The Coalesce Of Narratives

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The coalesce of narratives is the combination of short stories written by Lindokuhle Ndinisa.

Submitted: February 17, 2019

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Submitted: February 17, 2019



  1. Acknowledgements

I must pause and reflect on those who selflessly and charitably lifted me up to my writings. With the deepest gratitude I wish to thank everyone who has come into my life and inspired, motivated and lifted me up through their presence. I am forever indebted to you.

I would also like to acknowledge and express my sincere gratitude to the following people who encouraged my hobby of writing short stories to be something that can help people learn and go through their challenges peacefully.

For their generosity, I thank: Yanga Piliso, Siphamandla Cele, Ndiphiwe Mbokodi, Sithembile Ncanda, Sikhulule Msengana, Lwando Gagu, Siphesihle Fanta, Aphumelele Tonga, Enathi Genu, Nombasa Mbiko, Sandile Mtshemla, Phumelisa Bayisa, Nozuko Fumazele and everyone who has read and liked the my short stories. Most importantly, my family, readers, Facebook friends etc.

  1. Summary

If its love then so be it” is a story about the difficulties of love that each and every young man go through. Their challenges through the journey of finding love to places of impossibility. The courage to approach what is seem impossible from a girl. The courage to man up and go speak to a lady instead of waiting for a lady to come speak to them. In a nutshell, the short story encourages man to leave their comfort zones and be what women want men to be.

“When Life Feels Like A Test You Didn’t Study For” is a story about a young boy whose mother had passed away as a Queen of the AmaBhaca Kingdom. The unfortunate events occurred as a result of the royal families egocentricity and jealousy forced the settlers of the kingdom to demand the young prince to be awarded a crown. The royal family kept denying to be led by a prince suffering from haemophilia.

“Circle of the Universe” The circle of the universe is a motivation based on people’s reactions, behaviours and misnomers they encounter when they are at their most vulnerable positions. This motivation is focusing on displaying the truth about people in general and the way they conduct themselves which proves discomfort in the universe as a whole. It aims to teach and to properly guide people nowadays on how nature is supposed to be respected.

“What Women Fail To Understand” This novel seeks to lay a foundation on how to understand men. Its focus is on women who fail to grasp men’s doings and interests and dislikes to name a few. This book also encourages women to persevere in their relationships and not judge men by their actions. Furthermore, this book elaborates on what causes men to have certain confusing actions and bizarre behaviour that consequently make women want to quit and leave the relationship promptly without thinking twice.


Author: Lindokuhle Ndinisa



It was in the month of February 2015, on a sunny day with a bit of a wind blowing. Three gentlemen by the name of John, Anthony and Philips met in the Auditorium site next to East London Magistrate Court, where they were attending a Law of Persons lecture. The lecture which was postponed due to the inaugural speech of the former Vice Chancellor Dr Mvuyo Tom that was held in Miriam Makeba at the University of Fort Hare in the East London Campus.

The following day, the three dudes went to attend Logic and ethics which was in Collosium 1. A lecture venue opposite Steers in Town. On their way, they met a very humble young man who was wondering and asking around the venue they were supposed to be going to. Luckily, Philips heard him asking and then attended to him promptly.

The young man introduced himself by the name of Samuel, born and bred in Maclear Town. It was clear from the very onset that Samuel was coming from a country side. His accent was so deep like an ancient Xhosa poet (imbongi), he was scared of the cars, scared of everything machinery. He revealed his true self when he couldn’t point out the difference between “logic” and “logistics”. He couldn’t explain the difference and yet he was proud of the way he interpreted words in his own way. [Hilarious isn’t it?]

The rest of the dudes welcomed Samuel with full endorsement, the first dude John who was very quiet and shy shacked his hand and told him he must be brave. University is not a place for the weak, he told him a brief story about him having to quit Bcom General because he didn’t like it and he never had passion for it, and more significantly he illustrated that it was just a waste of his time.




One day John saw a girl and got attracted to her. He did not inform his friends about the girl because he was a shy person. He wrote messages anonymously to the girl and writes love poems quoting Shakes Spear and other well-known authors. The girl enjoyed the poems but didn’t know the secret admirer and his intentions.

As the time goes by, the four dudes recruited a female friend to their group by the name of Pamela. The common thing with the lady is the mind and the drive similar to a guy. She understands guys very well and she is not judgemental nor dramatic. She is a good listener and a secret keeper but her eyes reveals everything about her. In a nutshell, she is an open book.

John went to Pamela to seek advice on how to approach his crush directly instead of continuously sending messages to her and writing poems. Their consultations went on and on until they found a solution. Pamela advised him to approach the girl physically and confess her love to her. John did not do that instead he lost his nerve and kept his feelings to himself. Time flew, the friendship between Pamela and John became so intense and other friends suspected they might be having an intrigue(secret love affair).

Their suspicions were wrong because at that time Pamela did not have time for boys and even her time to be wasted on relationship was very much preserved for important things.

One early morning, unexpectedly John bumped to his crush on his way from the library to meet his friends Samuel, Anthony, Pamela and Philips. By the look on his face, he was very nervous he couldn’t even greet. What made the whole situation even more difficult for John, his crush didn’t even look at him. He felt so sad because he is a fat guy and there is a superstition that girls don’t like fat guys and they don’t even look at them. Yet, John was excited by the fact that he saw his crush.

[…at the computer laboratory with his friends]

John: guys can you guess who I have met just a few minutes ago?

Philips: (laughing…) Your granny with a moustache?

John: (smiling…) I am serious Philips.

Samuel: tell us bro, who did you meet?

Anthony: Is your crush isn’t it? You’ve been smiling since you came here.

John: (blushing…) yes, but I don’t know what happened. The moment I saw her I just froze. I think I have fallen in love with her so deep and that worries me.

