The Crows Bitter Serenade

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Battery empty, and no bars. Barry had to keep going. He had bigger things to worry about. His one love left him, and he no longer could live without her. He needed her, and he knew in his heart, that she needed him too. On foot he wanders the Southern parts of Alberta, Canada. Eventually he comes across something that will help him out on his quest, immensely. He continues on, eventually reaching his destination only to be followed by a pair of crow's. What is the significance of these feathered black avain's. Read on to find out.

Submitted: February 14, 2019

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Submitted: February 14, 2019



No coverage, not even one bar, the battery was dead anyway.  It was still daytime, but there was an overcast and the sky had a perfectly even dullness, so there was no way to tell what time of day it was, much less which direction was north or south or anything else for that matter.  A two-lane blacktop road snaked up into the distance and disappeared into some trees, or a forest if you wanted to get technical about it. It also snaked down toward some lumpy hills and disappeared there as well. What sounded like a two-stroke chainsaw could be heard in the distance, but it was impossible to tell whether it was up in the forest or down in the lumpy hills. This had been happening more often lately.  Two different ways to go, with a dead battery and no bars, and nobody left to blame.  

Barry looked down at the horizon through his oversized sunglasses. He had one goal, one inexplicable motive, Mary-Beth. He wanted to get her back, and out of the arms of her new lover. To mollify from all of that happening he would have to keep going. He couldn't let a small quandary like a dead battery get in his way. He already lost her once. He already let her slip away, and this time he wouldn't let it happen so easily.

Barry pulled out a photograph from the pocket of his shoddy and, grease covered red coveralls. He grazed his finger among her face, stroking it softly, as if it were Mary-Beth in the flesh. He took reconization of her flawless and enthralling beauty. The graceful curves on her voluptuous body. The perfect white teeth, that would make any dentist blush. The pouty and fleshy pink lips, that pillowed out like fluffy clouds. Then the eyes, the magnificent eyes that danced. They danced even more whenever she smiled. They were a light, and smokey green color with darker green rims around both the iris and the center. Little teal colored flecks, would move about, making her eyes as unique as they were breathtaking. Her dark brown almost black hair, was a great augmentation, as it made her eyes pop even more. Barry kissed the old, cracking, and deteriorating photograph, and then jammed it back in his pocket.

He took a long sigh, as he gathered his thoughts. He had no idea where he was, but motivation kept him at ease. It soon dawned on him, that he could of really been better off with a map. Mary-Beth would always tease him at just how stubborn he could be. He was a man, and men didn't need directions. He liked to tell himself that anyways. Maybe he should of listened to her rants more. Then he would still be holding her in his arms as they slept. Her warm breath lightly kissing at his chest like a hundred tiny butterflies, as she laid her head on his herculean chest.

Time was running near, so on Barry walked. The air was significantly warm,but a cool breeze rushed it's way through.Barry was as hungry, as his legs and feet were tired. He was also rather parched. He then remembered a sign he read a while back. There was a small rest stop along the highway about 2 more miles up, he hypothesized. He has made some good headway since then.

Aimlessly and without much worry he made his way towards a building in the distance. It appeared to be a gas station, in the middle of nowhere. There were a few vehicles parked out. Mostly rigs, and work trucks. With an odd mini-van. Barry then spotted  a 1971 silverish blue Cadillac El Dorado. The Classic automobile was underneath a Prairie Splendor Maple tree on the Eastern side of the parking lot. The bright maroon foliage of the tree, provided a decent amount of shade. He fleetly remembered his first vehicle was also an El Dorado. It was an older model then the one that now stood before him, it was a 1959 instead.  His car was a dark green alternatively, and appeared to be in worse shape.  The mossy hued paint was chipping and the front bumper was both rusted and standing on its last limb. Although she was pretty beat up, he loved that car as if it was his first born child. Before he entered the convenience store that was structured beside the gas station, he took one more quick glance at the classic beauty. She definitely was a piece of eye candy, and it was almost as if she called to him.

