But I Don't Stress "Yet"

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taken from my book, "Rumble In The Mind!"

But I Don't Stress "Yet"


The journey has been disrupted

Destruction in my path

She loves me so

She loves me not

I have her love

I sure do not

If ever there'll be a time

We will be in love

It will be when I wake up

And find we are not

I hold no promises from A God

Who refuses to put love in my path

How can She allow me to find love

When She just seems to be


____any one from loving me?

So in between her legs

__I will not get

Because I don't exist

__in her heart yet

But I don't tress "yet"

Because I know me and her will never happen

How can we?

I can't date another crazy woman

And unless by some miraculous change

__she changes her mind

About what she really thinks about me

Then I'll probably just be getting stood up

Again and again and again

"Oh, what's the point?"

Like Marvin, the manic'ly depressed robot says

After his thoughts are said

Thru the mouths of who are shot

__with that gun

____that makes the target

______speak your thoughts for you

This is a complete mess

I feel like I'm the crazy one


Maybe I just happen

__to also

____be crazy

But whatever the Hell

I don't hear wedding bells

I could never get married anyways

But it would be nice to hear them

Wouldn't it?

I claw my out eyes

__like a cat

That gets tired of chasing rats

Wonder why I'm the one

Eating the cheese in the traps

I'm just so horny

You just don't undersatand!

I'm too horny

__to be anything

____but a "horny man"


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D. L. Cannon

Submitted: February 17, 2019

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