Anthony: the sad part is that she doesn’t know that she has someone crushing on her. You should man up and go talk to her.

Pamela: (surprised…) Anthony, you are the last person to tell John to man up. You still have an unresolved case with that girl in our class.

Anthony: (upset…) Oh! Shut up Pamela.

[…everyone excited about the news that have just been revealed by Pamela. Everyone start asking questions about who is the girl and how does she look like.]

Samuel: (laughing...) You are always on people’s business. Now it’s your turn to share your story with the crew. Who is Mrs right?

John: yeah! Talk man we want to know.

Philips: (smiling…) tell us dude.

Pamela: (with a big smile…) will you tell them or should I?

[Anthony interceded Pamela promptly…]

Anthony: No, I will tell everyone just relax.


[Anthony telling his friends the story about this girl in his class that he loves and hopes they can be a couple]




It was just before the Easter holidays when Anthony saw this gorgeous young girl in class reading her case law textbook. He couldn’t resist such beauty, such heart touching cologne, smelling on her clothes. He didn’t know how to approach her but he knew he has no other way that is better planned than going and talk to her.

He had several breath-takings before going to her, his knees were shaking and his voice because of nervousness was getting smaller and smaller. Pamela noticed Anthony’s body reaction whenever he is closer to the girl. She would call her while Anthony is close by and pretends that she is just asking a school related question, but Anthony would shake, sweat and act weird. Time passes, Anthony continues playing hide and seek. The girl knew Anthony had a crush but she is indecisive whether to give him a chance or not but she is also confused by the fact that Anthony never said a word to her about his true feelings.

Anthony went to Mr George for advise, he explained every detail to him about this girl and without hesitation Mr George responded thereto without a waste of time, because he saw how in love this young boy was and shared some words of wisdom with him

“Young man, women by their nature do not go to a man and confess their feelings, even those who have the courage are consisted of the minority over the entire population of women. Therefore, I advise you not to think of the worst when you are approaching her, be yourself and go talk to her. Always be yourself and if she does not like the real you then she is not the one for you, in fact it is her loss…”

[Mr George is a cleaner at the campus, he is an old man who is very omniscient in nature. Education wise he is illiterate but in terms of life skills in general, he is an expert and a very good listener and a wise adviser. He is a widower, his wife died in a car accident and he has three children who are also in tertiary level in Cuba doing medical studies]

Anthony took the advice and went to talk to her, he was so nervous to a point that his pants felt so wet as if he has peed himself. With that vibrating voice he stood up straight and with confidence as well. Confidence accompanied by nervousness is a worse combination a man can have at this crucial time. It contains a weird behaviour.

[…by the way the girl’s name is Tembi, a very focused young girl, beautiful, light in complexion and with long natural blond hair and brown eyes. She is a daughter of a well-known politician Mr.Veza in King Williams Town, her domicile of origin.]

Anthony was scrolling down the news feeds on Facebook when he saw Tembi’s post revealing her location “Having lunch at Kennaways Hotel, Steers…”.He did not hesitate and went to Kennaways Steers. He put on his best clothes including a jacket that he bought two days ago at Markhams and sprayed a lot of cologne. He went out so fast that he even forgot to take his wallet with him.

[…at Kennawys Steers]

Anthony: (clearing his throat…) Hi, Tembi.

Tembi: (smiling…) hello, you are Anthony, right?

Anthony: (excited…) in a matter of fact yes I’m Anthony.

Tembi: you look energetic today, what a lovely jacket by the way?

Anthony: (hallucinating…) [he lost it, he imagined himself kissing and hugging Tembi. Because of the love he had for Tembi, he couldn’t pretend more but to act according to his thoughts. Everyone at Steers noticed his bizarre behaviour and others understood he is in love but others were perplexed thinking he is going mad.]

Tembi: (surprised…) Anthony, what is wrong with you?

Anthony: (embarrassed…) I’m…(bend down his head)

Tembi: (scared…) this guy is weird.


[Tembi took her order and went to a nearby table and sat down. Took out her cell phone and started typing….]

Cashier at Kennaways Steers: Can I assist you sir?

Anthony: (still embarrassed about what happened) he began to search his pockets so ad nauseum that he ended up looking like an idiot. Then he remembered, he left his wallet back home when he was expeditiously in a hurry leaving his room rushing to Kennaways Steers.

[Tembi looking at him and shaking her head. Anthony noticed that Tembi saw him and he convinced himself that she thinks he does not have money to buy. He then went out of Steers in a rush, unexpectedly so and in the weirdness way no one has ever seen].

[On his way, Anthony bumped into two beautiful girls who were taking selfies with an I Phone, using a selfie stick. He almost broke the cell phone when he bumped into the girl who was holding the cell taking pictures]

Girls: (screaming…)

Anthony: He quickly apologised and he was still thinking hard about what had happened at Steers. He continued acting weird as if he is being chased by a lion on a dessert with no place to hide. He was moving from north to south and from west to east like a headless chicken.

Girls: (ran to the nearby store, Kennaways Steers…)

[The two girls are Tembi’s cousins from King Williams Town. They shared the awful experience they encountered a few minutes ago about “this mad man”; Anthony’s weird behaviour made him named a “mad man”. They laughed about it and Tembi also shared her side of the story, the incident that happened inside the shop. They had a good time together as family, they laughed and laughed, took selfies and posted on social media, both Facebook and Instagram]


Anthony arrived at his home, his self-esteem is very low because of what happened at Steers. In the evening that day, he decided to visit his social media accounts to refresh his brain from the traumatic experience he encountered. He had a mini heart attack when he saw the two girls he almost broke their cell phone while they were taking selfies tagged in the same photo with Tembi. With a caption “Day well spent with my cousins after a terrible experience #MadMan”.

