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Just me gushing about being so happy in with my love. It could be tied with the series I hope to get rolling with, kinda sorta.

Submitted: February 15, 2019

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Submitted: February 15, 2019



He is the billowy clouds

painted rose-gold, ivory, and purple

that roll slowly across a cotton candy sky

A sight to behold and believe that maybe miracles do exist


She is the thunderstorm

lightning splitting the skies, striking the earth, exploding the sea

all without mercy and discrimination

A force that can be predicted but never controlled


He is the lake

green-blue depths that teems with life

in a forest scarcely touched by man

A peace that should never be disturbed


She is the sea

roiling, roaring, and foaming; beating against rocks

seething anger that cuts stones and swallows ships

Nothing can soothe her


He is the wind

gliding through a torn battlefield littered with death

carrying away the yelling of soldiers and the cries of the widows

The unbearable quiet after a war


She was the war

clanging metal, gnashing teeth, burning flesh, and fallen warriors

a fight worth the while and will go down in history

What was it about again?


He is the starlight

its own light and their beauty magnifies with closer inspection

the very image of eternal grace and tranquility

A collection of memories forever frozen in space


She is the moon

cold stone floating in space

staring longingly at planets and stars around her

Reflecting the sun's light but not its heat


But he knows sides of her

that many may not

After every thunderstorm, there is sunlight

Beneath the crashing waves of the sea, there is stillness

With every war, peace was an option

And with her longing, there is compassion for others


And though he rarely shows his side

he is more contemplative 

His colorful skies can turn grey and threatening

His waters can hold dark secrets, mysteries, and danger

His gentle breeze can still become a force to be reckoned with

His blackholes can swallow worlds


When her raging fire is all but spent, he then fans it back into a candle flame

When he is bored of fluffy clouds, she makes him rainbows

When she is tired of waging wars against herself, he reassures her of her worth

When his stars fall, she carries them back up into the sky as she rises


They lift each other up

and take everything, good and terrible

they take it all in and in the end 

they create life together







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