School. No 23

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  At school me and Caw sit together, he likes poking

holes into my arms and legs with his biro, when the 

stupid teacher ain't watching. He keeps telling me,

" This'll be the last time, this'll be the last time. "

And I believe him. He knows I'm not game to dob

him in to the teacher.

  He says I'm just a dope, and he'll beat me up if I

tell on him. He reckons I look really funny with blue 

holes all over my arms and legs. One time I thought 

I was been really funny by tipping glue into Claw's

hair after he'd just combed it real good with Brylcream.

I couldn't stop laughing, so he just told me he'd fix 

me, that I was just a sissy dope, but I kept laughing,

and all the other kids kept laughing at him too.

  So Claw waited for me after school to bash me up.

He threw a few rocks at me at first and I started to 

walk fast, and then he asked me if I wanted a fight,

'cause I was such a dope, but I wouldn't fight, I ran off 

crying, so he told everyone at school about it, and they 

all called me a girl for weeks afterwards.

  Even some of the stupid teachers heard about it 

and reckoned I must be a real sook if I wouldn't fight

to defend myself, that I just ran off sobbing to home

like they heard I had.

  I told Claw that that I ran off 'cause if I had've fought 

him I wouldn't been able to control myself, that I

would've have lost my temper and gone into a wild

rage, and I might've have killed him.

  Claw reckoned this was bullshit that I was all talk

and no action, that I think I can't fight 'cause that's all

my parents ever do, that they fight all the time. But I

can't he says.

  He reckons I've heard Mr Shadow yelling too many 

times, and that's all he ever does, that and drinking.

And Maya he reckons is always saying that she's

the only one in the world who's ever suffered., " She's

mad. "  He reckons.


Submitted: February 15, 2019

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