He drew some inferences about the hash tagged(#) term “MadMan”, and he reached a conclusion that the term refers to him. He then connected the dots between the two girls and Tembi and it clearly made sense to him that they possibly have told each other about the unfortunate events that happened today.




Anthony decided to move on with his life and tried to bury the crush he had over Tembi. He began approaching other girls to make himself feel better, luckily he did not get any rejections this time, perhaps it is the fact that he does not look needy. Apparently, girls do not like guys who are needy, it scares them and chases them away. A guy must look tough, knowing what he wants, cares a lot and be a good listener. Anthony had those qualities but the type of girls he dates did not meet any of the observations he conducted on Tembi. Tembi was a powerful girl, full of life(adventurous), respectful, not in competition with anyone, minds her own business, loves to help needy people(on vacation she assists in orphanage homes around the Eastern Cape), lastly, she is a God fearing person.

Anthony got a job at Spar Supermarket as a packer, he had moved on from the drama that happened at Kennaway Steers, he is living a normal life and has made a vow to himself that he will never ever in his life approach a girl who by their looks is a “slay queen” (…definitions of a slay queen differs, for the purpose of this story, “a slay queen” is a girl coming from a rich family and has expensive materials such as an I’Phone, weave and the modern trending outfits etc).

According to Anthony, Tembi was a slay queen. He had convinced himself that guys like him can never date girls like Tembi because of levels. Be that as it may, Tembi do not have taste on guys, she can date any guy who deserves her, whether poor, rich etc it does not matter to her. Anthony did not know that, he continued convincing himself that he is not Tembi’s type.

(On a weekend…)

It was on Saturday evening, an hour before the end of business at Spar. Tembi’s male cousin who is a chattered accountant in Pretoria had a business trip to East London, after business he went to see Tembi before he report back to Pretoria on Sunday morning. He had booked at ICC Hotel and he is more of a traditional type of a guy who does not like hotel food and prefers home cooked meal like samp and lamb stew, so he called Tembi to accompany him to a near shop where he can find the type of food he wants. Tembi suggested they go to Spar.

(An unexpected heartbreak…)

Tembi and her cousin entered Spar all happy and smiling, holding hands since they last saw each other in two years, the were excited to see each other. They did not see anything wrong by holding hands because they are family. Anthony saw them and his adrenalin was so high, his heartbeat was fast as if he saw a ghost, we thought he had moved on completely from Tembi but he did not realise he was just in a healing process. He looked at Tembi’s cousin, he noticed the way he dressed that he is wealthy and is a working class. He thought that Tembi has a blesser/sugar daddy. He started hating that and went to approach the cousin and confronted him for taking advantage of a tertiary student.

(…another embarrassment breakdown)

Anthony: (with force…) grabbing Tembi’s cousin’s hand, untying it to Tembi’s hand since they were holding hands in tandem.  

The cousin: (shocked…) Geez! Man what is wrong with you?

Anthony: (shouting…) You are asking me what is wrong? Can’t you see what you are doing is erroneous and embarrassing. You are sleeping with students.

Tembi: (perplexed…) Excuse me?

Anthony: (trying to calm her down…) I know men like this one, they always take advantage to students because they are vulnerable.

(The whole stuff at Spar came out in numbers to see what was happening.  The manager was so disappointed and embarrassed by the behaviour of one of his stuff members [Anthony]. The manager instructed the Security guard to escort Tembi’s cousin from that awful experience and also apprehend Anthony for his reckless and unmannered behaviour.)


  1. [John’s Story of the crush that never knew was a crush. Continuation…]


John has a lot of similarities with Anthony, maybe it is the fact that they are friends and they share the same experience of finding it difficult to communicate without being nervous with the opposite gender. Their lack of experience with interacting with girls makes them fall into a nightmare of the fairy-tale love.

(…the nightmare of the fairy-tale love)

After John saw his crush on campus he was always day dreaming about that experience. He was getting so obsessed with being in an imaginary relationship with the girl. In the evening, John decided to take a walk alone to the beach to have his own time to think deeper about this imaginary relationship he is trapped into, which he wishes it can turn into a real relationship. The problem with turning the imaginary into reality is the lack of guts, insecurities and low self-esteem. As he was walking, he saw a couple holding hands, smiling and enjoying their ice-cream. He imagined himself with his crush doing the exact thing at the exact place and in the exact moment.

John woke up from that day dream when he was greeted by a photographer who was passing by the beach advertising his business. The photographer noticed the strange behaviour from this young man and decided to leave quickly since he thought maybe John is a maniac. John sat down and started throwing little stones to the water while the waves were going back and forth, birds singing a melody and the sun shines very bright; it was a beautiful day.

John started hearing a weird sound of something falling, he looked back and there was his crush, wearing a short, vest and sun glasses. It was her cell phone falling and the screen was broken. Before John even stood up and go check on her, a young handsome Indian guy who was driving a Golf GTI parked near the beach went to her rescue first; the guy offered to replace her screen if she does not mind. She smiled but said “No thanks”, then she left. Leaving an Indian guy who was trying to help stranded and disappointed with the response from an exquisite young girl.

It was John’s happiest moment of his life when he saw that happening. He realised from that moment that he needed to approach the girl expeditiously and without any further ado.

(The name of the girl is Mbali, a very talented Tennis player. She is a sport person, very strict in diet and adores jogging in the morning)

John is so in love with Mbali and he knows that if he takes time to talk to her, other guys might get that opportunity and use it wisely. He then ran to her after she had turned down the Indian guy.

(…breathing high and sweating since the weather is hot and John is an obese person; started greeting her. John does not realise that Mbali likes jokes and she has a sense of humour)

John: (sweating and tired from running…) Hello! I’m John.

Mbali: (smiling…) Hi, I’m Mbali.

John: (with a big smile…) I’m going to the same direction, can we walk together and chat if you don’t mind?