Inside the gas station were rows  and aisles of condiments, munchies, camping gear, beverages, and other miscellaneous things. The black and white tile floors were moderately scuffed. On one end was the cash register. The cashier working appeared to be an older man. A turban was wrapped around his head, he noticed that Barry took a quick glance at him and the clerk smiled. The worker then bowed his head as if to say hello. On the other side was an opening that led to a small diner. There were only a few patrons. Of course it made sense, considering that this place was smack-dab in the middle of nowhere. The fragrant smells of food filled Barry's nostrils, and made his tummy cry in hunger. He didn't have time however, he would have to grab something quick from the convenience store and continue making his way, but first he needed to get some directions.

Barry grabbed a bag of Doritos, a hero submarine, and a large bottle of water then made his way up to pay for the items. He asked the man working the till if he knew how to get to Lethbridge. After a quick, and detailed explanation he then understood the best way was through the coppice. He also learned that there was a shortcut through a back road. He had to drive through the woods on a road until he witnessed a gravel road to his left. About 15 clicks or so it would take. Once he found the gravel roadway, he would go down it, and would see himself crossing a bridge. After the bridge Barry was instructed to keep following down the gravel road the same way. He was then told to keep following it until the weald surrounding him got less dense. It shouldn't be a problem to find at that point, Barry was ultimately told.

Barry thanked the polite man, and earlier learned that his name was Abdul. With that knowledge he was sure to follow the thanks with the man's name, because he felt it was respectful to acknowledge someone by their given name. He then made his way out the door, and continued walking into the parking lot. It wasn't long before he once again noticed the lonely El Dorado Parked underneath the tree. It was almost as if she smiled at him. The two door convertible's fresh looking paint glistened in the sun. The fender skirts, made the car appear heavier then his previous model. It definitely was much more appealing to the eyes, then his run down 3rd generation El Dorado. Barry's next plan was very impulsive. He didn't give it much thought, but his mind told him it had be done.

Slowly he stalked towards the automobile, keeping his eyes focused on the door of the establishment that he just came from. Luckily for him the convertible's top was down, making his scheme much easier. He lifted his hard body over the drivers door, then sat down. The seats felt nice and cushioning underneath his glutes. He has been walking for what seemed like 2 days straight, and it was nice to just sit and relax his aching muscles.

As if he were a professional car jacker, Barry hot wired the car with much anticipated ease. The engine purred delicately like a kitten. This fullsize luxury car was front-wheel drive, unlike his previous vehicle which was rear-wheel drive. Throughout the years Cadillac sure made some changes to their magnificent model of a car.  He now felt utterly accomplished as he pulled out of the drive way. There was no guilty conscience, only a solemn feeling of consummation. Not only will he be cutting his traveling time in half, he will also be back to Mary-Beth much sooner. He could reach his deadline, with time to spare. He beamed in triumph and with pure satisfaction. This adventure was becoming much easier now, and with indecent acts to blame.

Barry made his way through the thickening vegetation, keeping his eyes open for the gravel road at his left, that led to the bridge. He cautiously kept the speed limit, even though the car could go as fast as 189 km/h. He wanted to get to his love as quickly as he can, but he didn't want to avert too much attention his way. He did just commit grand theft auto. He didn't want to risk going to jail just yet, that way he may never see Mary-Beth ever again. He would feel even more trapped, knowing that factor. The cold enveloping bars, wouldn't even been as much as an encumbrance. He felt deep in his heart, that he needed Mary-Beth. As Mary-Beth needed him, he felt. She just didn't understand how badly she would initially need him as well.

As per Abdul's orders, Barry witnessed the gravel roadway that was about 15 kilometers up the forest highway.  He took a hard turn left and continued on. Sunlight peered it's way through the leaves on the trees, and made them appear almost a luminous green. The leaves of the maple trees, a luminous red. He also noticed Birch, Popular, and other various deciduous trees. Barry could smell the redulent scents of ceder, maple, and the fragrant flowers that bloomed about.  The songs of the woods danced about in the air. They made an eerily beautiful orchestra. The birds chirped, as the bees buzzed about. Squirrels chattered, as the wind brushed through the many greens and reds. Woodpeckers knocked against solid wood, as tiny woodland creatures could be heard jumping from branch to branch.

