Little Red Desire

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As usual, I'm going to take my time to develop this story. It's slow, I know, but I'm still determined to finish those series someday. Thanks for your patience and if you weren't waiting, well, I
hope this story is worth the read. :')

Note: I take no credit for the images I used. I just edited them together.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - First Bite

Submitted: March 02, 2019

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Submitted: March 02, 2019



The white noise of rain bathing the land with its tears. It had become his favourite lullaby ever since he could remember. However, none of those days or nights was as calming as then. He has someone to share his little world instead of indulging it on his own. That person is none other than his guardian, Mira. Miranda Irving.

The boy had spent his leisure time reading a few books while waiting for her to finish her bath. Mira being forgetful in bringing along an umbrella had led them both running through the downpour. They were drenched to the bone by the time they reached her small apartment. The small apartment that he could call his home.

The child flipped to another page of the book, diligently looking through the words that were rather too hard for him to read. If only just a little. Even if he managed to form the letters together, as was taught to him by Mira, it did nothing to make the child understand what the words and sentence meant. Nonetheless, it did not stop him from reading, unaware that the soft pillows were slowly coming into contact with his head. It amused Mira when she finally came out of the shower. Sound asleep on her bed, unguarded, the pages that came loose from the bindings of her folder scattered beside him along with the towel that was used after his shower.

“I don’t even know why you’re so interested in reading them. It's not like it's a storybook in the first place.”

His body involuntarily twitches when the bed shifted under her weight, yet he was not alarmed but rather internally needy for her company. He waited and waited but nothing happened other than the still coolness of the room. The boy dared to peek under his closed eyelids and noticed Mira’s hand hovering above him. There was a moment of hesitation, he realised. Her brown eyes reflected a sense of conflict he could not understand. Maybe a little dread had been there as well. It was hard to tell. Before long he heard her heaved out a tired sigh, pulling her hands away from him.

What was she trying to do just then?
Why did she stop?

It stirred an odd feeling within him but the boy showed no signs of waking even when Mira moved away from him. The rapid tapping noise from the computer keyboard reached his ears. With his heart feeling empty.


He jolts himself awake in the next moment and immediately sat up from the bed, wonder crossed his mind.


The room was still dark but a little light from the window curtains was enough for him to know it was already morning (for humans). The scattered papers on the bed were gone but seemed to have transported itself to Mira's study table instead. Right there, at the corner of the room, was a mess of papers and stacks of books on top of the table. Mira’s laptop was still turned on, a bubble screensaver bouncing all over the screen. The rest were as he remembered but there was something that was missing.



Anxious about not seeing his guardian, the boy slipped out of bed and headed towards the living room. The curtains facing the balcony were also drawn down to provide as little sunlight as possible. Luckily, his eyes were sensitive enough to see through the room as clear as (human) day. Still, nothing was different then it was yesterday. Only that Mira was nowhere to be seen.


He silently searched through the rest of the house with more urgency. His given bedroom. The kitchen. The two bathrooms. Nothing. No other being had been in the house from the lack of lingering presence in the apartment apart from him and Mira.

Knowing this made him strangely uncomfortable. The time Mira had to leave after visiting him at his old orphanage was not as terrible as he was feeling then. He had put it past him as nothing more than pure curiosity, where many had approached him with smiles but kept a distance when they knew his origins. Some did continue to interact with him afterwards but he could feel as if there was an invisible barrier that barred them from growing any closer.


Mira was different.

Mira IS different.

The child shuffled his bare feet towards the entranceway. He glared at the door as if by some miracle that Mira would appear if he truly yearned for it. Yet, his efforts only led him with nothing but the cold silence of the house.


The boy started to grit his sharp teeth as doubt crept into his heart. He never wanted to finish the thought but his mind kept on pulling him back in circles. He hated the feeling and the recklessness part of him finally pushed him to sprint for the door. It swung wide open and the sun’s rays immediately stung his skin as it began to burn through his undead flesh.

The boy yelped, pain filled his mind while he fell back into the apartment. Finding solace from the cooling darkness did nothing in easing the discomfort of his eroding flesh. His writhing went on for hours before he felt his body grew numb. Some parts of his skin had started to regenerate itself but it was excruciatingly slow due to a lack of blood. He had not drunk any since yesterday afternoon when Mira had come to fetch him and it was starting to take a toll on him to keep himself awake.



A shout. Followed by the doors slamming shut and vigorous footsteps vibrating through the wooden floor in the darkness. The fragrance of lavender floated into his nose and he could hear her heart beating furiously in his ear. A few strands of her long hair tickled against his semi-charred skin and through a crack in one of his eyes did the little one saw her worried features looming over him.

“What the hell were you thinking going out into the sun?!” She shouted, clumsily dumping the contents out of her purse. “Phone...Phone….Shit, where is it?!”

It brought out a huge amount of relief in him to have her in his company, but it also brought another amount of sensation which the boy could no longer control. Her heartbeat in his ears made his throat feel dry, the sight of Mira's bare neck looked very tempting the more he looked. It was as if he could see where the blood runs through her veins, tempting him to take a bite.

Mira, on the other hand, was oblivious of his growing desire, cursing at her own shaking fingers for making it difficult to search through her phone’s contact list. She heard the dialling tone as the phone tried to connect and by the time she took a glance down at him, the boy could see his glowing red eyes being reflected on hers.

It was as if Mira was in a trance when her phone slipped out from her grasp, watching helplessly as the child in her arms grab the back of her neck and effortlessly pulled her towards his awaiting fang. The tip easily punctured through the thin layer of skin of her shoulders, a restrained yelp escaped from her lips while her thick blood flowed into his mouth.

It tasted good.
Tremendously so.
It was as if he was floating with all of Mira's past streaming into his mind. The strips of her memories began to intertwine with his own, seeing the bright world through her eyes, and he embraced them wholeheartedly.


The scene quickly dumps him to a dark place, where a figure of a young petite boy stood ways ahead. Their eyes bore on each other, terror brewing within the little vamp on how those eyes resembled closely to Mira’s. A beam of white light penetrated through the darkness behind the petite boy but he was not phased by it. The light grew brighter and brighter until it consumed everything, bathing the world in white.


A gasp jerked the little vamp back into the present and he stumbled back in a daze. A loud thud made him looked down to see her crumpled body on the floor. Mouth gaping, the boy’s knees gave way and he collapsed to the ground beside her. His silent cry was muffled by his small hands over his bloodied mouth.


Mira's eyes were closed.

She was not moving.

Mira... He killed Mira!


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