Mbali: Of course, I thought you wanted tips on how to lose weight. (she began laughing. John was offended by what Mbali said but he laughed too because he loves her)

John: That would be lovely, you know.

Mbali: (excited…) Good. I always needed a jogging partner. I jog every morning at 06:00am.

John: (surprised…) 06:00am?

Mbali: Do you have a problem with that?

John: No, not at all. (…in fact John had a problem with that, he has sleeping problems and they are the result of his body gaining so much fat because he eats and go to sleep. His entire body system struggles to digest food faster than a normal person. Most vitally, he was worried that he might disappoint Mbali since he is suffering from this unusual “learnt habit”).

John made sacrifices for Mbali, he started doing things he never done before. He began to acclimatize to Mbali’s strict diet. He lost a lot of mass not weight. (According to physics, there is somehow a difference between a mass and a weight. When someone is gaining a lot of fat we sometimes refer to that person as “gaining weight” which is erroneous. A mass is an amount of matter in the body whereas a weight is a downward pull between an object and the Earth which is caused by a force of gravity).

John has impressively succeeded the goal of losing weight and be what he always wanted to be. His friendship with Mbali was very tight but he had to confess his love for him.

John: (Confessing his feelings to Mbali) “Mbali I have always loved you, no one else but you. Maybe we can just drop this pretence of acting like we don’t want each other and honestly speaking about how we feel about each other. Mbali I love you!”.

Mbali: (wiping tears of joy in her chicks) “Wow! John, I have never experience such truth. You are a good person, a pleasure to have around. I have gained trust in you and it made me fall in love with you. I love you too John.”

The relationship between Mbali and John became a partnership. None of them expected the impossible from each other, they understood their backgrounds and supported each other in every way possible. They always kept in mind the fact that they are students and their relationship was not a first hand priority in their list priorities; they respected each other’s space and even when they go out, they spend as little as possible since they were students and do not afford an expensive lifestyle.


  1. (The beginning of the end: Continuation of Anthony’s story)


Anthony was fired at Spar after the drama he committed to Tembi’s cousin. He was so stressed and he ended up having depression. His friends advised him to go see a therapist Dr Maka.

(Dr Maka is a specialist in helping people with depression to be better. He just graduated from a Medical School in Cuba. Apparently, Dr Maka’s father is Mr George the Campus cleaner. His father used to tell him about Anthony and his crush. Dr Maka was familiar with cases of this kind and luckily Anthony knew his father in a personal level).

Anthony finished all the sessions with Dr Maka and felt better than he was before. He started gaining self-esteem, his confidence was on the peak, his law of attraction tactics were extraordinary; he was like a born again Christian.

Everyone was shocked with the way Anthony does things, he was so respectful, kind to people. He never thought he could love someone let alone Tembi. He had someone crushing on him so much. It was Pamella his female friend, it was a shocking experience to him.

To be frankly, male friends have a habit of ruining friendships by approaching their female friends first and confess their feelings to them. This time, it was the other way around. Respectfully, Anthony didn’t care about Pamella’s beauty, caves and cute smile; if a man does not want you, he does not want you, not even a king nor a queen can change that. Anthony decided without a doubt to cut ties with Pamella, it was not because of what she did but how she took advantage of his healing process. At this stage, Anthony was on an assessment to evaluate himself whether he can survive the reality of this world after what had happened to him. He suffered from a severe obsession with high levels of insecurities; his situation was similar to the one of a man who is jealous of someone, a complete pure egocentricity.

Tembi heard people talking good things about Anthony, she sees the pictures and videos that he post of social media are more educational and simple. She noticed that Anthony lives a simple life, a life of no trends and impressions. She started developing feelings and interest to Anthony’s work of uplifting himself to great towers. She tried and tried to be closer but was rejected by Anthony. She started losing her mind and dated older guys who promised her the world then disappoint her multiple times. She lost and undermined a heart of a loving man, Anthony. Her last words before she committed suicide were “If its love then so be it”.

[ The End]



AUTHOR: Lindokuhle Ndinisa


It was during winter when the news were told that she has departed this life. Her absence was felt and seen just immediately after the news were told. What a powerful influential person she was and what a painful experience it was for her family at the time. Her name was Nobhobhuwaya, a Queen of AmaBhaca tribe, a woman of honour, notability and integrity.

Her departure left many of her people under no guidance, no security and no recognition. She left behind her only son who was struggling with haemophilia. His name was Mohlwayi . The only person the orphaned son trusted with his rare medical problem was his late mother.

During the funeral of the dignified woman, family members fought for the custody of the boy since they knew all the assets of his late mother will be inherited by him. Mohlwayi decided to end the war between his family members by deciding to stay alone. His paranoia was at his extreme level.

Time flew like birds moving from a cold polar region to a warmer region. The jealousy in the family became a habit and some of the ménage were unemployed, uneducated and poor. Their standard of living made them egocentric about everything that involves amalgamation to the entire family.

Mohlwayi was hated by his family for being his mother’s successor. His presence to them was unappetizing and unsavoury, but the boy was so careful about their bitterness towards him. His enemies, the one’s of a better expression(family) decided to constrain him from enjoying his legacy. They came with a plan of injuring him so that he can bleed to death since he was suffering from a very rare disease, haemophilia.

One early morning, Mohlwayi was on his way to the river to look for a cattle calf that was missing two nights ago. On his way, he saw two grown men carrying an old big silky bag, in his mind he thought they were shepherds. Sadly, they were not, they were kidnappers bought by his greedy ménages.

[They grabbed him and closed his mouth to stop him from shouting for help]

Kidnapper 1: Let’s kill this boy, he is heavy. We can’t carry him to the royal house all by ourselves. You can see how strong he is trying to get out of this bag.

Kidnapper 2: No, we can’t kill him now. The place is not safe for us. Anyone can see us. Let’s go to the bush and force him to drink poison.

