The Deep: Part Two

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Mr. X reveals the truths behind the conspiracies.

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Submitted: February 14, 2019

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Submitted: February 14, 2019



The Deep:

Part Two


A humming of voices could be heard from the living room of a suburban home.  The family gathered around for a special broadcasted interview.  Two children sat on the floor and the man and wife in their respective arm chairs. 

The TV flashed back and forth between two different people.  One was an interviewer and the other was someone with a concealed identity.

The man with the unknown identity had a distorted voice; deep, and ominous.  It was clear the man didn’t want anyone to know who he was.

“Thank you for accepting this interview with us today.  I know how hard it must have been to agree to this considering the sensitive nature of the subject.”  The interviewer said in a pandering demeanor.

The interviewee had a darkened persona.  He responded with a deep tone.

“Thank you for having me.  This definitely wasn’t easy, but this is an opportunity for me to divulge my experiences while working at S-4.  This is something I feel that everyone should know.”  The interviewee said.

“For the sake of convenience, what should we call you during the interview?”  The interviewer asked.

“You can call me Mister X.” The man affirmed with a brief, deep chuckle.

The interviewer paused for a moment to gather his thoughts.

“The detail behind what you are here to speak to us about is quite spotty and holds a lot of skepticism amongst our viewers and even many esteemed individuals of the scientific community.”  The interviewer touted.

“Yes, you are right.  However, whether anyone believes me or not, I still know that I am right.  I know what I saw with my own eyes and touched with my own hands while working at S-4.”  Mr. X said in a calm and confident tone.

“It’s been said you believe that the United States Government is withholding information from the people about intelligent life beyond Earth.  Could you elaborate on this?”  The interviewer asked. 

“Yes.  I’ve seen numerous space craft that are not of our world.  These space crafts are not even in our wheel-house of technological capability.”  Mr. X paused affirmatively after his claim.  “We’ve gotten one to fly by reverse-engineering the alien technology, however.”

“What you’re saying is unbelievable…in the exact definition of the word.  But, many people out there —“, the interviewer motioned toward the cameras, “--would like to know how and where we have flown these space crafts?”  The interviewer asked aloof.

“We’ve flown across the globe.  And, more interestingly, to other planets beyond our solar system.”  Mr. X said.

The interviewer looked into the camera bewildered as Mr. X paused.

“What you’re telling the viewers and myself, in confidence", the interviewer continued, "is that there are humans that have left Earth and now reside on other planets--not even within the bounds of our own star system?”


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