Love is Unexpected

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Orchid wasn't born into a normal family. She has grown up amid vampires and werewolves who never age physically. She wouldn't have wanted it any other way. For herself she wants a fairytale love. One that will sweep her off her feet in a blow and be hers forever. Yet no matter how much she can prepare for it, love always follows its own course.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
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Chapter 2

Chapter 2     "What did you think of how things are? Is it weird being back?" Hope asked Shane and Connor. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3
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Chapter 4

Chapter 4     I woke up with a hangover. The sunlight was streaming through the window and hitting my face. I tu... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Chapter 5     I started work at the swimming pool that following week and it was just like I thought. Cute guys ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6
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Chapter 7

Chapter 7     Before I knew it there was only a month left before summer ended and I was getting ready to go bac... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Chapter 8     It wasn't long before I was at the airport saying farewell to Connor. I hugged him tightly before ... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Chapter 9     Ronnie and I took a short vacation the last two weeks of summer at the lake house. When we ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Chapter 10     "Hey Orchid." Kirk passed by me on the hallway and winked. I gave him a wave and that was ... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Chapter 11     Friday evening I didn't feel as joyful as I probably should have about going on a date. I almost ... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Chapter 12     Ronnie was extremely excited about the halloween/birthday party. All she spoke about was that she... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Chapter 13     Ronnie sang to the top of her lungs to 'Bad Things' as she mixed the batter for her cookies. She ... Read Chapter

Chapter 14
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Chapter 15

Chapter 15     On monday Ronnie wasn't her usual upity self. She was quiet even during cheer practice. I ... Read Chapter

Chapter 16
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Chapter 17
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Chapter 18

Chapter 18     "How about this summer?" Connor asked. The party last night had been eventful and he was h... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Chapter 19     Shane grabbed his suitcase and headed for the door. He had left a note for Connor telling him tha... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Chapter 20     "You've been avoiding me." I finally got a chance to talk to Ronnie. The past week had bee... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Chapter 21     We stared in awe at all the wedding dresses. "Where do we even start?" Ronnie was amazed. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Chapter 22     "What?!" Uncle Niko thundered on the phone. "You can't get married! Not to him!" I had fin... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Chapter 23     For valentine's day Connor bought me a bouquet of roses and took me out of town for a romantic we... Read Chapter

Chapter 24
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Chapter 25

Chapter 25     Connor picked up Orchid bridal style when the elevator stopped at their floor. She held on to his... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

Chapter 26     "You guys are finally here." Stephen greeted Connor and the rest. "We've got a big problem on our... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

Chapter 27     Shane was called back into work the week following Connor's wedding. He knew it was coming just w... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

Chapter 28     "I think she's lost the plot." Ronnie told the family. She asked them to all meet at Sem a... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

Chapter 29     The summer passed on quickly. Much more than the last one in Ronnie's opinion. She was busy at th... Read Chapter

Chapter 30

Chapter 30     The only one I could think of was my uncle Niko. He would help me through anything. When I... Read Chapter

Chapter 31

Chapter 31     "This is exactly what we needed." Niko smiled. Derek frowned. "You are actually glad to se... Read Chapter

Chapter 32

Chapter 32     Riley arrived battered and beaten back to Niko's house. He had already made up his mind on what h... Read Chapter

Chapter 33

Chapter 33     "Sometimes I wonder what Simone would think if she saw you act this way." Alex cut up his meat. "... Read Chapter

Chapter 34

Chapter 34     "You should practice harder." Olivia gave Ronnie a hard look. "What are you even doing her... Read Chapter

Chapter 35

Chapter 35     Once again I found myself waking up in a house that was not my family's. Kane. This was his house... Read Chapter

Chapter 36

Chapter 36     "I think I told you about venturing to the US and I might do my first trip next month." Alex ment... Read Chapter

Chapter 37

Chapter 37     "Have you gone daft?!" Ronnie couldn't believe her ears. "What language is that?" Andrew a... Read Chapter

Chapter 38

Chapter 38     I exited the house quietly. I had waited a long time for everyone to go to their bedrooms and to ... Read Chapter

Chapter 39

Chapter 39     In the morning when I awoke I had not forgotten my night. I put on a different dress and h... Read Chapter