Barry kept the convertible at a slow and steady pace, as he crept into the denser parts of the forest. He eventually made his way to the bridge, which was arched over a glistening rivulet. As the stream crept up farther he could see a slightly bigger creek, which then kissed it's way against an even bigger pond. Barry took the El Dorado to a stop just past the bridge, and close to the calming pool of water. He got out and sat on the hood. He grabbed his sub sandwich, and his water and gave himself a quick break to eat. He was rather famished anyways, and he was surely going to run out of strength soon enough.

The sandwich wasn't the best quality, but it dissipated his hunger pangs. The water was still chilled, and it soothed his throat as it made its way down the esophagus. Barry then grabbed his bag of chips, and ripped it open. The faint smell of cheesy tortilla shells permeated in the air. He grabbed a handful, and stuffed a few in his mouth. This happened after a few more handfuls, before Barry sucked the chalky orange residue off his masculine fingers. He took another long sip of the water, and hopped off the hood of the car. He rolled up the bag of Doritos so any remaining morsels of chips, wouldn't fall out, or quickly grow stale. He tossed the bag onto the passenger seat, then took notice of what else was there beside him. Barry was quite astonished that he never realized it at first, his mind definitely was elsewhere.

The owner of this car must of been a baseball player. Beside Barry on the passenger seat was a bat, mitt and ball. The bat looked expensive and was made of solid metal. Barry grabbed the bat in one hand, his other firmly latched to the steering wheel. He felt the cumbrous weight of the bat as he slowly swung his hand in an u shape. Suddenly a loud caw could be heard, followed by another one. Two crows landed on the the front of the convertible. There dark eyes gleemed back as they twisted their heads around in wonder. One landed on the bat, and made another husky squawking noise. It walked with its talons firmly wrapped around the bat, down the base. The crow cawed once more then flew off the bat. Barry tossed the bat back onto the seat, and the crow's flew off. He then brought back all his focus onto the road up ahead. He didn't try and question what has just happened. It was odd to him, but he also understood nature could sometimes be rather unpredictable.

As Barry kept driving towards his destination, memories etched their way back into his mind. They were fond memories, that he kept tightly locked away in his heart. Him and Mary-Beth were strolling hand and hand on a beach at dusk. She would look up at him, and smile. Yes I should of mentioned that Barry was quite tall, he towered at about 6 foot 6. Anyways, there they sauntered on. Suddenly the rain started to fall. It wasn't long before it poured down from the darkened night sky menacingly. Barry and Mary-Beth ran through the thickening rain, to find shelter. Eventually they came across an old tool shed. There was no door, and just a gaping opening. This would just have to do, as the water seemed to pour out more and more violently as each second went by.

The young couple held each other for warmth. There wet clothes plastering to each other. Suddenly there was a loud crack. A moment later that crack was followed by flashing white light. More thunder echoed in the air. Just as more lighting cracked it's way down the onyx sky. The sight was hauntingly beautiful. It wasn't long before Mary-Beth's alluring eyes met Barry's brown ones. A sudden tinge of passion could be felt in the atmosphere. That night they made love for the first time. They had slept together of course, but never truly made love.

