and Twaik also brought new weapon styles and clothing styles, which started to trend. Their city clothing was more formal but expensive, unlike the button-up shirt, vest, jeans, boots, and hat that was normally worn, the tribes brought in a formal style. It was a jacket, vest, button-up, dress pants, dress shoes, and a bowler hat. To top it off with a cane accessory as well. But outside of city limits, the two tribes had a war going on. Sentinel was winning, and now closing in on the Twaik.


Chapter III: The Outlaw, The Lawman, and Johnathan Cooper


Johnathan and Rev reached the doctor’s office. The doctor asked the two to step inside, the doctor clearly saw that something was wrong.

“Well, Mr…”

“Loyd. Capernick Loyd.”

“Ok then Mr. Loyd, what are the symptoms?”

“Well, you can see that his skin has paled increasingly. He has been coughing real bad. He’s coughed up blood a couple times, and he seems to be getting weaker.”

“And who are you?”

“A friend.” The doctor examined Johnathan, then looked at his guns. Then he shrugged and said “Ok.”.

“Well son, open your mouth.” The doctor put the spatula in Rev’s mouth, the doctor saw a bloody esophagus, and blood in the teeth. The doctor started writing in his notebook. Johnathan looked at it, he wrote

“Patient: Augustus Rev with Johnathan Cooper, Rev seems to have a bloody esophagus, checking heart now.”

“What’s with calling him and I Augustus Rev and Johnathan Cooper?” Johnathan asked. The doctor started to check Rev’s heart rate.

“Well son, a Sergeant came down today, said a couple boys fitting your description would come down. He told me to kill you, but I told him that even if it was a man that killed the President I would still treat him like any patient. Here in Chandler, you are not wanted. Don’t do something stupid and you’ll be fine. Now Rev, breath in deep.” Rev did so.

“Ok now breath out.” He did that too.

“Now again.” Rev did it again.

“Welp. It's C-Flu class A. It's the worst kind and you’ll be dead in a week or so. Maybe two weeks.” Revs eyes widened, this felt worse than getting slapped, getting shot, or getting beat by his father.

“Can you get to someplace cold and settle down?”

“Sure, let me take my winters and go to El Paso, wait for winter, and die. No. I’m on the run, you know that now.” Rev started coughing again, this time, it was very bad.

“Can’t you give him some medicine or somethin doc?”

“Sure thing, lemme grab it. It's a treatment, but the West is working on a cure, men like yourselves would be very lucky to get that. It's 75% developed and will be done and shipped out in a week.” He said all this while grabbing a needle and syringe. He rolled his chair over to Rev and wiped an alcohol wipe on Rev’s arm, then inserted the needle.

“This will make you feel better a day maybe. Now go, I got other patients.” Rev and Johnathan walked out and met with Ms.Cruso, Rev started feeling better after a minute.

“Ms.Cruso, you got our new guns?”

Ms.Cruso took Johnathan and Rev’s guns and replaced them with newer model guns.

“Thank you, and our hats?”

“They are at camp, we should split up.” Johnathan and Rev split away from Ms.Cruso, walking to their horses, and riding back to camp.

“All right Rev, you should get some rest. We can do the bank robbery in Chandler without you. Plus they’ll know it's us when we got a sick guy with us. Plus all that gunfire and law is gonna literally kill you. So I’m getting Mandi and Mark, and Ms.Cruso, and go.”

“All right Johnathan, don’t get too crazy and don’t come here, go to the safe house. Now go, I’ll take care of here.” Johnathan called for Mandi and the rest, they mounted their horses and put her disguise clothes on, it made them look like tribals, more importantly, they looked like they were dressed as Twaik.

They put their bandanas on and rode off. They took the back roads and rode into Chandler at high speeds. The wind blowing in their faces, Mandi and Ms. Cruso’s hair whipping back, they slowed down at the bank, then they jumped off with their disguised guns and burst through the bank and Mark yelled out,

“This is a robbery! All of your money and valuables in the bag NOW!” Johnathan shot up in the air to scare the people, there were only three others and a banker. Ms.Cruso shot the banker, even without thinking. She laughed, an evil laugh. Then she pointed her gun at Mandi.

