Dark Dragon Rising

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Blind View

Submitted: June 12, 2019

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Submitted: June 12, 2019





I may be blind but I still see a lot, and no one seems to take that seriously. The only two people I have met that take that seriously is Phoenix and Orion. I don’t know what I would do without them. I wake up and am greeted by the very blurry almost blank world. I sit up and feel my way to my clothes, I heard talk of the king getting me a handmaiden to help me out, but it would make me feel as if I am being coddled. I have never had a handmaiden and I don’t need one, yes I fall sometimes but that is if someone moves something and I don’t feel it first.


“Lily!” I hear a shout then a knock on the door “it’s Phoenix, my goddess!” I smile at his antics and then frown that Orion won’t be joining us today for breakfast.


“Come in, Phoenix!” I holler back, I would be nervous of all of the shouting but my room is the only one on this part of the hall. I hear the door open and I pull on my robe.


“I’m sorry Lily, I didn’t realize you were changing, you should have told me. I would’ve waited.”


“And miss this scene?” I giggle and do a small show of my body.


“Haha Lily, I love this scene but I have breakfast.” I smile and gesture him to the table and hear a clank of the platter. I take that as my cue to go get changed, I turn and go to my wardrobe and feel through the fabrics. “This one,” I hear Phoenix say and feel soft silk mixed with little lace, my favorite dress. “It’s your favorite and simple which is your favorite.”


“You know me too well Phoenix, too well.” I smile and take the dress, slipping it over my head and twisting it to fit my hips right.


“Would you like my help with the buttons?” Phoenix asks, I smile and shake my head then turn around. “I know you don’t like asking for help but I know this is hard for you to do.”


“It is, is this why you are always here in the mornings? To button my gowns?” I smile and glance back at him.


“No, I don’t think you would let me in anymore if that were the case.” I nod in agreement, “I like spending time with you before the day begins. It is calming and a nice way to spend my morning.”


“You’re too kind to me, Phoenix. Shall we have breakfast now?”


“Yes, you are all buttoned up and ready for the day.” I smile and slip on my shoes and make my way to the table we designated for breakfast.


“Do you think Orion has made it to his destination? It’s not that long of a journey on horseback is it?”


“No,” he answers “They should have gotten there today. It is only a day’s journey. They left yesterday morning, that should have put them there last night or this morning if they took their time.”


“I always worry about him when they go. I can’t help it.”


“I know, I do too. Here’s your tea,” he says and I raise my hand and prepare it for my cup and he sits it in my hand. I smile at the warmth.


“Poor Orion,” I say taking a sip of the tea “he never seems happy to go on missions, then again I wouldn’t completely know, you are normally the one telling me that he has left again.”


“He gets told to leave before you are awake, I think he would feel worse if he were to wake you up before leaving. You know how he is, he worries about you and overthinks things.” I nod, I do know that very well. “Hopefully this will be the last mission for a while, you can only chase an evasive person for so long.” I nod again, once again I do know that.


“Have you seen the king this morning?” I ask him and he smacks his knee.


“Dammit. I knew I was forgetting something,” I raise an eyebrow at him. “The king wants you to perform tonight, he is having company over and he wants to impress them.”


“Do you know who the company is?” I ask curiously.


“No, all I know is I am on duty tonight so I will be there with you. No one will bother you, Lily, I promise.”


“I trust you, Phoenix. Have you heard talk of me getting a handmaiden?”


“You? A handmaiden? Since when has that ever been a plan? You hate asking for help.” I can hear the amusement in his voice.


“I heard talk of the king wanting it, it worries me. I don’t want him to coddle me, I have no need for it.”


“Come now my goddess, I am sure that it is all a mistake, you aren’t the kind and I could help you more than someone else.” I hear him huff and smile at it.


“Jealous are you? Worried someone else will be seeing all of this,” I gesture to myself “instead of you.”


“Now that’s not what I mean,” he says getting flustered and I smile, I wish I could see his face. See if he blushes when I do this, it would make it all so much nicer to be with him.


“No matter what happens you’ll always be allowed in here, Phoenix.” I finish my tea and sigh a little in delight.


“I better be going, Lily. I have guard duty here soon and I will see you before dinner, if not me it will be Lochlan.” I nod and smile in his direction and then feel a kiss on my forehead and then Phoenix is gone. Often when I am left alone I ponder things or leave my door open and sit to listen to all the hustle and bustle downstairs. It’s not often that I do it, I prefer to sit in the window and pretend I can see what is going on. I stand up from my chair and go over to my vanity to put the creme on my hands and feet when dancing I have to keep care of myself so I don’t hurt.


I think of the first time I ever laid eyes on Orion, in a manner of speaking. He found me when we first met. I was going through the castle when I was seven years old, Phoenix I had known for years he was thirteen when I was seven. He and Phoenix are just a few months apart, I met him when I was going to the throne room to find my mother for lunch. He almost ran into me and knocked me over in the process, he squealed and helped me up. Phoenix showed up and I could tell they were going to be friends by how quickly they started talking and getting to know one another. I was their tiny tag along for the longest time, my mother loved Orion. She was always feeding him and saying he looked so thin, and then at night she would cry and I would hear her talking to herself saying she wished he hadn’t been born into the life he was. I didn’t understand at the time, and I only partially do now.


I finish putting my creme on and sit up in my chair, Orion had been born to a family that abused him as they saw fit and hurt him in so many ways. The king, who was not yet king, had found Orion personally one day and saved Orion from his family since then Orion has lived here. I am thankful that the king found him when they did, Orion is such a kind soul. Phoenix adores Orion as do I, he completes our little trio.

“Ma’am?” I hear a voice and a knock on the door. People this early? What is this?


“One second,” I say going to the door and opening it “yes?” I ask.


“I am to be your handmaiden for the time being until someone else is hired on.” I hear a small voice, she sounds familiar.


“What is your name? You sound so familiar.”


“My name is, Edith. I was the queen’s handmaiden until the accident. The king has appointed me to you for the time being.” I nod and gesture for her to come in.


“I have nothing for you to do, dear,” I say closing the door. “I am used to cleaning up after myself.”


“I understand, ma’am,”


“Please, call me Lily. I know that there is no point in fighting the king about this so we shall make this work, okay? Now I am blind, so for a ground rule, don’t move any of the furniture around or anything really or else I won’t be able to find something.”


“Yes, ma’a…. Lily.” I smile and nod.


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