Barry had to put a quick lid on the now incoming memory. It gave him a sudden urge of arousal, and may lead to an unnecessary distraction. He tried his best to focus on the road, pushing the thoughts of Mary-Beth to the side. He found it a little difficult as he felt she was just as beautiful naked, as she was clothed. Even more so, as a matter of fact. He loved every crevice of her, every dimple, every blemish. To him, Mary-Beth was like a beautiful painting. One that people would come to see, just to be awed by the masterpiece. Barry cleared his thoughts, but it did take some effort. He continued driving the El Dorado through the now diminishing woodlands. That meant he was almost at Lethbridge. His heart started to thump ever so slightly. A smile crept on his face in satisfaction. He would be there soon. Soon my love he thought to himself, very soon

Lethbridge was the largest city in Southern Alberta, as well as the fourth largest city in population in all of Alberta. It was also the third largest in area. Not far, was the prestigious Canadian Rocky Mountains. Considering the mountains that lay beyond the city the climate was windy. With humid and warm summers and mild winters, this thriving, river side city made for comfortable living. Minus the ominous winds of course, which did however make a nice breeze when it got too humid. The downside was the heavy Chinook winds, during the winter seasons.

Running through Lethbridge was the Oldman River, which made beautiful river valleys and ravines along the rivers edge. Considering this fine city was divided by the Oldman River, It's river vally has been turned into one of the largest Urban park systems in North America. Imagine sixteen square kilometers (4000 acres) of lush, green and protected land. It was quite obvious to Barry why Mary-Beth chose to live here. She was always one fond of nature, and the beauty it glorified. Here she had it all. A view of the mountains, the vegetation surrounding her, and a beautiful river. The only thing that was missing was her one true love, or as Barry felt that is.

Barry turned onto highway 3, Eastbound. He then entered the West side of the city. The West side of Lethbridge was separated by the North and South sides, by the Oldman River. On the west side, was also the University of Lethbridge, and was vastly growing a higher level of population then the other parts of the city. That knowledge didn't help much. Barry was unsure now were Mary-Beth resided, so he had no clue as where to find her. He did know however, that she was ought to have a dwelling somewhere close enough to the Oldman River.

He drove through the city, keeping as close to the river as he could. Barry stopped by places he knew Mary-Beth would go to, her picture in hand. He asked around at coffee shops, music shops, the Library, the art galleries, and it took quite a while before he got any knowledge of her what so ever. All he received were Curt nods, shrugs, and the vocalized, I don't know her's. It wasn't until he walked into a music studio named Stringers. Apparently she taught violin there every evening at 4-8. This made Barry smile, as Mary-Beth was finally pursuing something she loved, music.

Mary-Beth had an meritorious talent. She could play numerous instruments with much finesse, and ease.  She learned music both by reading scales, and by ear. She deserved to get her craft reconized in someway. Even if it was only to her students ears. It was quite plausible that her talent may rub off on them aswell. Mary-Beth had a way with her self. She was contagious, and everyone wanted to follow her. She would be an excellent teacher, Barry thought to himself. He looked at the clock on the wall above the front reception stand. The hands read quarter after two.

Barry left and asked the receptionist a small favor. He handed her his Samsung smart phone, with a wall charger and kindly asked if she could charge it for a while. He also informed her that he would be back around four to say hi to his old friend. She politely accepted his proposition, and then Barry made his way out the door, and back to the El Dorado.

He drove around the city, with a close proximity to Stringers. He found a men's room, and washed his face and hair. As he looked back into the mirror, his reflection visually echoed back at him. His dark brown eyes looked tired, puffy. His dirty blonde hair was a disarray of locks. His beard, was slowly sneaking out of his pores, creating a five-o-clock shadow. Barry splashed one more spritz of water with his open palmed hands. He patted his face dry with a paper towel, then turned his heel and left the restroom.

Barry then walked into an antique shop. He browsed through the aisles, until he found the perfect gift. There was a small vintage viola. It was made out of a solid red-like wood and the strings were delicate and wispy. It came with a box made of the same wood. Inside the box was a soft red velvet . He looked at the pricetag, 1,199$. Sure it was a little extravagant but Barry could no longer put a price on their love. He handed the cashier a wad of cash, and his bank card. He then made his way out the door, then drove off to a burger shop. He ordered himself a meal, grabbed a seat, then scarfed down the greasy feast.

Once his belly was full, Barry left. He proceeded back towards the Cadillac. He zapped the wires once again, and made his way out of the parking lot. He stopped before crossing the street, took one look left, then one look right. He saw no traffic, so he was free to make his turn.