“You’re gonna die now, sweetie!” She laughed and Johnathan turned quickly, he pulled up his gun, pulled the hammer in a split second, and fired the gun. He hit Ms.Cruso right in the left part of the skull. People screamed more, Mark broke the door open to the small vault. He cracked the code in about 13 seconds. The police were coming, then they heard the army. They got the bag and blasted through the back door, whistled for their horses, the horses came in a flash, then quickly put the bags on the horses, they made the horses flee to the safe house.

“Get ready for a shoot out, I’ll take Cruso’s rifle, Mark, you secure the back door, Mandi and I will be in the front. Now let’s hurry!” They rushed back in, Johnathan grabbed Cruso’s rifle, and he and Mandi mounted themselves on the walls near windows. Johnathan peeked out quickly and shot a soldier. Then he shot another, and another, and more kept coming.

“We need to get out of here!” Mandi screamed as she had shot a police officer.

“We can’t get our horses, we’ll need to steal one!” Mark yelled back.

“Great idea! On my mark, we go out the back!” Mark ran over to Johnathan and started to shoot with him. They had killed about 11 more soldiers and three more officers when,

“All right let’s go now!” Johnathan announced. They ran outside, then ran through the gunfire and reached the stables. Mark went through first and stabbed the stable owner in the face. They each got on a horse and busted out of the stables. They were able to get through the gunfire and reach the safe house, not being followed. They fled the horses and they got changed back into their normal clothes, washed their faces and switched their guns back to their normal guns. They took the money to camp and stored it in a tree where they kept all the money they had stolen. They now had $10,115. They rode back into town, but the army was surrounding the perimeter. They had to stop and tell them that they were riding into town for supplies.

The guard believed Johnathan and they were let into town. They bought some coffee and bread and stored it inside the horses. For the first time, they went into the Chandler bar. It was beautiful and colorful, they had to relieve themselves of their weapons for security, and they got themselves a drink. The bitterness of the alcohol somehow soothed Jonathan's worries. He didn’t feel like he was on edge. He felt like he had no worries. Darla walked into the bar now, he walked up to her and gave her a kiss. The kiss along with the beer soothed Johnathan’s worries. He didn’t think about the army wanting them. He bought a room with Darla, it became nighttime. They entered the room. Johnathan had only drank a few beers and was only buzzed. They closed the door……….

“HEYYyy Jed!” Mandi called out. Jed wasn’t looking good. But he wasn’t too sick to pull out his gun and aim it at Mandi. Mandi and Mark quickly pulled out their revolvers as well.

“Please, don’t shoot in here. It is bad for business.” The bartender said.

“You. Mandi, Ma-Mark, Rev, and J-j-Johnathan. Robbed. The. Bank i-in Lakeview. I’m h-here to collect the bounty.”

“We did no such thing. Jed, how dare you accuse us of such thing? We are friends!”


“Then you’ll die before you can even get your hands on me. You killed my husband! I love Rev! You should’ve died when you got revenge on your brother. Your whole life is a revenge story, brother dies, you kill the man that killed him, Best friend loves the girl you love, she loves him, you kill him slowly, and painfully! You sick bastard. DIEE!” Mandi shot Jed and hit him every time in the torso, six rounds, right in the chest. The army came inside. The next day Mandi was put on trial, it took about two hours, and she was found not guilty. She received $500 for winning. Rev was dying more now. He got sicker and sicker. The army was about to close in on the camp and they would have to leave everything, just to run.



They packed as many supplies in the wagons and left the money in a tree. The group only had 1,000 dollars now. They robbery in Chandler was blamed on the Twaik, the group was safe from that robbery, but then as the group was riding away, the army came. They saw the group and shot at them.

“Son! Duck your head down and whatever happens, DON’T MOVE.” Johnathan told his son. Josh put his head down and didn’t move. More shots were fired, Johnathan shot back.

“THE WAGON IS GETTING SHAKY! WHEELS ARE GONNA FALL OFF!” The wagon driver yelled out to Johnathan.

