Fallen Angel

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Here you will meet several of the series main and secondary characters. It will give you an quick introduction and some brief history of some of these characters.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Submitted: February 14, 2019

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Submitted: February 14, 2019



Chapter 1


“Detective!”  The voice rang out crystal clear as he walked on to the scene.  The storm had subsided, finally, and as storms always do, brought forth something hidden by the lake waters.  Boone Lake was full of bodies of the dead.  Most victims of drowning due to drunkenness or night swimming when people should truly have known better.  Every now and then, however, a body would show; linked to a case in some form or fashion.  Detective Jordan Caine stepped under the yellow crime scene tape and moved over to where his watch captain had yelled for him.  “’Bout damn time you showed up.  I know it’s 2AM but you don’t live that far away and this is one of your cases.  C’mon Caine, what’s your deal?”

Detective Caine looked down at his superior and ran a hand over his rough shaven face and pulled several stray strands of long brown and graying hairs back out of his face.  His somewhat blood shot eyes and slow motion walking gave away that he had been drinking or that he was stoned one.  Given that he knew his captain could smell the liquor on his breath; he was not fooling anyone.  “C’mon Cap.  It’s supposed to be my night off.  Am I not allowed to have a drink or two on my night off?”  He reached in to the pocket of his leather jacket and pulled out his notepad and a gold pen; thus preparing to take notes.

“Jesus Caine! One or two drinks?  What are you quantifying a drink as?  One bottle or one liquor store?” His captain stood there dressing him down with a hard edge in his voice.  His glare showing his already obvious disapproval of Caine’s choice of entertainment on his night off.  “I try not to bother you on your down time.  Especially with the hours you’ve been putting in over the past couple of years but you’ve to go do something about this.  It’s starting to become a problem…”

Caine cut him off with a sharp inhale of breath, “Look Captain.  I understand your concern.  I’m a grown man and believe it or not, in my forty some years on this Earth I have managed to make it this far.  Do not start in on me about my problems affecting my work.  You are right.  I’ve been pulling a lot of hours over the past couple of years.  What the hell else have I had to do since my life went to shit.  So what if I decide to destroy my liver on my own damn time off.”  Disgust showing on his face and anger in his body movements, Caine shoved the notepad back in to his pocket and snapped the pen back in to his dress shirt pocket. “You know what.  Screw you.  I’ll deal with this tomorrow.  It is, after all, my day off.”  Caine turned to leave when he felt a hand on his shoulder.  He looked down, as he so often did because of his height, to his partner.

“C’mon buddy.  Go cool off for a minute.  You know how Myers gets when his sleep cycle gets interrupted.  He’s just being a dick because he can.”  Dorian Cantrell, Caine’s partner and best friend always had a way of catching his temper and putting it to a dead stop.  Something he had picked up over the years due to their enduring friendship.  Dorian moved his hand and stepped over to Captain Myers and nodded at Caine to go cool off.

“Captain.  No need to be such a dick.  You know he’s had a lot on his plate.  We’ve all had nights where we get more than a little liquored up.  He’s no different.  In point of fact, I can recall a couple of crime scenes you’ve showed up way more snookered than he is at this moment.”  Dorian looked over at the body and back at the captain.  His captain who was now all but fuming.  He chuckled inwardly and began processing everything he was seeing.  He knew that Caine had taken in more in his thirty second gander at the scene than he himself could in a full three minute look at it.  Right now, Caine was not looking and he was.  He started noting small details like location of the body versus the tide of the river.  He jotted a few notes of his own down on his pad, he turned to look at the captain.  “Any ID or guesses as to who this is?”

Caine looked over from the side lines while he finished his last drag of his cigarette.  “It’s the Bertenellie case.  That’s Jason’s daughter.  Take a look at the tattoo on the left side just above her breast.  I’d know that tat anywhere.  Jason’s going to go through the roof when he finds out.  I was afraid this was something like what happened.”  Caine said as he shook his head.  He was genuinely upset about this find and it showed.  He stalked back over to the scene.