When Barry was at the burger shop he espied a clock on the wall above the washrooms. Before he left it was three thirty. He had a small amount of time to spare now. Barry quickly made one more stop at a drugstore. He paced the aisles until he came across the party supplies section. He grabbed lavender colored tissue paper, and crinkled it between his fingers. He then grabbed a gift bag. The gift bag was white with music notes and scales on it. It was the perfect choice, for the perfect gift.

Barry was heading back towards the El Dorado, when he saw that he had visitor. The crow was once again standing on the bat. On a roof ahead of him, was the crow's other feathered companion. Just like before, they stared right through Barry, as they sang a bitter serenade. It was unlike the harmonic songs of  other birds, who could sing a sweet serenade, instead. Their voices were shrill, husky, and could make a courageous man's hair stand on end. He shooed the bird away from the bat, and got back into the car. Barry felt he had all the necessities he needed at the moment, and decided it was time to head back to Stringers.

He arrived there at about twenty after four. The receptionist smiled, and said welcome back. She handed him, his phone and charger. Barry gave him her thanks. Just like his usual self, he was sure to add her name Catherine to the thanks. Catherine smiled back at Barry and gave him her welcoming comeback. He turned his phone on airplane mode. That way the battery will last much longer. Not like he particularly needed to get a hold of someone right now anyways. It wasn't long before his ears found the angelic sound of Mary-Beth's undying expertise.

He noticed her through a small rectangular window on a solid white door. Her body swayed gently with her music, as she slid a bow back and forth. The bow slowly caressed the strings, and vibrated a sweet and enchanting sound. In front of her, and facing her was a small girl. The girl appeared to be no older then ten. The little child then tried to mimic Mary-Beth. She was good, Barry would give her that. She just wasn't as good as Mary-Beth. In Barry's eyes no one had as much raw talent as she did.

  About another fifteen minutes, the lesson was done. The little girl made her way out. She was then followed by Mary-Beth. Barry could see Mary-Beth mouth the words great job, before she gave the adolescent a hug. Barry moved away from the window, and cleared a path from the door. As the door opened there eyes met. There gaze kept affixed on the others for an etch in time. Barry then handed Mary-Beth the gift and sheepishly smiled. She gave her thanks and asked him to grab a coffee.

They walked to a coffee shop across the street. They made idle conversation, and kept it subtle. They didn't mention the past, or who they used to be, together. Barry did eventually mention that he was happy for her. She finally got a job doing something she loved. Once he mentioned it though, Mary-Beth didn't seem quite so jubilant. She then mentioned that Victor wanted to move back to Russia. She smiled as she said it, but there was an emptiness in her eyes. Was this man going to keep her from achieving her dreams. That is one thing Barry would never do. He choked back anger as he didn't want to show Mary-Beth. Show that he could still read her, like he used to, and then some. He didn't want to make this too complicated, as he had another reason for coming as well. Seeing Mary-Beth, and possibly winning her back was just the tip of the iceberg

Mary-Beth got back to her lessons, and Barry got back to his car. With a thorough investigation he discovered where Mary-Beth lived. She mentioned earlier that she had a place in Riverstone. It was a residential district in Lethbridge . It lied on the south west side of the river, and east of University drive. He asked her to describe it, as he said he was just curious. He also coaxed her by saying you always had a keen eye for a nice environment. She explained how it was in the corner of a cul-de-sac. It was a white and blue house made of stucco. The garden was well cared for, and thrived entrancingly. Out front was an Autumn Blaze Mapletree, and a Cutleaf Weeping-Birch. That was more then enough detail to find the place.

Barry meandered off, keeping the Cadillac at a steady pace. As he drove on, he configured a small plan in his head. The more and more he rehearsed it in his mind, the more confident he was. It was surely to work. It needed to work. There was no room for error. His mind may have been slightly elsewhere as he deeply thought to himself, but he still was sure to keep his eyes peeled on the road up ahead.