“All right! Try to get us as far as you can!” Johnathan shot more, the army shot back twice as much, then….

“CRACK SLAM!” The two back wheels broke off, everyone fell, Johnathan hit his head on the hard ground. Everything was fuzzy, he could barely see. The army went passed them, assuming that they were dead. Johnathan’s shoulder hurt, it was a pinching and brutal pain. He felt around to get up, his eyesight got a little better.

“Josh?! Darla?! You there?!” Johnathan called for his new found family. Josh groaned in pain. Johnathan called for them again.

“D-dad?” Josh’s voice was soft and scratchy. Johnathan followed his voice and ran to Josh. Josh had a bloody nose, and his arm was bruised. Johnathan picked him up, he called for Darla.

“John?-” Darla called back. Johnathan ran over with Josh to Darla and found her. Her legs and right arm was bloody and bruised. She had a scratch on her left cheek, it was small, but enough to show bleeding.

“I need you to take John and yourself over to the first-aid kit, clean the wounds and patch yourselves up. I need to get to Rev. Stay here.” Johnathan ran back over to his guns, Darla and Josh went to the first-aid kit. One of the horses were still alive and looked ok. He untied the horse and hopped on it. He galloped as fast as the horse would let him, he heard more gunfire, Johnathan started to push the horse to go faster, and Johnathan passed the army, shooting a few as he passed, he somehow was untouched. He hurried over to Rev’s wagon and hopped on it. Barely making it, he climbed inside as a few more gunshots missed him.

“Rev?! Where are you?!” Johnathan pulled off some clothes that were in a pile and found Rev. Rev looked gray, the rim of his eyes were black, and Rev had gained a few more bags on his eyes. Rev’s nose had bled a small bit. Johnathan whistled for his own horse, picked Rev up, and seated Rev on the horse, Rev held on as much as he could, and Johnathan jumped on the horse, Rev grabbed Johnathan’s waist and they rode off trail. The sergeant rode his own horse and chased after them. Johnathan went a little faster.

“John…….Leave *Cough Cough* m-m-me. I-i-i-i am dead.”

“Not yet, hold on I’ll get you somewhere safe. Get ready to get off the horse quick.”

“O-k.” Johnathan sped up and was nearing Darla and Josh. Johnathan slowed down, got off and picked Rev up and set him down near a tree. Johnathan pulled out his guns and shot the sergeant in the leg. The sergeant flopped out of the saddle and fell hard.

“J-john,” Rev called in a horse, low voice.

“Yes, Rev. What is it?”

“M-my hat. H-here.” Rev waved Johnathan to come down to him. Johnathan kneeled to Rev. Rev slowly took his hat off, knocked off Johnathan’s, and placed his hat on Johnathan’s head. Tears were coming out of Johnathan’s eyes, slowly they tears went down his face.

“Don’t cry now. We’ll see each other again. Brothers.”

“Brothers.” The two hugged. Johnathan got up.

“Give that hat to your boy John he’ll wa-” “BLAM!” The sergeant shot Rev in the head. Johnathan quickly turned, aimed at him and- “BLAM!” Johnathan was shot in the shoulder, Johnathan fell to the ground hard, making his newfound shoulder pain even worse.

“Well boy. This is the end.” The sergeant picked him up and punched Johnathan. Johnathan pulled out his knife.

“For you.” Johnathan rushed towards the sergeant, stabbing him in the gut. The sergeant let out a small cry, then, releasing the knife, the sergeant fell, and died. Darla and Josh ran to Johnathan. Johnathan grabbed his hat and put it on Josh’s. He picked up Josh and told him.

“We're safe now.”


Rev was buried at that tree. Johnathan built a cross for him, it was one of Rev’s quotes. “We’ll see each other again.” Rev was mourned, the army was taken away from the land because of their irrational actions, which was killing a sick man, and hunting down a group of people new to the East without pure evidence. The government gave Johnathan and his family 5,000 dollars and a new life. Their charges were dropped and their records were cleaned. Johnathan went back to the “Money Tree” where the money was hidden. It was $10,115, plus the $3,478.39 from the first robbery. 13,593.39 dollars was Johnathan Cooper’s money. He bought and started his own farm, hired farmhands, bought the horses and cattle, he bought everything. He wore Rev’s hat every day and taught Josh how to shoot. Johnathan and Darla got married and were happy.