Jason Bertenellie was the “godson” of what Caine affectionately referred to as the BBJCM.  For those in the know, that is the big bad Johnson City Mafia.  Jason was the son of Mark Bertenellie and he ran the organized crime of the local tri-state area.  Caine had always called him the godson because it annoyed Mark and Jason both.  Mark was in charge of the whole outfit and rumor mill said that Mark had ties back to the outfit in Chicago.  Caine had been a beat cop when Mark had come to power.  He started off as just a minor gang boss but he’d had a way about him.  His crew was always controlled and relatively non-violent.  Yes, things happened that involved blood or murder but only when a situation had no other solution in the then gang boss’s, now mob boss’s, eyes.  Mark kept a tight control over the different entities that would normally war against each other.  He had reigned in all the local violence and formed a cohesive unit of common interest criminals.  You name it, from pandering drugs to selling sex; the man had made a solid business empire of all things illegal. 

The problem?  Well, in a nutshell, the wall of prim and efficient attorneys that Mark kept on hand for his business empire.  They always took care of the legal matters and made it all look good on paper.  Then, if someone truly broke any of the rules that Mark did not want violated, they would quietly disappear.  It was always quiet and clean.  Sometimes, the more gruesome players’ body would show up in an alley or next to a river bed.  It was all a show of power for everyone so that they knew who was in charge.

Mark’s son, Jason had come in to his own and was being primed for the position Mark held.  Mark understood that one day he was going to be weak and powerless.  He knew, as well, that he needed protection for that day.  He was never unnecessarily harsh with his people and that was more so true with his son Jason.  Jason, thirty-five now, had gotten married in his early twenties to some unknown woman.  Rumor had it that she was actually one of the escorts from the business that Jason had taken a liking too.  They had had a daughter some fifteen years ago.  She disappeared about six months ago.  During the investigation, Caine had found out that the night she disappeared, Jason and his daughter had fought over an illegal tattoo she had gotten.  Personally, Caine found it a touch ironic given the situation.

That was how Caine knew who it was laying there in the mud.  Everyone knew.  He tossed the butt of his cigarette far from the scene and cut back under the crime scene tape.  He looked at Captain Myers and nodded in mute apology for his actions.  Myers did like-wise and Cantrell let out a breath he’d been holding.  Caine, knowing he would need as much information as possible, knelt down and began to survey her body.  “Tell me I’m wrong,” he muttered under his breath.  Hoping against hope that his initial observation was not correct.

He lifted what was left of the dress she was wearing and saw more to add to his suspicions.  He wasn’t sure, at first, because of all the bloating; and even now he couldn’t be positive.  He sighed and motioned for the M.E. to come over.  “Can you do a rape kit on a body that’s… well, THIS!” He snapped and stood up.  Azreal King, the county’s current M.E., nodded sympathetically to Caine.  The understanding on his face for Caine’s feelings was palpable to everyone.  Azreal had had a daughter once upon a time.  She had been raped and murdered in a similar fashion.

King looked the scene over.  Shaking his head, he turned and looked at Caine, “I do not think I can get you anything definitive, detective.  I will try my best though.  There are some new technologies that have been released to use that might prove useful.  No promises, though.”  King said.  He stepped aside and everyone else made quick work of getting away from what was about to happen.  Once everyone was clear, the M.E. motioned for his people to come over and the body was loaded on to a transport bed.  Magically, this happened with no expulsions of gas or other disgusting explosions.  Once the body was on the gurney and moving away from the scene business seemed to resume for everyone else.  Caine shook his head and stepped over to his partner.

“You know you don’t have to go with me on this one, right?”  Caine nodded toward the body that was slowly wheeling away.  He knew how rough Jason’s reaction was going to be over this find.  He knew it was going to be violent and he did not even want to consider what the wife’s reaction was going to be like over the death of her daughter.  He knew Dorian was not one for confrontation and wanted to spare him the stress.  Even as he offered, however, he knew the answer to the question.  The shake of Dorian’s head and the set of his shoulders told Caine all he needed.

Caine nodded and just placed his hands back in his coat pockets and pulled out another cigarette.  He put a hand on his best friend and partner’s shoulder and squeezed.  The bonds of friendship between the two had always been tight.  They had grown close over the years and this was the kind of thing that family did not walk away from, ever.  Caine considered Dorian family and not just his best friend.  No, they were not related by blood but family is always more than blood.  In Caine’s eyes family were those that stuck by you when you were at your worst, picked you up when you fell in the mud, kicked you in the ass when you needed it, and never abandoned you.  Dorian had always been there and so had Caine.  The bonds that never broke existed between the two of them.

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