(They carried Mohlwayi to the bush near the river of Kwanodukhwe)


[They took Mohlwayi out of the bag and started beating him up so that he can drink the poison they had. During that process Mohlwayi’s traditionally made bracelet fall unnoticed].

Mohlwayi resisted, crying and shouting “why God am I having bad lucks at a very young age. Firstly, I was born with a rare disease. Secondly, my mother passed away and my family turned their backs on me. Now this, I am forced to drink poison so I can end my life”

Kidnapper 1: You can cry an ocean, today you will see your ancestors. Drink! [grabbing a stick nearby]

Kidnapper 2: Stop it! Maponya. Can’t you see the boy have suffered worse than us at this young age.

Kidnapper 1(Maponya): Why are you revealing my name Sisa? We agreed we will remain unknown until the job is done. You are so unpredictable.

Kidnapper 2(Sisa): We need to be considerate. This boy is a son of the late queen. If it happens that he lives, he heard our names. He can report us and the whole village will be out looking for us. We can’t spend our whole life running.

Maponya: Let us kill him then and make sure he is dead.

Sisa: No! man, why are you so obsessed about killing this boy? You should be thankful that we have him as our ticket to a better life.

Maponya: “A better life” uthini na wena Sisa(what are you saying Sisa) [Xhosa vernacular]? Have you forgotten that his family paid us good money to assassinate him?

Sisa: I know. If we can help this boy from that evil family of his, he can open many doors for us for saving his life. Do not forget, ifumile lentwana (this boy is loaded) [Xhosa vernacular].

[There was a long uncomfortable silence from Maponya’s side…]

Maponya: (convinced) let’s release him. If he reports us to the village authorities, it is your fault Sisa.

Sisa: (Pleased) let’s take the boy to our home. He is going to be safe there.

Maponya: (with a sudden anger) what! Do you know how risky that is, what if his family have opened a case of a missing person to the village authorities? Udlala ngomlilo Sisa(you are playing with fire Sisa) [Xhosa vernacular].

Sisa: Do not forget that we will be protecting him against his family. They want to see him dead. Bakhohlakele kakubi ababantu(those people are very evil)[Xhosa vernacular].

Maponya: (staring at Mohlwayi) you are a one lucky bastard. I was planning to celebrate your death today.

Sisa: (looking at Maponya) Assist me to carry the boy home.


[Sisa and Maponya carried Mohlwayi to their home to keep him safe. They seemed not to be bad people after all. Assassins who have good hearts are rare to find].


Mohlwayi: Thank you very much for saving me. You were hired to kill me but you decided to save me. Why? (looking at the assassins)

Maponya: Don’t look at me. It’s Sisa who saved your butt.

Sisa: You are welcome young Prince. What is your name?

Mohlwayi: I’m Mohlwayi, the son of queen Nobhobhuwaya who have departed this life. I’m..(Maponya interceded him negativity)

Maponya: Oh! Shut up. Sisa wanted to know your name. We know you are from the royalty and your mother have passed away.

Sisa: Stop it Maponya. Why are you always grumpy?

Maponya: Whatever. Sitya ntoni kulenjika langa?(what are we eating this evening?)[Xhosa vernacular]

Sisa: Samp and cabbage. Mohlwayi is there anything you are allergic to?

Mohlwayi: No sir.

[Sisa is dishing up sump and cabbage]

Maponya: (whispering to Sisa) How long are we keeping this boy here? His family think we have killed him already and they probably have opened a missing case to the village authorities.

Sisa: (with tranquillity) relax buddy, no one will suspect that the boy is here.

Maponya: You better be sure. I do not want to spend my life as a peasant of the village. You know exactly how people are being punished by the village authorities.

Sisa: Your problem is that you worry too much. You create problems that are not there. Be careful, you will get mad Maponya.

Maponya: Mxm! Ungathi andikukhuzanga (don’t say I didn’t warn you) [Xhosa vernacular].

[The kind assassins kept Mohlwayi safe in their home, risking their lives. Maponya, the grumpy assassin ended up enjoying Mohlwayi’s company. He even gave Mohlwayi some of his old clothes to wear].


[In the royal house]

[Mohlwayi’s family believed that he is dead. The happiness in their eyes was so wild like they have won a war. They even didn’t bother opening a case of a missing person to the village authorities. They were loathing Mohlwayi with all their hearts. Only Muzi, Mohlwayi’s cousin who was against all the evil].

Nomakhwezi(Aunt 1): I am sure that annoying little pig is dead.

Sibane(Uncle): Who does he think he is? He is just a small boy who does not know anything about ruling a kingdom.

Zinzi(Aunt 2): I wish they took his body and threw it to the wild animals in the jungle. I hate Mohlwayi with my heart and soul.

Muzi(cousin): Mohlwayi is a good person. I do not remember even once seeing him disrespecting any of you. Why hating him so much?

Sibane: Shut up! Uyabhuda kwedini(You are talking nonsense boy) [Xhosa vernacular]. Mohlwayi cannot lead this kingdom. His mother was weak as well. Who can be led by a sick prince with haemophilia anyway?

Muzi: (talking to himself)…Bakhohlakele ababantu futhi banomona (these people are cruel and jealous) [Xhosa vernacular].

(Muzi shaking his head disappointed)……

Sibane: Kwedini kukho into ofuna ukuyithetha? Sunqala intloko apha. Phuma ngalamnyango (Boy is there something you want to say? Stop shaking your head and leave us).[Xhosa vernacular]

(Muzi left the royal house. His aim was to go and look for his cousin Mohlwayi, he really hated the way his family loathed Mohlwayi. He even thought of committing suicide because of the abusive language at home which affected him emotionally).


(Muzi went to the river Kwanodukhwe to drawn himself. He was terrified by the words his uncle and aunts were saying about his cousin Mohlwayi. He was emotionally and spiritually weak by his very nature. He couldn’t handle the pain, thus he saw suicide as an escape route in finding peace.

