Sixteen-year-old Aylah Purdum's world is turned upside-down after a horrifying car crash. That simple thing seems to set so many more things into motion. Her father, who was never in the picture, shows up. And he has lots of surprises following him. Can Aylah navigate her crazy new life? Or will she go crazy with all this new information?

Table of Contents

The Accident

I scream as I fall. Window shattering pitches tearing from my throat. Then there is the pain, hot searing pain. I go spiralling into da... Read Chapter

Secrets Revealed

“You really need to know this, I think. It’s important.” Mom says. We wait, “Your father, Marcus Anthony Blackthorn, is not hum... Read Chapter

Me, myself, and Mark

“Mr.Tonsil?!” I ask incredulously. “I live here.” “But...that’s impossible. I thought Myria lived here.” “Myria i... Read Chapter

The wedding and the baby

It was finally the day of the wedding! My parents were finally getting married. Wait! Did I just see the evil Mark over there? He shoul... Read Chapter

Trouble in Paradise

I call Nate and it immediately goes to voicemail, and my texts don't go through. “What the….” What’s wrong? I test one more... Read Chapter