After what seemed like an hour or so travel time, he reached his possible destination. It looked just like the house in Mary-Beth's description. As he looked harder he felt in his gut, that this was in fact the place. It had to be, this dwelling definitely looked like something Mary-Beth would call home. He parked the El Dorado on the road about 30 feet away from the home. He gave himself a moment to take in a few breaths. Barry then grabbed the baseball bat, and like clockwork the two crows sang their song, and stared back at him from the top of the maple tree. Realization took over, and it was if these feathered creatures knew exactly what he was up too the whole time. They also seemed to agree with his choice, as they would call out whenever his hands grabbed onto the blunt feeling baseball bat.

Barry slid the bat under his coveralls and fastened it to his legs with a makeshift tie. He used a bandana he found in the glove box and a few pieces of rubber band. Nonchalantly he made his way to the door. The closer he got to the door, the louder the crow's would holler out. They flew in closer, now landing on the roof of the house. Barry outstretched his arm, then rang the doorbell. It chimed from inside the residence, and he could here a body scramble towards the door.

The man was tall, and slim, but not nearly as tall as Barry. He had dark blue eyes, and long brown hair. He had a beard, and a very thick Russian accent. This had to be Victor, Barry just knew it. Victor then asked Barry what he wanted, and he told Victor he was a travelling sales man, but his car broke down, and his phone was dead. Victor hesitated, but let Barry in anyways. He pointed towards a cordless phone on the wall, and sat on the couch across from it. Victor lit a smoke, and offered one to Barry. Barry refused the offer, and pretended to make a phonecall to the AMA. Victor offered Barry a drink, and this time he accepted the offer. Victor then vanished into the kitchen. Barry trailed behind, slowly, swifty, as if he was Victor's shadow.

A sudden crack was heard as, Barry slammed the steel bat against Victor's skull. Victor then yelled out profanities as he tried to fight back. Barry was of course stronger then Victor, much stronger. He fought the Russian back with much dominating ease. He swung at him again. Barry then broke Victor's nose with the blunt end of the bat, and took another hard swing at Victor's already throbbing head. Victor fell unconscious, but was still breathing. Barry then lifted the dead weight of his comatose like body and propped him on a chair. Barry fastened Victor's legs and hands to the chair. He made sure the grip was more then tight enough, so Victor couldn't escape.

Barry grabbed his phone, and noticed the battery read at 88%. Not bad, but considering he had time to kill, he plugged it into the wall charger. He then helped himself out to a beer in the fridge, and sat himself on the couch, and turned on the T.V. Hours dwindled by, and there was the sound of a key scraping into the keyhole at the front door.

Mary-Beth then made her way through the door, to find Barry on the couch. She looked rather puzzled. She was out of words as her eyes questioned Barry. Barry motioned towards the kitchen with his head. She followed orders, still rather speechless. It wasn't until she saw Victor's body strapped to that chair, that she began to scream out vehemently.

Barry then followed behind her, she turned towards him , and looked up at his towering body. Her eyes were full of terror, and she was once again without words. Her earlier screams must of awoken Victor from his forced trauma induced slumber, as his eyes started to peel open. Victor then barked orders at Mary-Beth. Telling her to untie him promptly so he could beat the leaving shit out of his pursuer.

Mary-Beth still rather aphonic, looked utterly confused. Mary-Beth looked at Barry then back at Victor. Once again she averted her gaze back to Barry, and once again back to Victor. Barry gently grabbed her arm, and showed her his phone. He opened up his incoming messages, and reconized the number right aways. Her sister Anna-Grace somehow found a way to get ahold of Barry. She also wasn't fond of Victor, and she was beyond great reason.

It turns out Mary-Beth would always come see her sister with new bruises every time. She showed up once with a broken arm. Mary-Beth would tell her sister that it was nothing to worry about, and that she just fell. Anna-Grace wasn't naive enough to believe her however. She also noticed a change in her little sister. She walked around, as if she was always afraid. She would end up saying sorry a lot more. More then she used to, and sufficiently more then she ever should. Anna-Grace was worried for her sister. She contacted Barry, because she didn't want Mary-Beth to go through the torment and abuse anymore.