Muzi: Dear Lord and nani boChisana,Ndebe, boKhopoyi(clan name) [Xhosa vernacular]. I am delivering myself to you. My time in this world of the living have arrived and there is no turning back. I have tried to be strong for myself and for my hated cousin Mohlwayi, but I have failed. I cannot stand the pain and the suffering my uncle and aunts are bringing in the family. Ever since the queen departed this life, all we are living under is impasse. Our lives are at stake and we are put in very unpleasant  positions as if we are illegal immigrants. We are in precipice because of the jealousy and greediness our family have embarked to. Ngalomazwi(with these words) [Xhosa vernacular], ndiyabuncama ubomi bam(I give up my life) [Xhosa vernacular].

[Just before Muzi jumps to the deep running water of the Kwanodukhwe river, he noticed a very special and rare traditionally made bracelet. He knew it belongs to Mohlwayi. He started believing that his cousin is still alive and decided to stop going through with the suicide]


[In the assassins home]

Maponya: It is getting late, I will go fetch some water in the river so that we can bath. It has been a long day.

Sisa: That’s a great idea.

[Maponya went to the river to fetch water. He saw Muzi standing in a cliff looking very sad. He knew the boy was from the royalty by the look of his clothes. They were shiny and new, very rare. He approached the boy.]

Maponya: Kwedini(boy) [Xhosa vernacular], please step back you are going to fall there, and believe me you will have no chances of survival.

Muzi: (with tears droping) you know sir, this bracelet was my cousin’s Mohlwayi. I last saw him three days ago. I don’t know whether he is dead or alive. I just wanted to warn him about that evil family of ours.

Maponya: (wipes him tears) It’s alright. Everything will be okay. Trust me. Your cousin is safe in my home. He stays with me and my brother. My brother and I are assassins, we kill for a living. Your family gave us money to kill Mohlwayi but we decided not to, he is the prince. If he dies, this kingdom will fall in the wrong hands and our lives as settlers of the kingdom will be hard like a test we didn’t study for.


[Muzi went to the home of the assassins to meet his cousin Mohlwayi. He arrived and saw him happy as ever before. They all planned on how they will overcome the obstacles they were facing. The assassins promised they will provide safety for the prince. The royal house was left chaotic and the family itself did not know which to appoint as an interim king or queen. What made the royal family even more under pressure was the public interest, people wanted to be assured that the prince have departed this life. Without such a proof, the royal crown will remain vacant.



Author: Lindokuhle Ndinisa


Life has a way of showing people the reality of the universe. Many people tend to forget that life has ups and downs, they always blame other people for their own impediments. To be realistic, that’s nature, people always feel good when they have someone else to blame.

Having great opportunities after a huge blast of disappointments is a good way of taking a break and put away the past to its miserable existence of oblivion. Without any further ado, having a start to a great life is a spiritual healing on its own. Apparently, having self-pity now and again is a spiritual suicide and death caused by one self is a death blamed to no one.

In life you need to learn before you know, you need to struggle before you can live like a king or queen. We all fear something in life, we all fear not to be successful, we all fear not to be great men or women, we all fear not to have wealth, we all fear not to look good in public. We forget one thing, we forget what is called self-consciousness. We as people we do things to please certain individuals. We do things to get fame from the outsiders forgetting the insiders (family and friends). We struggle to find ourselves but willing to give up on ourselves, we look ourselves in the mirror and see a reflexion of a bad person. We all make mistakes, we all deserve a second chance in life and we’re all who we are because of who we were.

When people judge you, they will judge you by your reflexion (your clothes, your looks, your voice and how you walk). They will make you feel inferior, lost, objectified and insignificant. Their ego will prove their egocentricity and their unkindness. Always listen to your inner voice and the best part of it is a true self-identification that involves no outsider but yourself. A self-identification is a confidential self-making way of new ideas about your goals, ambitions and protection of your own self-reliance. It involves reality about yourself, things that you wish for you never wished for by chance they are possible to happen. To gain respect amongst people you do not have to be White, Jewish, Indian or Coloured. Every person of any race can be successful and gain respect from other people. An entourage happens to great achievers. Be the achiever or the one surrounding it.

Success is the final stage of a human journey, one who fails to maintain and preserve his own crown, will end up falling from the world above of the riches down to the miserable life of the peasants(old life/previous life). When you grab an opportunity wrap it with a protection plan and run with it. Vultures are many outside, crooks, thieves, criminals and hooligans are waiting and fully prepared to forcefully take your hard work away from you. No one is fit enough to start his/her life from the beginning, the work of many years cannot be done in days. It is either we protect our crowns or we end up dying looking backwards.

Experience comes with hard work and hard work requires a full time dedication and commitment. An individual lacking these prerequisites will therefore fall to the world of the untutored people. People who are not tutored often get limited skills, in this century of the 21st, people with limited skills are used as slaves (they are objectified), they work hard for many hours and paid peanuts. This kind of predicament invites extreme poverty and low standard of living. To save ourselves from being used as slaves we must require a free treatment, an equal treatment.

As people what we think is very important but the question is raised on how we act. It all starts in the mind and ends with an action. Meaning in simple terms, what an individual thinks will determine his or her results of action. A key way to observe an action is through thinking. As people we act based on what we think. Pains we feel, disappointments we face, rejections and betrayals we undergo are all felt by the heart through a process of thinking. It is then the thinking that will determine the final phase of action in dealing with the current situation at that very moment, and in that particular point in time.

As people we listen to other people’s approval of ourselves. We think we are better when someone has confirmed that indeed we are. Why can’t an individual follow his/her heart? I think it is because they are indecisive when it comes to the making of their own decisions. Deceivers are powerful and they have skills to cover the eyes of a go-getter. An individual following his/her own path does succeed.