Chapter 40

Chapter 40     The day Alex left was a gloomy one. I could tell that Kane was sad about his best friend going of... Read Chapter

Chapter 41

Chapter 41     Ronnie was having a horrible day. Andrew had finally let everyone know that he was marryin... Read Chapter

Chapter 42

Chapter 42     I left Kane alone for a week but after that I couldn't stand to have him locked up in his dark ro... Read Chapter

Chapter 43

Chapter 43     "This is a movie theater." Alex said it but at the same time his tone was questioning. The... Read Chapter

Chapter 44

Chapter 44     The months passed and I soon forgot that I had another home I would need to get to someday. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 45

Chapter 45     Ezra took another soul and crushed the hybrid with his hand. All around him what was left ... Read Chapter

Chapter 46

Chapter 46     Shane was being shipped back home with the rest of the groups that were left. They hadn't been in... Read Chapter

Chapter 47

Chapter 47     "I tried to make something new. I hope you like it." I placed the dish in front of Kane. "... Read Chapter

Chapter 48
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Chapter 49

Chapter 49     It was early in the morning when Derek found Nikolai movilizing the pack males. "What is g... Read Chapter

Chapter 50

Chapter 50     Alex had watched Kane destroy the dark room. He saw the desk crash against the wall, papers and p... Read Chapter

Chapter 51

Chapter 51     What is it about time slipping through your fingers like sand? I tried every day to go see... Read Chapter

Chapter 52

Chapter 52     I was exhausted and hungry. My trip had been long but shorter than the first one when I had final... Read Chapter

Chapter 53

Chapter 53     "This is too much for her." Ronnie held her head in her hands. She was sitting at the coun... Read Chapter

Chapter 54

Chapter 54     I felt him before seeing him again. I was cocooned in his arms. His body heat melted with mine an... Read Chapter

Chapter 55

Chapter 55     "I don't know what to tell you." "What is there even to say. I'm the one who caused this. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 56

Chapter 56     I had been avoiding my mother and Connor all week. I needed time to think about my current situat... Read Chapter

Chapter 57

Chapter 57     Alex had gone into town to get the mail and other provisions. Currently he held it in his hands a... Read Chapter

Chapter 58

Chapter 58     Time flew quickly. I did everything with Ronnie and prepared her perfect day. Even aunt Sahara de... Read Chapter

Chapter 59

Chapter 59     It was expected, everyone knew that the next dance the best man and maid of honor would join. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 60

Chapter 60     Gone was the heat completely as Kane let me go and stared at my aunt in disbelief. He had called ... Read Chapter

Chapter 61

Chapter 61     "That was intense." Sahara set her chin on her hands. The wedding was over. She stayed to ... Read Chapter

Chapter 62

Chapter 62     "I have nothing to wear." I ran my hands through my hair. "There's like at least ten bikin... Read Chapter

Chapter 63

Chapter 63     "You are all idiots!" Laurie yelled at Connor, Shane and Kane in the living room in front of ever... Read Chapter

Chapter 64

Chapter 64     Finding a place of my own wasn't all that difficult. I did it in a day and thankfully I could mov... Read Chapter

Chapter 65

Chapter 65     "Margaret breakfast was delicious as always." Sahara complimented the older woman. "You al... Read Chapter

Chapter 66

Chapter 66     They all arrived at the same time. Sahara, Kane, Logan by foot while Niko and Evanora were droppe... Read Chapter

Chapter 67

Chapter 67     "Usually I wouldn't agree with Niko but I'm glad he brought her back." Laurie nursed her cup of b... Read Chapter

Chapter 68

Chapter 68     Kane. Darcy. Ronnie. Alex. Mom. Sem. Uncle Niko. Those were the people I loved the most in... Read Chapter

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Okay so briefly to let you know, obviously this is Orchid, Laurie's daughter. All the characters from the other story will be here. Yes I know that the whole thing about Shane and Connor being old as her parents is creepy but bear with me that they still look young and hot af lol. Also you will notice that Orchid refers to Sem as father or dad even though he's her stepfather. He raised her and that's the reason why because she sees him like that having not grown up with Gustav. Thank god for that. Hope you read this story and follow it to the end. At the moment there are 60+ chapters and I have yet to finish it. Thanks for checking it out. :)

Fri, February 15th, 2019 12:34am

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