As for the others, Mandi was turned into a widow and married Mark. Mandi was compensated and got 5,000 dollars, plus 1,000 for becoming a widow because of the army. She and Mark were cleaned, and bought a house in Chandler, and were happy. The others did not make it. The wagon with the army lined the rest up and killed them. The army was banned from going into untamed lands and lots of people hated the army. The LuL was rushed into Chandler after the robbery and are now the guards of Chandler.

Cary was found dead. She was raped and killed. Ranger Josh Walkins had found her. Walkins was sad and he went Eastward because he was called to look into a robbery in Lakeview. The army got involved so he was immediately taken out of the case. Then after finding out that the army was taken off of it because they killed nearly everyone, Walkins found out that Rev was dead. He was with a group of other Rangers when he went to his grave.


One year later, Ranger Walkins takes his group to Rev’s grave.  It’s January 7th, the snow had started melting already.

“That’s him?” One of the Rangers asked.

“Yes. He was a good man, he got me where I am today. He would be crushed to know that Cary is dead. He and Cary were friends. I’m just. Sad now.” One of the other Rangers patted Walkins on the back.

“I bet he was a good man. Now, Captain Ranger Walkins,” The ranger laughed. “think we should pay Cooper a visit as well?” Walkins shook his head.

“Yeah. Let’s go.” They hopped on their horses and galloped a few miles to a big farm full of stables, cattle, chickens, and pigs. There was one big house, only three stories, the top for storage for valuables and memories. There was a swing set near the house, one of the swings were recently swung, still rocking. The rangers trotted to the house and hitched their horses. Johnathan opened the door.

“What are Y'all doin’ here?” Johnathan’s voice was stern.

“No trouble Mr.Cooper. Just wanted to pay a visit. It’s me, Ranger Walkins. Remember?” Johnathan’s face looked confused now, but then the light bulb in his head turned on.

“I do! Welcome to Cooper Farms! Home of one of the biggest gardens and farm in the East! What can I do for all of you? Darla! Whip up some coffee for these kind men!” Johnathan smiled.

“Darla? Wasn’t she that doctor we found at that bandit camp a year ago?”

“Yes sir, and married to her! Oh, we shouldn’t be talkin’ outside, come in and take your boots off! We got home-made cigarettes as well, we grow our own tobacco as well.”

“They must taste well. Can I get one?” One of the Rangers asked.

“Yeah sure, I’ll grab one, Ranger….”

“Darek. Ranger Darek. Y’all can just call me Darek.”

“Alrighty then Darek, I’ll get you a smoke, oh and make sure to hang up your coats on the coat rack, and don’t mind my coat, just set it on one of the chairs over there if there isn’t enough room.” Johnathan pointed to the dining room table, it had six chairs, one on each end. It had a fancy white table cloth, with fancy wooden chairs. The whole house looked very fancy like Johnathan was rich. Johnathan walked back in with Darla, who was three months pregnant. Darla set down the tray of coffees and kissed Johnathan on the forehead.

“You boys have fun.” She said.

“Well, Johnathan-”

“Just call me John, please.”

“Ok, John, your house looks very fancy, what about the other two small houses? They look like this?”

“They are meant for lodging our farmhands, they look good. But I’m not spending 1,000 dollars on a couple houses on farmhands. I spent about 500 on both of them each. But this house was about 1,500.”

“How much money do you make every season?”

“The family makes about 4,000 each season, we sell a lot and Chandler is our main source of marketing, we have a few posters set up around the town. The farmhands make 1,000 per season and during the off-season, they can get from 100 to 500 max. Off-season is mainly cleaning up and getting ready for next season. I bought a small shop in Chandler just recently. It's a general store with a gunsmith as well.”

