From Cleopatra to Ms. Clinton many eminent ladies have nearly lost out to patriarchal conformity. We all silently acknowledge that it requires to be a super-rich dad's daughter or a powerful man's spouse; if not an unfortunate victim of a womanizer to partly enjoy a status of parity. This apprehension is further intensified by the community, the masculine animate and the mindset of our own fairer sex.
We, the millennials, definitely urge for a paradigm shift and an elevated status for the pink class but are groping in darkness for a panacea. We do not want the discrimination history to repeat. We want to raise a generation of ineffaceable girls to make parity pervasive, but how?
In this book, you will hear, how to mount back a fight for parity; not as an aggressive counterattack but as an assertive revival. This book is my humble attempt to promulgate how subtle and self-assured changes in your lifestyle can go a long way in making your little baby doll a future sovereign princess. Hope my book perpetually imprints prolific outlook in your parenting and proffers progressive outcome.

Table of Contents

My Credibility

My credibility On introspecting my qualification to pen a book on parity, I could reasonably justify, my plausibility, to my intellec... Read Chapter

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