Mary-Beth handed Barry back his phone. He then handed her the bat. The steel felt cold and bulky in her rather delicate hands. He whispered in her ear. His breath was warm, as it grazed the nape of her neck. His secret mutters told her to finish Victor off. To hurt him like he has hurt her. To show him that she will no longer stand for the misconduct.

Without much hesitation Mary-Beth took a callous swing at Victor's head. She then took another harsh wack, across his chest. Mary-Beth then slammed him once again into the chest with the solid end of the weapon. She took a few more swings at Victor's ribs, then handed the bat back to Barry. Victor's body, and face was heavily bloodied and bruised. He had much difficulty catching his last moments of breath. Barry took a final swing, and the opprobrious man was no more.

The two of them stood there in reticence. Mary-Beth then embraced Barry in her arms in a tight bear hug. Clammy crystalized tears streamed down her now flushed cheeks. Just days ago she was afraid of this man, who was now nothing but a corpse. He threatened her and her family if she left. He made her believe she needed him. He played with her, and made her emotionally unstable. She tried to keep a cool composure as she was afraid. She was afraid of what Victor would do if anyone found out his true side. Now she felt nothing but relief, not even an ounce of remorse.

They dragged the body, and stuffed it in the trunk of the El Dorado. Watching them above was the black bird that stalked death. Just like stories of the Grim Reaper, these birds followed behind deaths shadows. It cawed out once more, another crow followed suit. They flew onto the backside of the car, and pecked at Victor's flesh. The crow's hopped around the trunk happily over Victor's corpse. They called back to Barry, and Mary-Beth once more. The crow's once again pecked violently at Victor's carcass, ripping at his flesh.Barry shooed them off, and then slammed down the trunk. The crow's flew back onto the top of the car, and it almost looked like they were smiling. Like the tiny crevasses in their beaks curled upwards.

Barry hot wired the car once more, and Mary-Beth took notice of it. She didn't seem too bothered though. She understood how much Barry loved his old Cadillac. She also understood that he needed to get to her quickly. Before Victor did some substantially life threatening damage. So many laws broke, so many fallacious deeds done, and it was all because his love for her was so strong. Mary-Beth then knew, that she should of never left him all along.

They got into the roadster, and decided on what to do next. Where to dump the body, and there future plans. Firsthand they needed to celebrate. So they decided to go to music festival a small hand full of kilometers out of the city. On the way there they discussed that Barry should move in, and Mary-Beth could continue with her classes. They were to elope when they got back to the city.

Victor's body remained in the back, and they would need to figure something out eventually. Maybe ditch it in a dense part of the woods, that is not often hiked on. They decided to figure it out, during the festival. Possibly scope around for the perfect spot to hide the remains. This festival was one in which people camped out, so they would soon been surrounded by just enough forest.

They got to the festival, and witnessed many a vehicle parked. They positioned the El Dorado on the far side, trying to park away from as many eyes as they possibly could. Barry put the top up on the convertible, and rolled up the windows. He then kept the passenger side door unlocked. He hoped that none would be the wiser, and check the locks. Most of the patrons to these festivals were both high and drunk kids in there 20's. They shouldn't be ones to administer a car jacking. After he was done they made their way into a crowd of people. They rocked and danced on letting the music take their souls. Hours upon hours fell, and then Mary-Beth pointed towards a vast grove that laid beyond the west. Barry took her gesture in consideration, and on they went.

They made their way through the crowd, and back to the El Dorado. And as they approached it, a crow flew directly over their heads and landed on the hood and then looked at them. They stood some distance away and watched the crow watching them. Another crow flew directly overhead and landed beside it. The first crow squawked and then both flew away. They watched the crows disappear, looked at each other, and then got in the El Dorado. Only one way to go this time, with five bars and full battery.

© Copyright 2020 C.L. Muileboom. All rights reserved.

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