Women are life, they are the backbone of the human kind in its entirety. They give birth to beautiful creatures, take care of them, protect them and teach them everything they need to know. Women are survivors of many painful experiences but their strength and courage makes them more powerful than their problems. These admirable people are the result of every good deed in this entire universe. Imagine a universe without women, it would be like a dry ocean full of dead and smelly species. Those are our women (mbokodo); people of pure heart, fidelity and exquisiteness.

To draw attention to what women are nowadays, it’s a painful experience. Women have become egocentric, they have become a burden to men and that’s a shame in many respects. Women, nowadays are users, they are also used as sex slaves by wealthy men and they are choosey when it comes to the type of men they can get married to or date. Their presence have been invisible to the eye such that their only purpose in life is to look good to the public and lack a very important element in a human being called Ubuntu. Ubuntu to women of nowadays is something that is completely forgotten or unknown, in a nutshell an oblivion. They have lacked discipline and love, they have forgotten who they are and where they are coming from. Their gender is questioned many times whether it still hold manners and morals to its highest degree as expected or it drops radically like an economy of a country with no trading partners.

Women are a competition amongst themselves. They are lost in more ways than one, their egocentricity is extreme and scary in so many levels. What happened to Imbokodo that we as Africans used to praise, what happened to our women of honour and integrity, the mothers of Africa have gone to exile because they have failed their own children. Rise up African women and be the unbreakable stone (mbokodo). Men are taking advantage of you because they see nothing to respect. Give them the competition they deserve and stand by your words as a collective. Women are life, women are the future of this entire universe.


The born-strong, courageous and intelligent. Men are leaders by nature, they are the protectors of the universe, the warriors of human kind. They are physically strong in nature, they are muscular and broad in every part of their body. Men are hard-labour people in general and they can do any job; they can be better described as a puzzle that fits in every open space.

To shift focus on men nowadays, it’s a shocking experience and unpleasant one. Men nowadays have become monsters, evil people and devils of darkness. They destroy every good thing they come across in the universe; men have become enemies of women-progress, they feel intimidated by women to an extent that they are left with no choice but to murder them, rape them, abuse them and make them feel objectified and damaged. Men are literally bad people, they are the result of discomfort in the universe as a whole. Men have brought darkness in the eyes of many and they have conquered hope with hopelessness, faith with unfaithfulness and belief with the unbelievableness. It has been a fight with no success to try and change men in their entirety to do good. Those who do good, they do good by choice and by following the foot-steps of the almighty God. Religion has changed many men because the devil is living inside their hearts, tormenting them to do bad and undesirable things to the universe with an intention to destroy it.


This has been a forgotten element as far as friendships and relationships are concerned. People tend to make it a habit to lie and deceive other people, to isolate the truth from the entire universe and to bring forward the unexpected and the undesirable.

Trust cannot be practised individually but it is an element that works in tandem with a group of people close to you. People you share your problems with, you share love with and all the goals and ambitions with. Nowadays, it is difficult to trust people because of past experiences but we forget that the old people who brought the doubt to us are different from the current ones we just met recently. It is totally unfair to die for the sins of another person, especially the person you have never met before.

The negativity about trust is that its impact stretches so wide that it also affects other people who are far away from it. In friendships, if your previous friend did not keep a secret and split it out in the public and you somehow got embarrassed, of course you will lose trust but that does not mean your new friend will do the same thing. It’s a matter of who did what and when and who is here currently. People differ and that is a fact, other people might share same principles although they are complete strangers but that does not mean have trust issues to everyone you come across.

Same with relationships, a person will find out their partner’s infidelity and decide to break-up with them. In that note, of course trust has been lost. But does it mean the person you will date in the future will do the same thing? The answer is NO!... People must stop depressing themselves by what they think, people differ and also people may share same sentiments. Be that as it may, that does not mean lack trust to everyone new you come across. The universe has a lot of good people and bad ones of course but your focus must be to the ones who are good. To know the good ones you need to practise what is called patience. Patience helps you study a person and get to know their true intentions. Have time to figure out what that person wants and how long is that person willing to wait for what he/she wants to happen. 



Author: Lindokuhle Ndinisa


One of the minor technicalities that women are failing to grasp on men is the issue of atrocity. In simple terms men do not like women who always open their hands and request money, it is an annoying and insulting approach that is defeated over and over again. Men like to spend on what they think is valuable to them, depending on their interests at that time. For example, if a men want to have sexual intercourse with a lady at that time, his desire to spend is pure and not accompanied by doubt whatsoever. However, if he sees beyond now about that certain lady then he can spend knowing he want to settle-down or have an intrigue with her.

Small things are a turn-off to men, things like “please buy me airtime”; “please give me some money”; “can you take me out?” etc. If the latter indications of requests happen out of the blue then there is a problem. Men are deep thinkers by nature and their minds process things a bit slower compared to women, but when their minds catches a threat or something of that nature, it explodes with anger and irritation.

Men’s hearts are sensitive to the core, sometimes they hide themselves through violence when they are hurt. Sensitivity can cause lack of manners, that is why most women should first think deep before saying something or asking for something from a man. Women are out of control when it comes to money and men are very sensitive when it comes to money, this is what women need to understand, grasp and avoid most of the time.


Trying to control a man as a women is a mistake that requires urgent ratification. It can have serious negative repercussions and an ever-lasting pain. Men do not like to be told what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Men have an independent personality that is separate from all other things. They have the “I am a man” attitude that requires respect and recognition. Women takes this for granted and do things their way, thus their actions result in unnecessary fights, break-ups, domestics violence, hate-trace etc.

Controlling a men is literally saying “my man is weak”, this is a perspective of men in their entirety. Men adore women who are in charge in the relationship and not controlling them, an example of the difference between these two averments is that: Controlling is making or forcing a man to do things that you want as a lady. Being in charge is working in tandem with your partner in every decision you both take but it is the woman who makes sure that decision is fulfilled.


