Adopting a son when you're so busy with work is already a miracle in itself. But what happens when the son isn't human?

[Still thinking of change the title but maybe not???]

Table of Contents

The Plan

I’m going for the cliche route of having a vampire into this universe. I don’t know how it’ll turn out in the end but I’m just gonna go for it. Leave a comment if you have any ideas to share. I’m
sure they’ll be put to good use in my future chapters. ^-^
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First Bite

As usual, I'm going to take my time to develop this story. It's slow, I know, but I'm still determined to finish those series someday. Thanks for your patience and if you weren't waiting, well, I
hope this story is worth the read. :')

Note: I take no credit for the images I used. I just edited them together.
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