“Wow. That’s quite a lot there John. A farm and a small store. How much do you make from the store?” Darek started to light his cigarette.

“Hey no!” John closed the match with his fingers. It hurt for a little bit, but he felt better after a second.

“Sorry. You have to smoke outside, or the smoke will ruin the color of the walls and other things. I should’ve told you sooner, here.” John handed Darek a match and Darek stepped outside.

“Sorry. So I’ve made 1,150 dollars already in three months.”

“Damn John. So how much are you racking up altogether?” Walkins asked. Johnathan paused for a moment.

“5,150 is what I got this year already.” Walkins whistled.

“Wow. So that snow eh. Melting already.”

“Yeah. When it clears I’ll be able to get things moving again, I told the farm hands that they get the week off since they did so well last year.”

“Well, that’s nice to hear.  Do you think that you need some guards? This part of the state is still untamed.” Johnathan paused. He thought about it, bandits could attack at any moment, he made a final decision.

“Well, Y'all can be my guards, but when this section of the state is tamed for about a week, so laws can be set down, you’ll receive one final paycheck, and you’ll have to get your own jobs.” Walkins shook his head, so did the other Rangers. Darek walked inside, Johnathan told him the good news, and Walkins set the Rangers to scout any bandit camps nearby.

Johnathan rode over to Rev’s grave, Johnathan put Rev’s hat on the grave, he made a sign of the cross on his chest and prayed.

“Lord, if you can hear me please keep Rev safe wherever he is. Thank you Lord for everything you have done for me and my family, and thank you for blessing us with a beautiful home and good food. Amen.” Johnathan stood up, picked up the hat and put it on. He walked over to his horse and rode off.

One week later, Tribals from the Sentinel Tribe have come to The Cooper Farm and want to talk to Johnathan.

“So you need to house a few tribal workers? Why?” Johnathan asked.

“They need work in tamed lands. They provide money for Tribe. You make lots of money. House,feed and pay our workers, and we give you gifts.”

“Sir,” Johnathan hesitated. “Not to be greedy, but what would these gifts be?”

“Better cattle. Best workhorses in the land and a special horse for your son.”

“I bought the best cattle and tamed them myself. How are your cattle better?” Johnathan felt like a businessman now. It was probably also because he was wearing his new coat, it was made out of the finest deerskin, and he was also wearing Italian jeans and shoes, he also was wearing a red leather vest with black engravings. He planned on going into Chandler and visiting Mandi and Mark, then going to a landowner and buying a plot of land. He was thinking of going industrial like other landowners, factories made nearly double of what Johnathan was already making, but then he would have to hire lots of workers, they have to pay them along with the workers superintendent, and annually pay for the land, but the factory would be used for tractors, about three different kinds, all for farming. Then farming would be easier and faster, and you could get more food out of a season.

“Our cattle are fed better. We feed them herbs so they are not sick. Three of your cattle are sick. Ours are healthy as a dog.”

“And the horse?”

“The breed is an American Quarter horse. It is the fastest breed of horses known to the lands. That horse is for you. We have a very well tamed Tennessee Walker horse for your boy. We also have the saddle customized for good comfortability and style. This is a good deal, Mr. Cooper, please accept it, we are trying to have money to pay the government for the land we own.”

“That’s not the only reason I’m saying yes. I’ll accept, but they will have to be working at my factory in a month. They will be superintendents, they’ll get paid double what they are going to be paid here.”

“If it helps us get the money we need, we will help you greatly as well.” The two shook hands.

Later that year Johnathan built the factory and started his own company, “Cooper Inc.” this kick-started the “Company Revolution” where landowners took their land and made their own company. Cooper Inc. is the fastest growing company in Texas, and even bought land in the west and established two other factories, one was for tractors, the other, a new invention, the car. Also in July Johnathan and Darla’s baby was born, they had a daughter, named Elizabeth. They lived a rich and happy life. Cooper Inc. became an industrial superpower, and the Cooper family now owns seven plots of land, and in Rev’s honor, a statue was built in Big Spring, where Rev was born and raised.


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