Spiritual Domains

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The Kingdom wavers, the realms are becoming distraught, One time there was such a thing as peace, order, and of course, chaos.

The main hero Sagaros is exiled but to an unknown situation. Deep within the spiritual realm his fate knows no bounds as the prophets said. His spirit is one of the few that could never have been more than a husk awaiting to be filled on it's own. For only himself may guide his fate.

The once told King Akinsair from the age of the Eztherian Wars sought out relics, for when performed into a ritual, would it be then that chaos arises amongst the domains. As power within them had an infinite amount of spiritual magic that did nothing more than to summon the great danger or to keep it safeguarded.

Sagaros must rise up to live the life of an exile, but it only took so long before the hero of the previous age would bring ruin as the former King has accomplished. Thus the quest into the world of Eztheria, and its domains has truthfully begun. Only Sagaros with his unbound fate will decide what will come in the universe of Eztheria.

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In the beginning

Submitted: February 25, 2019

Prologue to my book/novel that explains or introduces the idea of before the actual events. (May not be as accurate to the chapters itself)
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Streets of Starystia

Submitted: February 17, 2019

The day glows brightly, nature singing its song at its finest. Almost as if all of this was nearly a dream. Perhaps it was, perhaps it wa... Read Chapter

Eztherian War History

Submitted: February 19, 2019

Sagaros finds Gale alongside the streets but is confused at first as to what he describes towards a legacy. Gale then describes parts of the war history behind the universe of Eztheria and how it
very much changed yet became of little knowledge to those today. Sagaros then will realize that the gemstones he holds are of high value and must never fall into the wrong hands. Lest the world
come into ruin.
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Condemned Priorities

Submitted: February 22, 2019

Sagaros travels to the Learning place of the realm of Eztheria with his Sister Mallarie, the Academy of Starystia.

There he asks a question while being subtly deceiving about trying to find more about the past without giving to much information away from what he knew from Gale and the Eztherian War. The past
buildings structures. This would surely reach word quick to the Open Hall where the worst is to come for it is forbidden to even mention the past and its culture. Sagaros will be condemned for
trying to figure out about it until the next day... with regrets soon to come.
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Loss and Exile

Submitted: March 01, 2019

In the events of what is to occur at the King's Palace, Sagaros is deemed to be what others call treason and overthrowing plots amongst their kingdom for seeming to "Know to much". They capture
Gale whom belonged to the order of Akinsairs kingdom in the past as evidence against him. Gale would only stay for so long, so yet as they looked at eachother one last time, both knew that
Starystia was just as corrupt as it has been. For punishments to behold, anything relating to such things sent Sagaros into exile outside of Starystia, he says his farewells as well as telling
Fylia that one day he will be back, someday, they will find eachother. He is then led to the gate outside the walls that very well led to many different domains. He would then choose one of the
lesser domains to remain in. Varinx.
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Varinx, Domain of Spirituality

Submitted: March 04, 2019

After being exiled, choosing and sent to the Domain of Varinx, also known as the domain about spirituality. Also as the 2nd Great City amongst the universe. Sagaros was to seek out a man named
Darrin, it was he who would show him around the town and how to earn citizenship within this domain. He would travel to the Awakening Altar that determines the place amongst those within the city.
After meeting a hidden figure know for spirituality, he would be asked to foresee the Fate in which he and the figure are able to grasp. Not knowing what it is said to be, Sagaros will have to live
in Varinx for the next seven years to find out the true meaning behind his fate. As for now he chose to be known across the realm as a knight in who's soul will walk the plains of faith one day.
The spirits take their time, and only then will his fate be decided. The Final part would be heading towards the citadel the next day and that is where he will seek out and wonder what will occur
next for him.
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Trials of Varinx

Submitted: March 07, 2019

After reaching a fateless conclusion with a path yet to be forged on its own, Sagaros was told to travel to the castle the next day alongside Darrin. He was to perform a series of spells in what
was taught to him from his previous home. This determines which hall he will proceed unto. May he be given the chance to rise from exile, only a trial would perform at such a drastic time.
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Truest Dignity

Submitted: March 11, 2019

The attack upon Varinx only meant the start of something worst than imaginable. Some one sought out the Sacred Relics. With one of the Six Assassins infiltrating the castle palace, he was very
familiar of one recently met not to long ago after being exiled. With ill intents Sagaros was slain but to avail, this was almost some call of the Spirit King itself, for he and his spirit faded
after death to the Unseen Spiritual Domain where a voice striked at the purpose of what his fate surely was. Only then things began to fall into place, yet only the spirit knew and could remember
what the Domain told Sagaros, but Sagaros would not be able to remember after being resurrected. Awakening, two of the royal guards found him to incidently report the death of the leader, and to
figure out what has been going on. Realizing that it was Sagaros that went beyond death to a domain where only spirits lie, for where no human could ever tread. This was then that he would become
the chosen spirit guardian that would save the universe of Eztheria.
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