Women must understand that men have female friends and they must stop forcing them to leave that friendship. Unnecessary fights in most relationships happen as a result of discomfort that arise through estoppel of friendships that emerges as threats to women. That is literally an egocentric behaviour that clearly doesn’t make sense. Women need to grow and be open minded about things and stop making everything about themselves. Friendships are somehow better when compared to family in a sense that many thing we are suffering from we share them with friends rather than families. Nowadays we get more help from friends and people we know but we continue sticking with the wording “blood is thicker than water”; that’s pure nonsense in many respects.

Female friends are sisters from a foreign universe, they are a true identification of truth because they will never lie to you about a female you want to date, or an intrigue that you want to associate yourself into. To the greatest extent, men are blessed to have female friends in their lives. As they say “two opposite genders are hard-rock when working in tandem”.


Presumably to every individual on earth, alone time is something needed by the soul and not the body and it cannot be compared to anything else closer to its identity. It always appear very bizarre to other people who have not received the annoying presence of human beings. Very strange, isn’t it?

Normally, we all adore humans because we are humans and at the same time we do need our own space and time from the crowd of the human race. It may sound so painful but its true. Women like attention we cannot run away from that fact but they don’t understand how crazy it is to have most of your time seeing someone. Men adore their own space and as much as they do not like to talk about that it does not mean they don’t mind their space being occupied.

A man is an enemy of this own thoughts, if a man decide something in his mind it is hard for anyone including women for that matter to change him. This goes to say that if a man reaches a stage where he want his own space, a woman has to respect that and give him what he wants.


This one needs to be generalized because it’s part of men’s life and soul. Dignity means a lot to men and it is something that can kill a man’s self-esteem if improperly challenged and tested. Most men even take away lives when their dignity is improperly tested, it is something so important that it cannot be explained with words, it is wordless. Most women always get it all wrong and try to score points on men by embarrassing them. It’s like playing hide and seek with a lion inside its cage.

Women must always avoid to lower men’s dignity and try to remain in good terms with men. They must always be calm and polite to men even if they don’t acquiesce to something, the irritation men get from a lady who yells at them in public can figuratively cause a nuclear destruction, it’s totally unacceptable. There are things that women cannot test from men like diminishing their dignity. To be specific, a man’s dignity and a woman’s dignity are not similar in any respects (this can be debated by many authors and feminist, it’s a serious concern). A misnomer that has continued growing in our societies is undermining woman’s existence and always favour the one of men but the bottom line is that, women can fight for their existence without taking men down and belittle them.



Women do not understand the language of men and it is not up to men to teach them because it is untaughtable and it can be conveyed only by way of actions and behaviours. Sometimes men do things with no intent to do harm but because of the greediness inside them it is hard to stop expeditiously. A man’s mind operate like a machine that is designed for big things and its tested for the first time – of course in that accord there will be impediments that need to be repeatedly improved.

Same as what men do when they are in relationships with good women, they cheat and later realised they did a wrong thing. They start improving at a later stage to be better people so that they can avoid doing the same thing again and take for granted the love the woman gave them.

To avoid beating around the bush, men are slow learners in almost everything. They are like wild cats from the jungle where you raise them and at the end of the day they bite you. Men need patient women to groom them, nature them like plants and cover them with wings just like chickens do (in this case protect them from themselves). An enemy of men is a woman but the greatest enemy of men is a man himself.



To men sexual desire is a thirst that can never be satisfied, it is something that every men adores and always wish to receive to multiple partners. It always depend though on the type of men we are dealing with when it comes to sexual desire. We have “N” TYPES which in full are the normal types – they are the type of guys who enjoys sex and admit their satisfaction afterwards. Again, we have the “H” TYPES which in full are the hyper types – they are type of guys who never gets satisfied on one occasion of sex at the time, they prefer long hours of sex to fully admit their satisfaction. Lastly, there are “A” TYPES which in full are the abnormal types – they are the type of guys who are by their actions you can say they are mentally ill to sex. They are perverts so to speak, their mind is addicted to sex to an extent where everything they think about when around women is sex, sex, sex and sex up to a level of a fool. It’s totally unacceptable.

Sexual desire is normally something that men have but it also depends on the level of TYPE a man falls under. Women must be able to determine that not all men are perverts because generalizing is simply something that can lower and improperly test a man’s dignity which in the previous study it stipulated that an unfortunate event might arise due to that test of improperlity.


It is an undeniable truth that men adore beautiful women. Sometimes men can be described as bees because bees love flowers and a flower is a beautiful thing. Without any further ado, women always get worried when their man looks at another woman. It is a normal thing, because women also look at handsome guys without any hidden intention of desiring to flirt with them. This is a magnetic thing that happens without the mind being observant.

Men are nervous to approach beautiful things because they feel intimidated by them or presumably think they might be belittled. Women should not worry when their man look at other women because chances of them making a move are slim and believe it or not men are cowards when it comes to beautiful women, it can even take a decade for a man to confess his feelings to an exquisite woman.


Biography of Lindokuhle Ndinisa

 Lindokuhle Ndinisa is a powerful advocate of personal empowerment. He was born and bred in ILinge Township, a small village in Queenstown. He studied law at University of Fort Hare in East London Campus. He also holds a Diploma in Social Media Marketing through an online course (Ireland). Former Public Relations Officer, Secretary and Chairperson of Sunrise Organization in the East London Branch. He is a public speaker, comedian and a motivational speaker. He likes to make people laugh, reading novels and writing short stories. He authored two short stories(When Life Feels Like A Test You Didn’t Study For & If Its Love Then So Be It) and a motivational piece(Circle of the Universe). He is a full member of Booksie Publishers.

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